Lavender has such an enchanting scent and flavor.  During a stay in Provence, it’s really a treat to be enveloped in the sight and scent of the “blue gold”, pure bliss! This FrenchGardenHouse French Lavender Lemonade is a classic summer drink that will remind you of summer time in Provence.




The smell is incredible, and it seems that the whole countryside has a purple glow during harvest time!






I wish I had a secret holiday cottage there, but I don’t. I try to make our Southern California garden as much like Provence as i can!  And love to use organic lavender in a refreshing cool lemonade that I serve from antique French pottery pitchers in that glorious French Country gold color.






This FrenchGardenHouse French Lavender Lemonade is a classic summer drink that will remind you of summer time in Provence.  It goes well with every dish, and is so refreshing any beautiful afternoon.



Display it with a potted lavender, for a lovely setting that looks amazing.  Garnish with a little sprig of lavender.






You can vary the recipe somewhat, I sometimes add lime juice too, with a bit more sugar. You can garnish with a few lavender buds from your non-pesticide grown lavender. Rosemary from the garden makes a pretty garnish too, and adds a slightly different taste.







And on special occasions, I’ve been known to splash in some Limoncello liquor….which is technically Italian but oh! it is delicious.  The lemonade is really easy to make, I hope you will enjoy this recipe and make it your own summer specialty!











  • 6 full teaspoons organically grown lavender buds
  • 12 cups water, divided {3c for step 1- 9c to add}
  • 2 cups sugar, maybe more to taste
  • 1 ½ cups freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • ½ teaspoon salt {optional}


  1. Mix lavender, sugar to taste and the 3 cups water in a saucepan. Boil gently for 5 minutes.
  2. Strain out the lavender and add this lavender-infused “simple syrup mixture” to 9 cups of water, lime juice, and salt. Mix well and serve ice cold. Garnish with lavender sprigs and sliced lemon.




Antique Provence Yellow & Blue Pitcher

Vintage Provence Gold Pottery Pitcher

Lavender Linen Towel

French Bistro Glasses








à bientôt


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  1. Oh my! I can’t wait to make your lemonade recipe. We do have a few lavender farms here in No. Georgia so as soon as I’ve gotten my hands on some fresh lavender I’ll be giving it a try. I love the idea of a splash of lemoncello. Thanks for a great idea – another good recipe!

  2. It looks if your living in France instead of the US.
    Love lavender,have lots in the garden and on our patio.
    Certainly going to try your recipe.

  3. Chris Wells

    I will make some this weekend. I have the lavender and I will surprise my granddaughter who will turn 21 on Saturday!

    1. Chris, I hope you will all love it! And congratulations with your 21 year old!

  4. What beautiful pictures, Lidy! Oh, how I love the fragrance of lavender! I can’t wait to try your lemonade recipe. It sounds delicious! Thanks so much for sharing it. Enjoy your weekend!!!

  5. I have a wonderful tin of organic lavender and organic lemonade in the refrigerator…so guess what I am having for lunch! Never thought to put the lavender in lemonade…and I love seeing your beautiful backyard all dressed with your amazing pretties!!

  6. Allison (Ali) HERRON

    I am looking for one of those big containers with a spout at the Puces. No luck yet. But I will keep your recipe handy for one. May have to resort to a new one…

    1. Good luck, Ali! It can be a challenge to find one, but perseverance at the Puces always pays off! They are getting so expensive, but they have such a grand presence!

  7. Ginger Valdes

    I love lavender lemonade! I made mine with Stevia instead of sugar, and added champagne for a shower I hosted. It was a great success! Your photos are divine!

    1. Ginger, that sounds wonderful!! Champagne is always a good thing, non? xo

  8. Oh, I just love lavender! I don’t think I go a day without lavender oil and my deck has planted pots of lavender all over it. I can’t imagine how amazingly beautiful it was for you to visit those lavender fields. I bet it is intoxicating. Have a lovely day!
    xoxo Jo

  9. Sue Malizia

    You got me to want to make a batch tomorrow before working out in my yard…it will be a real treat for when I take a break. Also loving your photos! =)

  10. Shawn Gilbert

    Totally love lavender! My giant lavender Bush is full of beautifully fragrant flower spikes and the bumble bees are buzzing with glee.

  11. Diane Trahan

    I too love lavender. My guest bedroom bedspread is lavender toile,with lavender transferware plates on the wall. And of course fresh lavender in a rustic container
    next to the bed.

  12. Denise Carlson

    Yum, I’m having a “80”th birthday party for my mom sure that lavender lemonade would work with chicken salad and croissants-perfect! Please enter me into the drawing.
    Thanks, Denise

  13. gloria

    The lemonade sounds great for the summer. n If i have a receipt that needs lemon juice, i substitute Limoncello liquor. But it’s ok I am Italian.

  14. Jean Van

    Hi, Lidy,
    Had to write again as I save your wonderful e-mail’s to look back on all the time I just looked at this one again and love it, I have a bowl rather several with lavender in them and they smell good but I like a stronger scent so I added some Lavender oil when I had crushed all of it and before putting it in the crystal bowl’s, it really smelled good and also I place a small bowl on a table in the sun, nice and I am going to make your lemonade this week to, you have so many good idea’s, always a joy to read and look at. Bonjour, Jean~~~~~~~~~~

  15. Sharon Crigger-Stokan

    I particularly loved this blog posting! The pictures are so beautifully bright and sunny and cheerful! And oh how the lavender took me back to when I fell in love with it during my first trip to France. I immediately included it in my garden and the smell always transports me to those French fields!

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