I wanted to share this beautiful Italian Madonna & Child with all of you. Just because they are so exceptional and beautiful.

Bought on our recent trip to Italy’s premier antique show, this is from the exquisite collection of Federico Andrisani, an expert in Italian religious antiques.

For twenty minutes Mr. Andrisani and I spoke of our mutual love for this Madonna, he in Italian, me in English and with my hands and expressions.  After our Italian speaking guide came to finalize the sale, Mr. Andrisani was kind enough to gift me a beautiful book that he wrote about the other pieces in his collection.

{This beauty wasn’t in it, as he had just recently discovered this piece.} But each and every one of his santos, Madonna’s and paintings were museum worthy.

I fell in love wth this one, and no other ones compared, but I could have been very happy to take home a few more….but that would have meant selling our house. {Mr. FrenchGardenHouse frowns on that!}



This  Italian Madonna & Child figure dates to the mid to end of the 1600’s. Masterfully hand carved of wood in Venice, Italy, then gilded, hand painted and lacquered.

Most likely made for a private chapel in a Venetian “Casa” – a grand palace in Venice, the faces of these two are so incredibly sweet!

That this is in such very good condition is extremely rare to find, someone really loved this piece and took amazing care of it. I am honored to have this at FrenchGardenHouse until a collector buys it to grace their home.



Aside from the fact that they are both holding the same heart, I fell in love with their beautiful faces.  This is what I look for in a religious antique. Fine carving, and beautiful hand painting.


17th Century Italian Madonna & Christ Child


The carving is just so beautiful and elegant, there is a certain sweetness and spirit about this Madonna that will draw you near with an instant connection.

You can tell that the artist poured his heart and soul into this Madonna and child.

The conservation is very good for a piece of this age. Both the virgin and the baby Jesus have the most expressive features.



I love the back as much as the front. The Virgin Mother’s hair, the gold bow that keeps her gown tied on one shoulder, so precious.

The creme-de-la-creme of religious antiques, it’s the best piece I’ve ever had. It’s also the most expensive, but then she is superb. And over 300 years in age.

This is one time when an antique I have “discovered” on a buying trip literally called to my heart from an aisle away.

Aside from the beauty and mastery of the artist who created this so long ago, there is the heart connection with the Virgin Mother and Christ.  And you can tell that the artist poured all his devotion and faith into his art.


If you missed the post about our FrenchGardenHouse 4-day buying trip to Italy, you can read it here >

Thank you for letting me share one of the most favorite antiques I’ve ever had the honor of offering at FrenchGardenHouse.


13 thoughts on “17th CENTURY VENETIAN MADONNA and CHILD”

  1. Oh Lidy, it’s exquisite! I’m happy you were able to acquire this piece, and I am certain the seller was just as happy you are the new keeper. Thank you for sharing all the details. The backstory is as important to me as the piece itself when I buy.

  2. Rita, thank you for your mutual admiration of this beauty. I agree, the back story is what I love, I wish these two could tell us about the artist – maker, who owned them, and what gorgeous chapel in Venice they were displayed in.

  3. Ginger Valdes

    Absolutely gorgeous! What a find. Thanks for sharing the story and beautiful photos of this amazing piece.

    1. Shannon, thanks so much for loving her too! Hope you are having a beautiful week, friend.

  4. Lidy I have never seen a more beautiful Madonna than this one. I collect Madonna’s but nothing this exquisite and beautifully done. She is so very unique and I love the coloring. Thank you for sharing her. Have a scary Halloween! lol
    xoxo Jo

    1. Jo, I think she is amazing too! She really is a one of a kind beauty, I agree. Happy Halloween, sweet friend.

  5. Julie Watson

    Oh Lidy, I can surely see why this pair captured your heart in an instant. The beauty and sweetness is breathtaking. I just keep studying the details in awe. The back of the Madonna’s hairdo is so lovely! Its hard to believe the condition the piece is in at over 300 years old. Imagine the quality of the materials and workmanship. I find myself wondering if there is anything at all made in this modern day that could hold up so well.
    How blessed you are for it to be in your watchcare for the time being. And how blessed we are that you have shared it with us. Many thanks!

  6. Julie, I think you described it so perfectly, beauty and sweetness. That is what the carver and painter so lovingly captured, that innocence and loveliness. Thank you for your appreciation, there are so many wonderful details.

  7. Jean Van

    Hi, Lidy,
    Happy Fall and they are lovely, just lovely, Happy Nov.~~~~~~~~~~~

  8. This piece is truly a most magnificent treasure! I can just envision your conversation with the art dealer. Yes there are always pieces that you discover that pull on your heart (and soul) strings and this definitely was the one that tugged on yours. I am sure you can actually hear the angels sing when you look with such adoration at this very special work of art. Enjoy it while you can. I am sure it would be so hard to let it go.

    1. Shirley, I almost DID hear the angels sing when I spotted this Madonna & child in Italy! They are gorgeous, and I am always amazed when pieces over 300 years old are so well taken care of and beloved.

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