Make-ahead filling, foolproof pie crust {not soggy} and crumble topping make French Crumble Mini Apple Pies amazing.

From our Thanksgiving Inspiration Table, here is the pie recipe you have been waiting for!

Apple pies and I go back a long way, in Europe my Mom and all my aunts made an apple pie every Saturday afternoon for the weekend.


I still remember the smell of those pies baking in the oven, so good!

But not a crumb was to be eaten until Sunday afternoon at tea time, where each of us would get a thin {by today’s standards} slice, so that there would be enough left over for coffee time later that evening.


I’m excited to share Lisa’s recipe for her French crumble Apple Pies!  These pies are not too sweet, they are just right.

And I know that my Mom and my aunts would approve.

They are pretty to look at, they have lots of pie crust in each serving, a crumble topping which is so delicious, and the filling is thick and doesn’t turn the pie crust soggy.



This recipe is my dream apple pie…so pretty we put a bow on it!

Get the recipe over at Delicious Table








We hope you enjoy these delicious appetizer and table setting ideas!

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  1. Barbara

    The apple pies are beautiful, one question—you mentioned the pies are not too sweet yet the recipe calls for 4-1/2 cups sugar. Is that how much you used? Thank you.

    1. Barbara, I know that seems like a lot! Yes, that’s what we used, but our apples were green and very tart.

  2. Individual pies are so cute. They also get around the problem, when you get to the final pieces of a pie, where the filling is oozing out and it’s no longer as appetizing as those first pieces.
    As for the size of slices, I’ve learned that French women’s secret to staying slim is not to diet or deny themselves but to eat everything in small portions. When we go out with friends, I see that the women never finish their plates (sometimes the husbands take care of the rest). They’ll order dessert and just eat half (the husbands usually help out there, too). And just one glass of wine. Moderation.

    1. You are so right, that is what Europeans are great at, moderation. They all eat whatever they want, but in small, small portions. Happy weekend to you, friend! xo

  3. These pies look delicious and beautiful! Not thinking mine would look quite like this but I’m going to try! Happy weekend, my friend!

    1. Happy weekend, friend! Actually, in the little dishes, making these look beautiful is so much easier for some reason than doing it for a large pie. You can do this, and make it delicious and pretty….I know it. 🙂

  4. Nothing like a wonderful apple pie just for you wrapped in a beautiful bow! Next year I think I will fly on over and be your taste tester!!! What beautiful memories you have of days with your mom and your aunts baking apple pies! Thanks for the recipe and love a thick crust!

    1. Shirley, wouldn’t it be fun, you here as a taste tester!! Lisa makes such delicious things, I can’t wait to try everything we planned for her to make for the Holiday shoot!

  5. Patricia Flournoy

    Again, wonderful ideas for beautiful presentation…I received my glasses MOI et TOI and love them…They are wrapped and ready for Christmas! Many thanks…Patty Flournoy

  6. Thank you Patty. I hope your gift recipient loves the glasses. They make a beautiful gift, merry, merry!

  7. Freda Carroll

    I’m new to your blog and have enjoyed every post I’ve read. Thank you for your wonderful presentation, ideas and education about entertaining and the world of antiques. Happy Thanksgiving to you.

    1. Freda, thank you so very much! I am delighted to have you visit me here, and join in on all the fun we have at FrenchGardenHouse.

  8. Genevieve Miller

    Is the bunds cake seasonal? I don’t remember ever seeing it at Trader Joe’s.

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