How to Add your Antique Collections to your Christmas Tree

I’m so happy you are here, please come in. You are in for such a treat today!

My friends Alli and Cindy and I have decorated our homes for the holidays and are inviting you over in the evening for the Tree Classics Christmas After Dark Tour.

I will be sharing how to add some of your personal antique collections to your Christmas tree, too. Because, you knew there would be some kind of antique involved, right?


Welcome to Christmas After Dark Tree Classics!


Thank you so much for coming, let’s go sit by the glow of the fire in the living room. I think Christmas nights are magical, with the lights turned down low, the tree sparkles with little lights and holiday joy. Does your home shine with that beautiful glow at Christmas?

There is something so very special during this time, isn’t there, when the house is calm and peaceful, and it’s dark outside.




When our girls were young, we couldn’t wait until the day after Thanksgiving to start decorating our Christmas tree.

We played Christmas music, everything from the beautiful Handel’s Messiah to Christmas rock and the “A Charlie Brown Christmas” album, and eagerly opened the boxes containing our family holiday treasures. My Mom was still with us then, and after John put up the tree, “us girls” had such a lovely, memory-making time putting all the decorations up.  I hold those memories so dearly locked in my heart.



It’s what makes the holidays special, isn’t it?  Unwrapping delicate ornaments from crumpled tissue paper, and placing them “just so” on the holiday tree, ornaments that have personal meaning to you and your family.



Once the tree was done, we’d turn off all the lights, and watched the tree weave its magical holiday spell.


Creating a gorgeous tree should be fun, sentimental, and express your personal style.

Your Christmas tree is the perfect place to showcase some of your antique collections.

The tree is the glowing focal point of your holiday home, and what better place to present the things you hold dear to heart?  In the past, I’ve added my children’s silver baby cups, rattles and my grandparent’s silver napkin rings to our tree.

My theme for this year’s Christmas is A PARISIAN NOEL. Because this year’s tree is all about elegance, opulence, and gilded beauty, I opted to incorporate antique French religious gilt crowns and scepters.



I was blessed with this gorgeous 9ft. Evergreen Snap Tree, by Tree Classics.

I couldn’t believe how easy it was to set up!  So easy, that in five minutes I was enjoying the decorating.

You simply snap the stand in, tilt it up, connect the treetop, and the setup is done. I love how the pieces fit together, and that when you snap in the top, the lights are all connected because the Quick Set™ lighting system  connects the light strings within the tree trunk! {No wrestling with the two plug ends inside the branches, which I had to do with our old tree.}

The stand has wheels, I may or may not have changed my mind a bit here and there about where, exactly, I wanted this tree to go and rolled it around a little.



To personalize my tree, I decided to go all out for Parisian glamour and placed gold glittered branches all around the tree.  I layered on a wide gold backed brocade ribbon, starting at the very top and weaving in and out of the branches for a luxurious feeling.  An oversized bow made the perfect tree topper.



Aside from the beautiful glass ornaments from Tree Classics, I accented with a few aqua French blue ornaments I already had.  Adding a part of my French religious collection of crowns and scepters was my secret ingredient to bring this tree from beautiful to over-the-top stunning!

I think every tree should showcase antiques, because your Christmas tree should reflect the things you love.

Adding just the right amount of “French touch”, these pieces from our collection make the holiday decorations more personally meaningful to John and me.  They make this tree look so opulent!



It was such a joy to decorate our tree this year, and so easy because of the way the tree is made. I didn’t even have to ask for the help of Bentley, my assistant who wants to get in the action for everything that happens at FrenchGardenHouse.

{Does he look guilty to you? I noticed a small green pine needle under his snout, but he promised he had not been up to his usual mischief!}



Isn’t it a beauty?  The lights are gorgeous.  I was pleased to learn that some of my very favorite places near our home have bought Tree Classics trees. The luxurious South Coast Plaza {my favorite shopping place aside from antique markets}, La Costa Resort Spa in Carlsbad {where our family spent a wonderful long weekend in May}, and Hearst Castle all have Tree Classic trees.



