By now you know how I adore autumn with all my heart and soul.

I’m always more than excited to switch from hot summer days to cool breezes and warm, cozy things.





While I’m working on the FALL HOME COLLECTION this week {you’ll be getting a few sneak peeks!}  I’m so inspired to change a few things around here at home to welcome AUTUMN.

Today I’m sharing five easy ways to begin to celebrate Autumn in your home.



There are many reasons why I LOVE autumn:  cool, crisp temperatures, pumpkin goodness everywhere, those stunning fall colors of rust, red, brown, golden yellow and brown, early evenings with candles glowing…my list goes on forever.

The glory of autumn is something I can wax lyrical about for a long, long time.







Not just pumpkins, but the colors of autumn make a beautiful change for your home.

I’m not really someone who puts out a ton of seasonal decorations. Decorating for the season here at FrenchGardenHouse means I add antique accents that have fall colors, like the tole tray I borrowed from the shop until it sells.




I change out the pillows to warmer colors, and suddenly my summery sofa is getting in the autumnal mood too!  Now all I need to do is change out those white flowers….



A “new” antique decorative accent can completely change the look of your interior, and make you smile each time you see your latest treasure!  In the fall, I really love the textures and patina of the old, worn French Country pieces in our home.





Fall is the best time to bake all those scrumptious seasonal dinners, desserts and more.


Shouldn’t your kitchen do justice to all this fall goodness too?



The first thing I do to acknowledge the changing of the seasons is buy a new apron, oven mitt and a few drying towels to use in the kitchen.

This design reminds me so much of the forest in Europe where my family has a vacation home, I loved going there when I was a little girl, and I still do!  {it’s part of the COLLECTION launching next week!}



Everyone loves a great get together, host a fall get-together for family or friends!

An outdoor dinner party is wonderful at this time of year. Cozy throws, sweaters and boots, a crackling fire in the fire pit…doesn’t that sound so fun?



Learn how to put together an appetizer display like this.


I am making this a yearly tradition at FrenchGardenHouse, I serve an easy dinner, beforehand Mr. FrenchGardenHouse and I “hide” pumpkins in the front garden for our little people to find.

Then everyone decorates their pumpkin with markers or paints for the season.





If there was ever a perfect time to travel to see the fall colors, this is it! New England, England and many areas in France and all of Europe are spectacular in the fall!

Last year, we were invited to attend the Parma Antique Show, and traveled to Parma, Italy. It was glorious!



If travel is not in your plans or budget, find a gorgeous local area where you can admire some autumnal foliage. A nearby park will do.



When my children were younger, we would take a walk at a nearby large park once fall started, and it was a special time. We gathered leaves, wore sweaters, and drank hot apple cider when we got home.



Admire all nature has to offer this season, it’s sure to delight all your senses. Crunch the leaves underfoot. Breathe in that cool crisp air!!




Anywhere is a good place to entertain.




I use our little graveled front garden for entertaining, bundled up in a sweater, it’s the perfect place to host friends for coffee and something sweet in the morning.




Setting up a fall drinks station is a great way to remember to enjoy the tastes of fall.



I put cups, a little tea pot, napkins, some autumn tea in a glass container, honey sticks and my favorite candle on this tray near my kitchen table.

Each fall I change the arrangement slightly, but my little entertaining “station” is ready for company whenever, and that means I feel more inclined to ask someone over on the spur of the moment!




I hope you use these tips to get your home and your heart ready for autumn.  I’ll be sharing my Fall Home Tours of past years soon.  AND….The l’ AUTOMNE COUNTRY FRENCH COLLECTION will launch some time next week! {if you receive my newsletter, I’ll let you know so that you will have first dibs!}


So excited to show you everything I fell in love with at market for us….just waiting for a few more boxes and shipments and little parcels to arrive……..



à bientôt



14 thoughts on “5 WAYS TO CELEBRATE AUTUMN”

  1. Beautiful!
    Are the seasonal towels with deer and fox available?
    I didn’t see them in your shop.

    1. Ruth, they are part of the seasonal FALL COLLECTION launching next week! They will be available then….

  2. Oh Lidy you make every season look so inviting! I’ve been itching to put away the last of summer & introduce fall to our home. You’ve totally inspired me! Thank you for sharing the beauty of your world with us. Have a great season!

    Blessings, Edie Marie

  3. Thank you so much, Edie Marie, I hope you have a wonderful time adding some fall touches in your home. Happy decorating, friend!

  4. Such a beautiful post. I remember bringing my mom leaves. Loved fall then and still do. Starting to get plans in my head.

    Have a super weekend


    1. Cindy,

      Thank you so much for loving fall as much as I do! I hope you get some gorgeous ideas in your head
      to make your home warm and welcoming for the season!

      Wishing you a beautiful weekend,

  5. Florence Chew

    Thank you so much for all your tips for welcoming fall to my world. Love it. It is so awesome. My favorite time of year is Spring after the long winter, but I do love fall, though.

  6. Kristin

    Fall is my very favorite too! Please tell me more about the family place in Europe. We have loved our trips there!

  7. Florence, I love spring too, but Autumn is such a special time, isn’t it?

  8. Jean Van

    Hi, Lidy,
    Enjoyed all the photo’s and so many great tip’s which I shall use, Thank You very much, and yes anyone living in California can hardly wait for FALL, such a hotttttt summer and still hot here. So Welcome FALL with open arms and can hardly wait to put the orange and yellow thing’s out, have a Happy weekend and Thank’s for alway’s sharing your wonderful idea’s. Bonjour, Jean~~~~~~~~~~

  9. I do know how much you love fall, and rightly so. The heat has been incredible for all of us. I hope you are not near the fires and smoke.

    I love everything– in particular, the outdoor table setting where you have the plates stacked with napkins in between. So simple but perfect!

    Stay cool, my friend!

    Jane x

  10. Candi D.

    Lovely table and I’m so looking forward to the new recipes. My son in-law mills his own lumber for projects and I’m going to ask him to find me a nice piece for my Christmas present. You find the most interesting pieces!

    1. Candi, it’s such a great way to display lots of things! Not just appetizers, I’ve used it for a salad bar dinner where we actually sat at the table, the salad topping etc. were all on the wood. You will love it!

  11. No need for travel for you for autumnal purposes as your back yard is truly a heavenly respite …. Lots and lots of beautiful Autumn inspiration here today….Love those cute forest animals linens!

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