The holidays are a time for elegant, gorgeous table settings.

For pulling out all the stops, using your finest antique dishes, silver, and linens to create table settings as magical as the holiday itself.



Mixing your antique pieces with contemporary prints or accessories adds a little twist on the traditional. The juxtaposition of old with new, casual with formal makes any table more visually interesting and personal.

You are trying to create a tabletop that reflects you and your own personal style.



When you are confident that your table setting does just that, you will enjoy your guests more, they will enjoy the meal more, and you will all cherish the memories of time spent around your beautiful table.

Isn’t that what gathering the people you love at the holidays is all about?



I’m excited to join my friend Lory of Designthusiasm and all our fabulous designer friends today for the Styled + Set Holiday Entertaining Tour.  If you came over from my friend Kelly at My Soulful Home, welcome!

I’m so happy to have you join me here.



Today I’m sharing a beautiful table setting I created for the Holiday issue of Romantic Homes Magazine this year.

I hope it leaves you inspired to create your own elegant table at home.

Setting your holiday tables with a fresh, inspired look is easy once you allow your creativity to take over. 

Yes, there are rules on how to lay out a table, where the glassware and flatware should go, but once you know the rules…go ahead and break them if you want! Whether you are hosting family or guests for formal or informal meals, learn how to set your table by mixing it up.



Setting an elegant yet modern table that mixes contemporary and antique elements isn’t difficult. You don’t need a team of stylists to set a beautiful holiday table, the key is to find the “thread” that connects your elements. It can be also be color, shape or a theme that ties all your pieces together on your table.

Here are some tips for setting a magical, romantic inspired holiday table that you and your guests will enjoy- a table where you will want to linger and enjoy each other’s company.

Because at the end of the day, that’s why we set beautiful tables, for our family and friends, and for memory-making meals spent laughing around the table together.


A table setting should be as diverse as your guest list, with layer upon layer of interest.  While a white antique linen cloth is a classic base, using antique fabric, a bedspread or an antique linen bed sheet can add a touch of drama.



Don’t be afraid to use something totally out of the ordinary to make your setting feel fresh, like a runner that is actually a remnant of designer wallpaper. The holidays are the time to be bold.



For my table, I used vintage Florentine trays in a variety of sizes and shapes as the chargers.

And {true to form!} I played around with a few different plate stacks, and different ways to set the flatware. A few different options for everything.  I used a mix of different antique Limoges plates, in different combinations, for a beautiful, personal table.

Do you do that? Kind of see what you love most before you commit to how you will set your table for a special meal?



I really loved hiding the flatware in these elegant French gold & white striped bags, with just the mother of pearl handles sticking out.

Figuring out little ways to make your table different is what makes designing a special tabletop for the holidays surprising, and so much fun!



It’s easy to create luxurious floral arrangements like a pro, just use masses of the same flowers, arranged in several vases of different heights.

When you use a mass quantity of the same flower, your arrangement will look luxurious.



This is a fabulous way to have a gorgeous centerpiece. You can use all the same flowers, or different flowers in subtle tones of the same color family.

For this table, I choose flowers in pinks, from the softest petal pink roses to deep wine pink mums, with several shades of pink miniature carnations adding a delightful contrast.



Sprinkle in a good amount of greens, and your table will literally come to life. A well thought out centerpiece will unify and pump up the volume of your table’s theme.





Combining your antique dishes with new pieces is a great way to get a completely new look.  Choose similar tones, and pay attention to which plates are placed next to each other, pairing bold florals next to simpler designs, you are aiming for balance while taking liberties with your table setting.



I placed a gorgeous hand painted Limoges plate with a bird pattern on top of the beloved Limoges Harrison Rose pattern dinner plate, and topped that with another Limoges saucer. The antique gilt coupes are for the first course, a shrimp cocktail that our eldest daughter loves!

Adding contemporary flatware to your table setting to update antique china, or using mismatched antique silver flatware adds a dose of personality at each place setting.





Candles bring a warm, flattering glow to your table, it is a sure way to bring a little romance and relaxed elegance to your meal. Place unscented candles and votives near shiny objects to create a sparkling effect.





Don’t be afraid to add charming, personal favorite things to your tabletop, the prettier and more interesting your table feels, the more guests will enjoy their dining experience.

Think outside the box, use objet d’art interspersed with flowers and candles for a centerpiece that will get conversation started.

For this table, I added napkin rings from my own collection, each place setting has a different one.  I inherited some of these, some have my grandparents name on them, one has John’s grandmother’s name, one was mine when I was little and growing up in Europe.


Antique accents add the softness of age and a richness of spirit. Mix the old with the new, add things to your table that tell a story and have history. Adding something a little quirky to your table will make it more appealing every time.



Another way to get personal with your table is to create simple name cards for each guest.  You can print these out on your computer, or, if you have {much} better handwriting than I do, a handwritten card is such a beautiful way to let each guest know that you created a special place for them at your table.




Your table, set with things you love and special, unexpected touches, will create a holiday to remember.


French Haviland Limoges | HP Birds Limoges Plates | Sterling Napkin Rings | Lavender Haviland Limoges Bowls


The Christmas heart is a giving heart, a wide open heart that thinks of others first.



Thanks so much for joining me today.  Please go visit my friend Yvonne atStoneGable.  I know you will be inspired by her table, everything Yvonne does is not only beautiful, she creates beauty from her beautiful heart!  And below is the complete list of all my friends who joined this fun table setting inspiration.



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Holiday Table Settings: White Roses and Magnolia Leaves

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  1. Absolutely adore your tablet setting for the Holidays.
    It’s a great way to incorporate antiques.

  2. Hattie

    Your table is bliss. Thanks to your creativity, I now have another way to use my beautiful Florentine Gilt trays!

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!….A romantic French Country table indeed!!! I so love the HP Birds Limoges plates and such a great idea to use the trays for chargers! Love, love that idea!

    1. Thank you Shirley, I loved the tray charger idea too, luckily I just happened to have a little collection I bought from Italy.

  4. So Beautiful! You did a OUTSTANDING job… Love the wooden trays you used! Have a good afternoon. Leticia

  5. Ginger Valdes

    Your mixing of plates is always so pretty. I’m in love with the little gold and white striped bags for the flatware. So clever and unique. And the trays as Chargers? BRILLIANT, Lidy! Alabor of love and a work of art!

  6. How beautiful! I see a lot of gold, and I’m feeling that it is totally back, from dinnerware to jewelry. I have some votive candle holders that may be the stars of my mantel!

    I always adore your china and goblets. Elegant and never overdone.



    1. Jane, I agree, gold is totally back! I’m so happy I kept my first set of dressy porcelain plates, they are trimmed in gold.

  7. Lidy, I’m absolutely in love with everything on this table, from the pretty pink roses to the silver napkin rings, and everything in between. It’s like you went inside my head and pulled out everything I love and that’s what’s on this gorgeous table! Beautiful!

  8. I love the table, Those Limoges plates are so pretty and delicate. The trays are intriguing. I wish you had shown them by themselves.
    Merry Christmas to all

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