Below are a few shots of the tree in our living room with no lights on inside, at all. It sparkles and glistens.

I couldn’t be more excited about how it looks. At night, after dark. But also in the day time.



The glass ornaments from Tree Classics are so beautiful!  I chose rich colors of ruby burgundy and gold for this tree.  The ornaments made this tree really take on the special look I envisioned. And they come in very sturdy boxes, with a space for each one, so that they are the perfect storage boxes after the holidays.


Since I know you all love a good GIVE AWAY, we’re giving away the beautiful Buttoned Up Quilted Velvet Tree Skirt to one lucky winner. A festive backdrop for your presents, the Buttoned Up Quilted Velvet Tree Skirt adds warmth and charm to your Christmas tree.

It’s the one underneath our tree, and features a velvety red center with a classic quilted pattern, fabric-covered buttons as closures, complemented by a hunter-green border.

It’s easy to enter, simply click over to Tree Classics, and look at the trees and/or tree skirts, and let me know in the comments below which one you love most! EASY, right?

We’ll choose a winner randomly, and the red velvety tree skirt will be on its way to you, to make your tree happy and beautiful.



I am so thankful to Tree Classics for sponsoring this post by sending me this tree to share with all of you, and the ornaments and tree skirt, too.

The “Oh, my gosh, where has this incredible tree been all my life?” opinions are completely my own.

Tree Classics Evergreen Snap Tree
Tree Classics Silver & Gold Ornaments
Tree Classics Red & Gold Teardrop Ornaments
Tree Classics Burgundy & Gold Ornament Collection
Tree Classics Buttoned Up Quilted Velvet Tree Skirt


Make sure to visit both my friends for their Christmas after Dark too!






43 thoughts on “How to Add your Antique Collections to your Christmas Tree”

  1. Tammy Pegher

    The tree, the home…absolutely beautiful…you are so blessed and talented ??

  2. Carole Shiles

    My favorite is the red button up tree skirt that is 60″. Of course, I love everything you have for Christmas decorating.

  3. Rita Key

    Dear Lidy,
    I very seldom comment on blogs but I wanted you to know that this Christmas blog is one of the loveliest that I have seen. It is beautiful!!! And so inspirational. Your tree is fabulous (and I am going to check out Tree Classics) and the idea of decorating with your crowns is perfect (as I have a collection myself).
    Thank you for sharing,
    Rita Key

    1. Thank you so much, Rita. Coming from you, that really means a lot. Happy decorating!

  4. Marilynn Russell

    Thank you for telling me about this great company. i love all their products. i especially love the red buttoned up quilted velvet tree skirt. Their ornaments and trees are exceptionally beautiful.


    1. Marilynn, I agree! The ornaments are so beautiful, and the tree? It’s a dream.

    1. Thank you Shirley! I agree, the red velvet tree skirt is just gorgeous.

  5. Cindy Novick

    The Deluxe Noble Fir is my favorite Tree Classics one….the red
    quilted velvet skirt is decadent!!!

    1. Cindy, thank you for checking out all the gorgeous Tree Classics Trees. And I too love the red quilted skirt…

  6. Just beautiful, Lidy!! It must be so fun walking around your house because there’s so much eye candy to look at!! I love all of your beautiful French details!

    1. Thank you so much, Lory! You and I love all the same things, because I always think that about your home.

  7. Ginger Valdes

    Oh Lidy, your tree and home are stunning! I love the little crowns on the tree. It’s just beautiful ?

  8. Thank you Ginger, for always visiting me and leaving such sweet comments. I’m happy to check off the tree on my list, I think it turned out lovely. Are you decorating a tree?

  9. Your tree is gorgeous as is your Christmas decor! Your house is beautiful all decked out for the holidays and I love your antique collection, everything about your home is stunning. The wheels on the tree are so convenient to move around!

    1. Thanks so much, Alli! It was such a joy being on this Christmas After Dark tour with you, and it was such a treat to see your beautiful tree.

