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Architectural Antiques make me weak at the knees. Old, shabby antique doors from the old French Chateaus, the bigger the better. These old doors, whose photo has appeared on many blogs {and still do} in particular made my heart beat faster. I love when clients show me pictures of what they do with the antiques they buy from FrenchGardenHouse!  Today I’m sharing what one designer did with our French antiques to create a gorgeous French Country home for her clients.



I was thrilled when designer Sue Murphy emailed a few years ago and said some of the French antiques and in particular these doors made her heart beat faster too, and wanted to meet me with her client to look at these doors. Not only were both Sue and her client delightful, they felt the doors were a perfect fit for the client’s home.


I could only imagine how fabulous they would look once Sue had finished the rooms, and had all sorts of “what it would look like” ideas swirling around in my head.



Nothing I thought up in my mind even came close to what these beauties actually ended up looking like in the space.






Of all the places in the world to sit and drink some coffee or tea, and maybe read a book, I like this place best, I think. To die for.



The doors look so right at home there, don’t they?






I love the archway to the other space, the coffered ceiling beams, the grand scale of this room.






Since these photos were taken by Sue, the doors have been mounted on the wall so they don’t lean anymore.





The living room has the same soothing palette as the rest of the house, making the whole house flow from one space into the other beautifully.






Sue incorporated so many beautiful French antique pieces in this room.  The large antique architectural piece and the candlesticks on the mantel proved to be just the right accents.


Down filled Aubusson pillows make this settee such an inviting space to sit.  An antique standing girandole gives sparkle and lights up the evening.






The great room really IS. Great. Such an inviting space to relax and entertain, Sue used an inspiring mix of darks and lights, texture and styles in this room, combining some of the “his” {leather recliner} and dark wood pieces, with the “hers” – lighter slipcovered sofas and more feminine accents.






A shot of the other side of the great room. I love the brick fireplace surround.  The antique French confit pots and scale adds a personal touch.





Antique pillows add so much character to this room. The pillows made from antique grain sacks, and the ottoman re-upholstered with an antique grainsack add history and charm.







The large antique French lamp really makes a statement in this seating area in the hallway.





Moving into the home owner’s office, I love how the French antique mannequin is displayed there.


I have several antique French mannequins on display at home here at FrenchGardenHouse, a few in my office, one in the living room, and one or two in our master bedroom.  The antique mannequins are always the first thing to sell when I have a new shipment from France on the website.


They have such presence, and each one has its own personality!




The designer placed some Les Belles Fleur silk arrangements throughout the home in places where real flowers would be too labor intensive.





In the formal dining room, using upholstered high back chairs really brings an elegant, stately look to this space. A collection of antique ironstone pitchers adds personality, as does the large scale antique French urn filled with faux Hydrangea Stems. {our bestseller!}


The antique candlesticks are a grand addition to the buffet, and cast the whole room in a warm glow in the evening.








Each space in this home is lovely, with a just right combination of light and dark, elegant and rustic. The true essence of French Country style.





The French Country kitchen has lots of display place for the home owner’s collection of white porcelain and antique ironstone.  The small silver salver holding coffee and tea essentials makes for an enchanting contrast.





A large French Bonbonne {glass bottle} and copper pot add a warm country accent near the stove.





Always a favorite with FrenchGardenHouse clients, the antique scale on the counter is flanked by a pair of antique French candelabras. All the French antiques warm up this neutral space in a personal way.






The mud room/utility – laundry room.   Again, the French antique accents warm up this space.  The antique metal tole container, antique French copper and Victorian era wood corbels on the shelf add a simple country touch.





I adore this beautiful home Sue created for her client, using some FrenchGardenHouse antiques.


It’s quite a puzzle to design a home around what your client wants, the things the client can’t or won’t part with, and blend it all into lovely interiors with the new and antique pieces you bring to the mix.


I think you will all agree, that Sue has created a stunning home for her clients.




In the Master bedroom below, that wonderful mix of lights and darks. A pair of antique mirrors flank the bed dressed in antique linens and white linen duvets.





The bathroom.


okay. really. I don’t think I would ever leave!  The design is simple and serene.  The antique standing mirror lends a touch of the “old” and personality we all desire.





{Sue’s project was featured in numerous design magazines over the last few years, you might have seen one or more of the features!}


I hope you have enjoyed this tour in this gorgeous home.  We carry many of the French antiques shown in this project, and while these actual pieces are not in our inventory, we are constantly sourcing pieces like these, so please contact us if there is something you would like to find for your own home.




