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We are just out of the “dog days” of summer, according to the calendar. We love dogs so much at FrenchGardenHouse that it’s pretty much a dog day every day here.

Have you met Bentley, our 6 year old golden Labrador Retriever?  Six years ago, after the heartbreak of losing our Beau, John and I decided that we would wait a few years before adding another puppy to our family. Until one of our daughters called. One of her co-workers was a Lab breeder, and he had a puppy “left over” because someone changed their mind about adopting him. Were we interested?

We thought we could go have a look, and then decide. But those of you who love dogs know that isn’t really an option once you actually meet the dog. One look at that bouncy, wriggling and yappy puppy at the breeder, and I was sold. One little wet puppy lick on my cheek, that pretty much sealed the deal.


Bentley came home with us. He’s a huge love of a dog, and pretty much rules the house.  He has a guilty look when I catch him cozying up next to one of our white couches in the living room, which is a huge “no-no!”. And of course, who could resist those eyes.  He’s never, ever, broken or chewed anything antique that I love, so there is that!

If you share your heart with dogs, celebrate them in your home decor. It’s one of the ways you can add a touch of your own personality to your rooms, authentically showcasing what you and your family love.

It’s also one way to capture the magical relationship between you and your beloved canine companions.

Here are a few ways you can add your canine affection to your home:


It doesn’t take a whole collection of dogs to create a spot of thematic décor.

This porcelain Cavalier King Charles porcelain art figure was made by Augarten Wien. She truly is a fine quality miniature work of art. Her beautifully hand painted coat is a perfect color combination with the blue and white antique tea container and gold Florentine tray.  Creating these “little moments” in a room gives your home that unique quality, personality and a sense of humor, that is so desired in every home.

A little less refined, but just as charming, this little Wire-haired Fox Terrier cozies up to a stack of French antique books, and a silver votive on the living room table.

He reminds me of Hollywood’s foremost canine scene-stealer, Asta. Remember him? If you love The Thin Man movies with William Powell and Myrna Loy, you know what I mean. {If you don’t – watch the movies. They are so fun!}

He feels like king of the world on top of the stack of books!


Prize trophies, that is.  A display of antique trophies is always a winning look in any home, a group, or just one spectacular large trophy can portray your adoration of the canine species.

This large Antique Trophy in the shape of a large ewer was won by J. W. Brooks in 1917 for his Boston Dog Ascot Little Jack presented by the Ladies Kennel Association.  Such a great piece for display!


This large antique dog show trophy {shown here at holiday time chez moi} is grand enough to make a statement all on it’s own.


Artists have featured dogs in their work for centuries. I’m always looking for prints and or painting that feature dogs. They are the very first ones to sell.

Isn’t this hand colored lithograph of a French lady and her companion so sweet? There is dog art to fit into any home, no matter what the decor style.


Do you have a spot on your walls where you could add a piece of art that showcases your favorite breed?


Art in the form of antique Majolica is another way to display some puppy love. This old platter, made by Arsenal Potteries in the 1880’s displays a loyal companion in front of his dog house. A decorative addition to your collection, to display or use.


Your home should reflect what you love, so why not add a dog accent or two?  This elegant Pekingese keeps an antique French Blue & White plate company on an antique black desk tray,  below. A very small touch, but it’s perfect.


And a whole little collection of terriers marches down the mantel in this living room. Accented with bright green ferns and a few apples, don’t they bring a whole lot of fun to the day? A house with displays like this can’t help but not be stuffy!

I’m always on the hunt for interesting antiques, distinctive pieces that will set your home apart.  I hope this has you thinking about decorating around your best friend!

Doesn’t this naughty Terrier pup look just right on this antique pen tray on the wood desk in the library?  

I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite dog antiques for you to consider because #dogsarefun. Enter the word   dog   into the search box at the SHOP to see the pups still up for adopting! {if there is no price mentioned underneath, then that one is sold, sorry!}


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15 thoughts on “BEST IN SHOW | Share your Love of Dogs in your Decor”

  1. How I love Labradors too! I had the very bad misfortune, twice in succession, of having my Lab stolen. My Finlay was 2 and then later, the next one Bella, only 5mths. I was very ill, sick at heart, for a long time. In my search which went on for months I came across a 2+yr old golden Lab, Whisky, whose owners no longer wanted to keep him because he spent too much time on his own. I brought him home ‘on trial’. But of course, when a Labrador lifts those soulful eyes to your face, you don’t think twice. Whisky was my darling until just before he turned 15, when heavenly pastures claimed him. I have a gorgeous cushion a friend sent me from England, of a Boston Terrier. That is in memory of my beloved Fara. love Jeanne

  2. Jeanne, I am so sorry about your stolen dogs…how terrible! I’m so glad that Whisky was destined to come live with you. There is nothing better to heal a broken heart than a loyal, sweet companion to spend your days with.