  10. Laura Smith

    Your tree is beautiful, as are the rest of your Christmas decorations. I was drawn to the Red Beaded Snowflake Tree Skirt, my dining room tree is decorated only with “Santa” ornaments, mostly glass, this one reminded me of Santa’s suit. Have,a Blessed Christmas season!

    1. Thank you so much, Laura! Your tree sounds lovely, I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

    1. Thank you Cindy, it’s a joy to be part of this Christmas After Dark tour with you. xo

  11. Judy Sayre

    The red Provencal tablecloth and napkins just arrived and will be a festive addition to our table. Love your tree and the ornaments. Happy Holidays

    1. Thank you Judy! I hope you will enjoy the linens as much as we are here at home at FrenchGardenHouse.

  12. Amy Chalmers

    Wowsa! This tree is beyond stately and elegant Lidy! Its magical!! I love your antique touches of course, it adds a richness to this beautiful tree.

    1. Thank you so much, Amy! Looking forward to your white tree coming soon! xo


    Beautiful tree! I like the 7 ft. deluxe Noble Fir Snap Tree with clear lights! Thanks! Vickie

    1. You would adore the snap tree, Vickie! It is absolutely hands down the easiest tree we’ve ever put up!

  14. Robin Jackson

    I love the Classic Noble. Your tree looks beautiful!

    1. Thank you Robin, and I agree, the Classic Noble is beautiful!

  15. Lidy, I loved today’s post. Your tree is gorgeous! I went to the site snd I thought all of the trees were beautiful. The tree skirts were, also. I think I prefer the simpler tree skirts like the Noel or the velvet one. Your post today makes me want to toss the pumpkins and head right in to Christmas . . . before the Thanksgiving Turkey ever gets to the table. Your tree is gorgeous and I love your French additions to the tree.

    1. Thanks so much, Vicky! I usually decorate after Thanksgiving too…but for this post, I had to do it early.
      Since I’m not hosting Thanksgiving this year, I kind of love it!

  16. Robin Nave-Montero

    Lidy, I love your blog and style of decor. Your tree is stunning! Thank you for sharing your beautiful home.

    Tree Classics trees and decorations are absolutely gorgeous.

    I wish you and your family a blessed Thanksgiving and a very Merry Christmas.

    1. Robin, thank you so much for your visit and your kindest words. I’m so happy to meet you here! I wish you and those you love a blessed Thanksgiving too, and hoping you will come back for the Christmas posts, so I can wish you a Merry Christmas later in December! xo

  17. Evelyn Pintor

    Hi Lidy,
    I’m a first time commenter. Your home is magnificent in all its Christmas splendor!
    I love the Clifton tree for my bedroom. Beautiful tree!!
    Thanks, Evelyn

    1. Hi Evelyn, it’s so nice to meet you here. Thank you so much for leaving a comment, too.

  18. Carole Shiles

    I also love the Virginia Pine. It would be perfect in my home.

  19. Lidy- Absolutely stunning. I am just sitting here wide-eyed. Probably the prettiest tree I have ever seen. Thank you for sharing this beauty with us. I will checking out Tree Classics. Well done dear lady.
    Merry Christmas with love

  20. Gloria

    Your tree is such a festive holiday tree. I like the Alberta Spruce and Burgandy & gold velvet tree skirt from the tree classics.

  21. Gloria, I love that Burgundy tree skirt too. Wishing you a beautiful Thanksgiving!

  22. I spent several hours devouring all the tree info I could get on the “Tree Classics” site… finally deciding on a classic fir!!! years and years ago I ordered a tree from them .. and was so pleased.. It finally bit the dust… sooooo our new one is on the way!! and wow… glad I decided on this company again , after seeing your post !!! Just gorgeous !!!!the Noble Fir is incredibly beautiful as well !!!!

    1. Terri, I’m so happy you are getting a new tree from Tree Classics! I love this one. Ease of setting up. Ease of storing. All those are a yes, but mostly how many beautiful branches it has, and the lights! I’ve never seen a tree as full as this one. Happy Holidays!

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