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Today I’m joining my three flower loving friends Shirley, Pam and Mary.


{from the road, as we are just returning from a fabulous

antique buying trip! Sharing “loot” this week!}




I love getting to see their flower inspiration every first and third Monday of the month,




and I’m sure that you will love it too! I’ll give you their links at the bottom of this post.






Mother’s Day is so special, it’s a time to honor motherhood in all its forms.




Spending time with your family, honoring your own Mom and grandmother with flowers,




a gift and/or a special time together is a great way to honor the mothers in your life.






Honoring your own daughters or daughters-in-love for the wonderful mothers they are




is another way to celebrate Mother’s Day.







For this Mother’s Day Monday Morning Blooms




I chose these bright blue delphiniums




and arranged them very simply in my Mom’s Delftware urn.









My Dutch Mom loved blue.




And I miss her more each year!


If you haven’t read about her before, meet her HERE >





Every Mother’s Day, especially,



I think of her and pull out some of



my most cherished memories



from my heart.







Delphiniums is a genus with over 300 different species of perennial flowering plants.




They are native in the Northern Hemisphere, and quite easy to grow.




Their name comes from the ancient Greek word delphinion, which means “dolphin” –




legend has it that they were named that because of their dolphin shaped flowers.






I love seeing them open up all their bright blue flowers




in our FrenchGardenHouse garden!






My Mom always loved them – each year she would exclaim




that they were at their most beautiful ever.







The only bad thing about delphiniums is that they are toxic to




humans and animals.



And that they “shatter” – dropping petals all over.







I’ve learned to accept that –




even leaving the one fallen on the Delft jar for the photos.




And gathering the rest of them into this antique bowl.



{the color astounds me!}



Each Mother’s Day I reflect on how blessed I am


to be the Mother of two outstanding young women, and the exceptional young men they married.



I hope that they will remember me as fondly as I do my own Mom.




And that I can be an example of a Godly mother to them,




who always encourages, inspires, helps and is a blessing.



“Her children rise up and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her:”
Proverbs 31:28









Don’t forget to visit my three gorgeous friends:


PAM at Everyday Living




MARY at HomeIsWhereTheBoatIs




SHIRLEY at Housepitality Designs




and me, LIDY at FrenchGardenHouse




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It makes a wonderful arranging kit for you to use for years to come, or a very thoughtful gift

to give as a host or hostess gift when staying with friends in their house in the country.



Once I’m unpacked from our buying trip, I’ll share some of our latest antique discoveries!



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  1. Lidy…what a most wonderful way to honor your mom by making a most beautiful arrangement of one of her favorite flowers in her Delft urn. Gorgeous! I know you hold the memories of your mom in your heart and live to share them and bring you comfort. Now every time I see a Delphinium I shall think of your beautiful mom. Hope you had a most successful and fun trip and looking forward to seeing your goodies! So happy to join you and the wonderful ladies of Monday Morning Blooms….Have a most wonderful day Lidy!

  2. Lidy, the delphiniums are amazing in their color and beauty! What a sweet way to remember your mom by using her Delft urn in a lovely setting. I know you enjoyed your buying trip and will look forward to you sharing the “loot”. It is always a pleasure to share MMB with my flower loving friends! Wishing you a beauty-filled day ~

  3. hi Lidy, I have never had delphiniums, or known anything about them so I really enjoyed learning about them. The color is striking, and what precious memories these flowers hold for you. They are truly beautiful in your mother’s Delftware urn. I will likely be at my grandson’s soccer game on Mother’s Day, which is fine with me, I am lucky enough to see my children and grandchildren all the time. I hope you have a lovely Mother’s Day!

  4. Absolutely beautiful, Lidy. Love the purple and the bowl of petals is as lovely as the arrangement itself!

  5. Good morning, Lidy! Your bouquet is stunning; delphiniums are such a lovely flower!! My son lives in Sioux Falls, SD since he went to college near there in Vermillion. Every spring near the university, there are drifts of delphiniums along the roadsides and they take your breath away.

    Thank you for such a lovely post! I’ve been collecting the fallen petals from a bouquet of Sceptre d’Isle roses I picked in the garden early last week. Beauty to live on in a bowl… Looking forward to seeing what you all found on your treasure hunting trip! <3

    Happy Mother's Day to you,
    Barb 🙂

  6. Love Delphinium and their colors. Your display is beautiful. I miss my mom so especially Mother’s day. 25 years and cherish my happy memories and love for her.


  7. Thank you Cindy….I miss my Mom too! Like you, the happy memories of her
    warm my heart.

  8. Lidy, what a special tribute to your mother showcasing her favorite flower in her urn. I loved the story and I will also remember your mother and you when I see delphiniums in the future.
    I’m amazed how you travel to Europe and blog at the same time.
    I’ve enjoyed your IG posts and look forward to seeing your new finds.

  9. Thank you so much Bonnie! It is a special place in our hearts that our Mama’s hold, isn’t it?!

    Hope your Mother’s Day is beautiful and a blessing.

  10. Lidy, This is just beautiful! I’ve tried growing delphiniums but they don’t like the combination of our summer heat and humidity. Your bowl of petal confetti is the perfect way to enjoy the nature of the blooms. After seeing your Mom’s Delftware urn, I had to click over to read more about her. How courageous and accomplished she was to leave her family and friends and travel with you to California. Thank you for sharing her story and your talent. I so enjoy Mondays with my flower loving friends. <3

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