Welcome to our Holiday Collection. I’m thrilled  to share C’est Noël, the Holiday Collection with you!

This year’s collection is inspired by home, family, friends and that joyful holiday feeling.

I love opening our home to family and friends for the holidays, just like you!

I decorate our home with a few new inspired seasonal touches, a new pillow in the living room, holiday linens in the kitchen, a cheery apron that I will wear baking pies with my girls and little people for Thanksgiving {and later for Christmas cookie baking.}


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I’m going to show you how I use these in our own home throughout the season, and in our holiday home tours too.

Getting ready for the holidays is a large part of the joy, isn’t it? We hang fragrant green boughs, deck the halls, wrap the gifts, bake the cookies, plan our menus and table settings – it’s the season for entertaining at its finest.

And it’s when we’re all together at home that our hearts are full of gratefulness.



For this C’est Noël Collection I gathered small luxury accents and gifts that will help you bring holiday magic to your home, and to present as thoughtful gifts to those you love.

Things like beautiful, colorful linens to set your prettiest tables with, a new FrenchGardenHouse Luxury Holiday Candle, ornaments, champagne glasses and charming accents.



Here at home, after we get our tree set up and decorated, I’ll add a few new ornaments, and spend time relishing in the glow of the twinkling lights.

I love those delicious long afternoons by the tree, watching those entrancing glittering lights, the fireplace burning brightly. I hope you will enjoy some peaceful moments like that this season.



Slowing down to really enjoy each and every part of this beautiful season, to be in awe of the blessings of our life, to be enchanted by a new glittering ornament, and to delight in the smell of a holiday candle.

It’s such a peaceful time to be at home, I plan on really making an effort to be present to enjoy the magic of the season.




These large Joyeux Noel Holiday Decorations are stunning when you hang one over your antique French mirror.  Made with real German glass glitter, the silver has an aged patina, just right for old-world holiday charm.



For me, the holidays are not just about the beautiful things to see, and the lovely music we all love, a wonderful holiday scent in our home is so special, and brings a whole other layer of enjoyment to our holiday rooms.


I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year. – Charles Dickens


Our FrenchGardenHouse Holiday Candles are hand-poured and carefully crafted. Perfumed with the fresh scent of fir needles and fir balsam, cedar wood and grapefruit, the fragrance flourishes into holiday orange, eucalyptus and bergamot.

This scent reminds me of holidays spent in Europe as a young girl, and the warmth of a house filled with family and friends.  Each one is a touch of elegant luxury for your home, to rekindle the romance of the holidays.  I give these to our neighbors and friends, they make a thoughtful host or hostess gift too. They are long lasting, too, each one burns for 40 hours.

They are being delivered in one or two weeks, so pre-order only right now.



I fell in love with this linen pillow cover when I saw it! Made of natural linen with black embroidery, isn’t the script so beautiful?  Very limited quantities, once the ones we have are gone, they will no longer be available, as they have stopped producing these. {I hate that!} I was happy to be able to acquire the last ones for all of us!

Every season I bring in a new collection of linens for our home. There is something so satisfying about hanging a fresh, vibrant towel for each season on my farm sink at home. Or setting a table with a new tablecloth and napkins. Do you feel like that? It makes any meal take on a special, fresh taste.


I fell head-over-heels in love with this holiday collection at market this summer. The rich, vibrant patterns are beautiful.  This velvety red colored cloth is based on an antique Kashmir paisley design.

They are not French, they’re made by April Cornell, yet they have that country feeling that our French friends love so much. Because they are not made in France, they are much more affordable.

{and I have to admit to you that I am a huge fan of April, she has such a beautiful, ethical business, and I’m excited to support her by selling this collection this year.}



There are tablecloths in several sizes, and matching napkins. All to make your holiday meals happy!



The aprons make every thing you cook or bake delicious. {ok, that’s a fib, but really, you will look so stylish in this, that it will make you want to whip up exceptional dishes this season!}

Screen printed by hand, in rich velvety red decorative design, with a handy patch pocket. Perfect for you, or for presenting as a hostess gift with love.



For those of you who love the chef’s half-aprons, this black apron with a holiday berries design is a must! There are matching drying towels, as shown.  I use these to keep our French bread warm at the table, and to wrap around a bottle of chilled wine to catch the condensation.



I adore this brunch tablecloth too…look at the little tassels! So fun. You can layer it on your table like it’s shown below, or over another solid tablecloth as a topper.  To me, these linens say “HOLIDAY” and I hope you will love them as much as I do!



They come in black, and red.



These beautiful napkins are pure white linen, made in Europe, with a royal red embroidered design.  It is a perfect compliment to the paisley cloths, but looks elegant and luxurious on any table you set this season.

A favorite at FrenchGardenHouse, I know some of you have been waiting for quite some time for these to arrive!



I selected a very limited array of ornaments for you {and me!} this year for this HOLIDAY COLLECTION.  These La Lune moons are oversized, hand painted, and covered with sparkling glitter, so it looks like snow! They are hung from a satin cream ribbon with Eiffel towers.


Whether you display this beauty hanging from your antique French sconces, your chandelier, or on your Christmas tree, this is a slightly unusual and quirky accent to add your own personal touch to your decor. Perfect to hang in the baby’s nursery, too!



This year here at home, I’m decorating two trees, one a traditional green, the other a frosted white tree filled with mostly white ornaments, accented with gold and silver.

Specially designed and commissioned for FrenchGardenHouse and made by the Parisian Atelier, these tasseled ornaments are a sparkling addition to any tree, or holiday home.



Each one is slightly different, embellished with vintage rhinestones, gilt dresden scraps and vintage ribbons.  I love that they are not just for the tree, they make exceptional package embellishments, or you can continue the joy and beauty after the holidays by hanging them from the key on your antique French armoire.



I hope you will enjoy this year’s Holiday Collection  C’est Noël, and get as much joy out of using and displaying these finds in your holiday home as I am going to.

There are some “old favorites” that have been restocked too, such as our very popular holiday linen wine bags, the French tartan flatware, and reindeer guest towels.

As the weeks get closer to Christmas, I’ll be adding more and more. {look for a paisley design in blue & white, and silver accents soon!}




Thank you for shopping for your holidays with me today, I’ll be the one drinking a huge bol of hot cafe au lait, wearing a sweater and a “I love the Holidays” smile.


5 thoughts on “THE HOLIDAY COLLECTION | C’est Noël”

  1. Ginger Valdes

    Everything is so festive and beautiful, Lidy! I’m swooning over the gold tasseled hearts, the lavender linen cloth, well, just everything! Joyeux Noël, indeed!
    XO, Ginger

  2. Gloria

    Thank you for the wonderful Ideas. I love the table clothes with the berries. And they would go perfectly with the royal red embroider white linen napkins. I think I can be a poster child for your site. Your collections add so much to a table. I need to check my list for St Nich.

  3. Thank you so much, Gloria. I’m so happy that you love our linens as much as I do!

  4. Everything is simply lovely and classic, Lidy-that’s a common theme in your decorating and I so love it! My heart is beating a little faster over the little moon ornament. It has a special spot in my heart having to do with one of my daughters…maybe only she would get!

    Happy Holidays!

    Jane x

  5. Lidy Baars

    Thank you Jane! The moons are so sweet, I wish I could get more because everyone seems to love them, but they are no longer being made. Happy Holidays!! {I’m sure i’ll see you on your blog or here before then, though!}

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