If you are anything like me, you are probably more than ready for winter to s t o p and spring to start!

I think we can all agree that it’s officially time for spring to arrive! Luckily, it is only 2 weeks away {we hope} which means we can throw open the windows and welcome the sun with open arms.



Spring always has me thinking and dreaming of a little place in the French countryside.  It’s part of the reason I look for French Country style antiques on buying trips.  In my imagination, we are all living in a quaint village in rural France, in a small farmhouse, with the blue shutter thrown wide open the minute the sun shines down.

You too?

Then my French Country weekly favorites will make you happy.

Each one will bring a touch of the French countryside to your home. I guarantee it!



There is something so cheerful about a few single blooms in vintage and antique glass. The colors, the shapes, the knowledge that long ago, milk or fluid yoghurt was delivered in these sparkling gems make them even more special.  I love the colors of these old, old bottles, translucent aqua and green…perfect.


I’m showing off our newest shipment of French glass, purchased in France, that is now available on the website. Each one is equally at home in your antique style home, or in a more contemporary setting. The antique glass apothecary and other types of jars I’m able to procure in France have that special je ne sais quoi – indescribable charm.


This antique and vintage glass is beautiful, and still very affordable, a perfect way to start a collection of antique and vintage glass pieces.




So decorative, display them all by themselves. Empty, they look exceptional. Filled with a bouquet flowers, they look exceptional. Filled with wine bottle corks, they look exceptional.  In the guest bathroom, with bath salts..yes, they look exceptional!


These decorative wonders make any and every corner of your home look beautiful, and just a little more French.




These antique and vintage storage and canning jars were all made in the early 1930’s, in factories in Folembray, France. Each one has a colorful applied paper label, done by their French owner.  I particularly love the fruit labels, {and so do you, since they sold out almost immediately last spring!} so I asked my French dealers to search for those for us at FrenchGardenHouse.



These vintage French yoghurt bottles are so pretty, to use to serve drinks, milk, or as a vase, they bring French Country charm everywhere.


Sometimes here at home I line them up on our table, to hold a single bloom, or I put them in one of our antique bottle carriers.




Aqua French Bottles

I’m thrilled that I was able to source some more zinc body pitchers in France for the shop.  The French are very much in love with zinc, so much so, that every time I asked a dealer “combien ça coûte?” and it was a zinc piece, the price was always way higher than for the enamel pitchers!


But they are so appealing, with their chalky grey finish, that has seen decades of life in France, aren’t they? One or more just give every setting a special French farmhouse feel, don’t you think?




Another great favorite with all of yours us are the French Country Tapestry Hen Pillow Covers.  Made in France, they bring the charm of that vacation house you loved in Provence here to your own home.  These are the very last ones, so if you purchased the complimentary Rooster pillow, don’t miss the chance to add his ladies to your collection! After these sell out, there won’t be any more, sadly.



For those of you who collect antique enamelware, a treat is in store! I’ve been able to acquire beautiful pieces from France, both the avidly collected floral painted enamel biggins and other coffee pots, as well as some rarely seen larger collector’s pieces.

They have arrived, I’ve unpacked them, I just have to take their glamour shots and add them to the shop.  Please sign up for the newsletter if you don’t already so you will be the very first to know when they are ready to be snapped up and added to your collection.




And finally, {maybe saved the best for last if you are one of the many who have been anxiously waited for these!} the French Hare Buckets are back!


French Hare Bucket Bleu >


This time, the buckets will have handles as shown in the little photo, the first “litter” of hares will be on blue buckets, large and a smaller size.  We are anxiously awaiting delivery, tracked the gentlemen and they are being delivered today sometime before 6:00 p.m. so excited!

Any or all of these decorative accents will bring a touch of the French countryside to your home. And get you ready for spring, even if it’s still snowing where you live.



If you see one that you love, go to the website and grab it while you can! You know how your fellow collectors are, so grabby!

Wishing you a beautiful “dreaming of spring” weekend!



  1. I love the single blooms in the beautiful containers….there are two things featured here that I have regretted selling….sold lots of antiques in my yard sale in Florida..I sold my chicken wire enamel and my milk bottle carrier… I thought that I was going to decorate my new home in a different direction…and I realized antiques never leave your soul…Wonderful favorites here today Lidy….have a great weekend!

    1. Shirley, boo on the chicken wire enamel and bottle carrier…but sometimes when we move, we do that. Luckily for you, you have lots of beautiful antiques in your home to take their place. Have a great weekend, friend! xo

  2. Lidy, such beautiful things to welcome spring into your home. I’m sitting in my sunroom this morning having my tea, and just saw some robins. That is a sure sign spring is just around the corner! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!

    1. How exciting, I love listening to birds in the garden, they really do love spring – just like we do! Hope you have a beautiful weekend, Shannon!

  3. Ginger Valdes

    Everything is the very breath of spring and sooo lovely!

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