Thank you Sue, for giving our antiques a beautiful home to be in. And for generously sharing these photos with all of us.



images:via Sue Murphy Designs

PS. WE ARE BACK FROM OUR EUROPEAN BUYING TRIP. I stuffed all our luggage {Mr. FGH was only allowed to bring 2 pair of shoes and very few clothes!}, and shipping boxes with the treasures we found.  Adding them to the website on the daily…please check back often.


Every single one is an amazing antique find, just right to bring your personal style to your home.



à bientôt


If you want to romance your Home and Garden with antique and vintage treasures to make you smile each time you come home, visit our shop FrenchGardenHouse.


  1. Each corner of the house is splendid and the interior is exceptionally beautiful! I can relate to the feel when the antique architecture makes one really weak. I remember having one such massive door(special memories tied up with it) which was removed while renovating our house and got replaced by another slider door. No worries as I shifted my beauty to my farm house.

  2. I envy the person(s) who live in such a gorgeous house.
    All these beautiful French antique and vintage finds really make it special.

    1. Anja, it’s beautiful, I love the neutral palette, and the use of a few antiques in each room make this home personal, doesn’t it?

  3. What a gorgeous home! Beautifully decorated with not a corner left undone. Thanks for starting my day off with such eye candy!

    1. Vicky, it’s a beauty, isn’t it? Thank you for stopping by, and taking the time to share your thoughts. Happy weekend!

  4. Alice Genzlinger

    Eye candy for sure. She decorates the way I look at decorating in that I want something beautiful to see every place my eye lands. Just one thing that looks out of place will destroy the room. Beautiful post.

    1. Thank you Alice, I love that too, to look at every corner of home and see beauty everywhere. Happy weekend!

  5. Oh Lidy, this home is a dream home!!!!!!! So beautifully done with your antiques. The door and mirrors and . . . all of it. Glad your home and had a safe and lovely trip.
    xoxo Jo

    1. Thanks so much, Jo, I loved the trip, but I am always happy to be home, too. Hope you have a beautiful weekend, friend. xo

  6. Oh my Lidy, this home almost made me lose my mind. I love everything she chose. It’s a bit difficult to add antiques of this magnitude. Cost is a problem. I also don’t have easy access.

    My dream is to add more French to our new home. Budget is the issue. I’m trying to do this slowly. Often when you see it you have to grab it

    Enjoy your weekend


  7. Cindy, it is a gorgeous home, isn’t it? I love everything she chose too. Adding things slowly is always good, because your home should evolve, and change as you do. I am sure that your home is beautiful, a cozy haven for you and your family and friends. Honestly, my own home is far from perfect, but I do love it as I know you love yours! Happy weekend, Cindy. xo

  8. Wow! Sue Murphy is a Great decorator! Love everything she chose for this house! Your antiques made this house/mansion Gorgeous! I do believe one nice piece is better than just several pieces! Thanks for showing us this home!

    1. Nancy, Sue is so talented! I agree, one quality antique is so much better than several lesser things that you don’t love. 🙂

  9. Pat Badaluco

    What an absolutely amazing house! I loved the tour! Those doors were stunning! Thank you!

  10. Wow ! My coffee got cold . What treat, it’s always so wonderful to see your antiques used in someone’s home. Thank you! Enjoy your day- Chris

  11. I absolutely LOVE these giant doors/mirrors! Would love to do something like that in our condo in CA. IN France, I have used 2 armoire doors to put on either side of a window and they worked very well. We use as many of the old doors as we can! Especiallhy with mirrorsa! GReat article, thnaks!!

  12. Ali, I’m so happy you enjoyed this post. Living in France, you are so fortunate with being able to source incredible antique doors. Hope your weekend is gorgeous, you’ve had amazing weather!

  13. Connie Rice Allen

    Oh Lidy — I want to move into this house especially if it was in Burgundy near our friends! What a beautiful home! Hope your trip was wonderful with the clan. xxoo Connie

  14. Peggy Cooper

    I am so in love with this house. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  15. Sharon CrigSt

    Such a stunning home! Every. Corner. Gorgeous! Thank you so much for giving us a tour of this gorgeous home!

  16. Such a beautiful home and I love the attention to detail in every room. The doors are showstopping! Happy Thursday, sweet friend!

  17. There is something about French country style that has always evoked a burning in my heart when I see it, a feeling of aaaah. I adore my bedroom done that way and am finally at age 61 getting my kitchen/greatroom done this way. I still can’t decide between blue grey cabinets or cream color, but I’m so excited to see it come together. All these pictures help me. Thank-you for sharing!!

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