  3. My favorite post today. I love my Staffordshire dogs that hold a place of honor in our home, pretty much like our Cavalier King Charles puppy. Years ago I visited Ireland with my husband who was on a project there. During the day I walked all over Ennis going into the many antique shops and drooling when I saw so many wonderful antiques. On the next to last day there I couldn’t resist going back to one of the shops and purchasing the hounds with rabbits in their mouths. I saw them on a shelf way in back that looked like no one had moved or touch anything for 50 years. I had them shipped back to the states and when they arrived it took me hours to carefully clean each of them. I told my husband the reason they safely arrived was because of the fly specks that held them together. They hold a place of honor on the family room mantel under a large painting of a dog. Thanks for this post.

  4. Alice, what a sweet memory! I love the Stafforshire dogs, how exciting that you found the perfect ( although dirty) pair in Ennis.

  5. Ginger Valdes

    I love your dogs! And appreciate the comment about Asta. I’m always surprised when people don’t know about “The Thin Man”. Asta was the star!

    1. Ginger, it figures you are a fellow Asta lover. I am getting ready to watch the Thin Man Movies again, I always enjoy them so very much.
      Funny, classy and then…there is Asta!

  6. Hi Lidy, I love reading your posts, just don’t always have time to add my comment, as we’re busy at the Bed & Breakfast here in Wisconsin at this time of the year. When I saw that you have a dog named Bentley, I had to let you know our dog is also named Bentley. He is a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier.

    I have several porcelain dog pieces around in the Bed & Breakfast, my favorite being an antique pair of white porcelain Scottie Dogs from Italy, that my husband’s parents bought when they were in Italy on a vacation in the late 1940’s. When we would visit them my mother-in-law had them on display on a open shelving room divider. I would always panic when my toddlers would head over to where they were. Unforunately, my in-laws passed away. I knew I had to be the keeper of those Scottie Dogs that my daughters loved. They are so unique, one is standing and leaning on a closed red umbrella with a black pipe in his mouth and a black top hat on his head. The other is playing what looks like a black saxophone. My guests always comment about my porcelain pets. Their coats are actually raised pieces of porcelain twisted to look like curls on the dogs. I know you would love them.

    1. Janice, Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment, I KNOW how busy you must be running your business!

      Your dogs sound just darling, I know the kind the are with the applied porcelain “fur”. And how special that you have such special
      memories of your parents-in-law. I bet each time you look at those little scotties you have a fond memory of them!

  7. Hi Lidy and Bentley! Oh, what a sweetheart he is. I would have taken him home too. In fact, I rescued my Roxy (Maltese/Bichon) from a dog organization. Two other people wanted her so we all had to interview and we got to take her home. Now, ten years later, she is still a joy and has added so much to our lives. I love all your doggy items. I think you saved the best for last…that little terrier pup. Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs, Pat

  8. Hi Pat! What a delightful story about your Roxy! Love it!

  9. What a fun and beautiful post, Lidy. I love dogs in decor and have them in oil paintings and porcelains, but no real one, yet! Think my day is coming with a 5 year old son! Happy weekend, my friend ~

    1. Kristy, a dog is some work, but I have to admit, my girls had a wonderful childhood with our dog.
      He was always there for them when they were happy, to play with, but especially when they
      were sick, mad or sad. He was the best friend they would talk to and always felt better
      hugging him or getting a big lick (eek!).

  10. We don’t have a dog but we did love our precious granddogs….they are both gone due to old age and we miss them. I think no matter if you have a dog or not….having any type of dog decor, whether it be a great porcelain piece or great piece of art, it always a wonderful to have in any home. They certainly bring life and beauty into our homes and lives….and I must say that Bentley is a real charmer!!!

  11. Pamela

    Is Bentley a golden Labrador retriever or a golden retriever? From the picture its a bit hard to tell. As the guardian for the past 11 years of THE best dog ever on the earth I can’t tell you how wonderful my golden retriever Lucy has been. It honestly makes me feel ill when I think about losing her one day and yet, I know it’s coming. Bentley is just beautiful either way.

    1. Pamela, he’s a Lab…aren’t labradors and golden retrievers so sweet??

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