Brilliant Friends | A YEAR IN FLOWERS

The BEST accents to your home are antiques, and beautiful, luxurious fresh FLOWERS!

Today I am so excited to finally be able to share my beautiful and brilliant friend Kelly’s book with you!

In April, when Kelly and I met in Old Town Orange for lunch and antique shopping, she told me all about the book she was writing….I was so thrilled for her {and all of us!} I could hardly stand it.

Today is the day I can finally share her book with all of you –  I’m elated to collaborate with Kelly on this post.

{Never mind this fuzzy picture – we almost forgot to take a photo and I quickly shot this with my phone in the parking lot when we were leaving for home burdened with just a few bags filled with antique treasures.}

After keeping her secret until the book was finished…tada…..THE BOOK – A YEAR IN FLOWERS, is finally available!

Kelly’s 12 tutorials, co-inciding with the months of the year, will help you re create her gorgeous arrangements petal by petal.

Or you can use them as a spring board for your own designs.

You will have more than enough knowledge about flowers, floral care & design after reading the book to create gorgeous, luxury boutique quality floral arrangements yourself.

Each page empowers you with knowledge of the how & why of floral design.

Kelly’s beautiful floral arrangements will give you a simple way to elevate your everyday.

As Kelly says… “Don’t spend your life waiting for someone to send you flowers.  Make your own arrangements.”

Kelly and her assistant, Emmett.


A YEAR IN FLOWERS is so full of inspiration, each page and each gorgeous floral arrangement will bring you joy.


Each chapter overflows with information, advice, tips & tutorials.  Practical advice is woven together with vivid stories in a tone that embraces the novice to experienced floral designer. {A favorite, the story about the fancy London client}

In addition to writing this book, Kelly authors the blog My Soulful Home.  She is currently renovating an 1886 Victorian farmhouse.  She shares this historic work in progress with her husband, two girls & dog Emmett.

To celebrate the launch of her book, Kelly is giving away a beautiful blue & white vintage tureen, a pair of her favorite floral shears and a supply of flower food.

The tureen is very old and bears the grace of time and chippy goodness we love.

To enter all you need to do is pop over to Kelly’s blog HERE, and have a look at the collage image of arrangements. Then come back here and tell me which one you liked best.

The photo collage images start with January & end with December. Leave a comment with your favorite here & you are entered.

The winner will be randomly selected and notified by email on 7-28. The give away runs 7/19 – 7/26.

PS. The winner of the special issue of BAKE- ONE LAYER CAKES is Denise! Congratulations, Denise….it’s on the way to you.  Thank you to all of you who commented to enter. I love your comments, and hope that you enjoy our conversations, too.


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45 thoughts on “Brilliant Friends | A YEAR IN FLOWERS”

  1. I liked the August arrangement best because it is my birthday month. Since it’s a very hot month in the south, especially Texas, the orange alstroemerias and sanpdragons really represent the heat but in a good way! I also like how the color pops against the blue and white pot. The colors balance each other. Cool blue and warm orange.

  2. carol osborn

    My favorite is the purple tulips in a teacup. I would love to know how to do that!

  3. Jan sanders

    The blue and orange arrangement is unique in color and the pot that hold the flame of orange flowers. So beautiful. Not your standard colors for an arrangement. I guess I’m ready for fall. Thank you for sharing the creativity of Gods unique creation

  4. Tami Riviere


    I liked the arrangement for June the best. The little teacup with the beautiful flowers was perfect Frenchy goodness!
    Thanks, Tami

  5. It was a hard choice for me between May and August, but August won! I love the colors and abundance of the flowers!

  6. It was a hard choice for me between May and August, but August won! I love the colors and abundance of the flowers!

  7. Carole Shiles

    December, it’s my birth month, and beautiful flower arrangements bridge the gap so nicely between the fresh tree to decorate and all the joys of the season.

  8. Marianne Gum

    November! These flowers are my favorite color, one i often wear.

  9. Beverley Scott

    My birth month is February and there are always beautiful flowers available during that month especially around Valentines!

  10. I like June, hands down! Love the beautiful purple flowers, and they are even more delightful in the cup that’s possible! So very sweet.

  11. Cindy White

    I am a huge fan of purple and green – therefore, June is my favorite!

  12. Anne Marie

    I like them all but the June arrangement most. The vibrant purple in the dainty teacup is precious.

  13. They are all lovely but if I had to chose one it would be May . They are a combination of my favorite flowers and colors.

  14. I love anything floral, so it’s hard to choose. I guess I will go with June, because tulips really are my favorite. Such strong flowers standing up so on those slim stems.

  15. Audrey

    JUNE!!! I adore the petite teacup arrangement with the unique addition of pepper berries!

  16. Gloria

    June would have to be my favorite. The tea cup is perfect for those smaller blooms. December is a close second.

  17. Darlene

    I love the May arrangement, the colours and the vase are just beautiful! Your book will be a huge success!

  18. Sherry

    August! And it happens to be my anniversary month. I love them all though. Gorgeous. Flowers make every moment better. They never fail to make me smile.

  19. I am so over the moon excited about Kelly’s book! it looks so amazing, like her! It is so wonderful that Kelly has been able to share her passion of flowers and making such beautiful creations for her home and now we can learn from her expertise and enjoy the beauty in our own homes.

    Congrats to Denise for winning that wonderful magazine.

    1. Shirley, I agree, it’s a gorgeous book, and you can tell Kelly adores flowers! xo

  20. Shawn Gilbert

    I love the contrast and textures of the different pink and purple flowers in the May bouquet! Adding the baby white roses made it all the sweeter!

  21. Did you say “Brilliant and beautiful”? I really need to spend more time with you Lidy! Thank you for all your support, encouragement and moreover, your friendship! I truly appreciate you sharing my book with your readers. Thank you !! XX

  22. Julie Watson

    My favorite is the May bouquet. I was immediately drawn to it by the happy color pink and by the beautiful hand painted pitcher as a container. I noticed this arrangement was featured in some of the other photos and it won me over instantly. All of the arrangements are lovely, in fact. Kelly’s book is a must- have for this amateur flower arranger!

  23. Theresa

    I enjoyed May. So Spring fresh and pretty! The pitcher added to the simple elegance.

  24. Denise

    Ya, another give away! I’m in love with Kelly’s blog my soulful home, and it’s fun to listen to her on the pod cast. I have been so fortunate to discover this wonderful world of blogging. My favorite arrangement is the one with the pink peonies, it’s so full and beautiful. Please enter me into the drawing.

  25. I love the teacup arrangement as well, and any arrangement in a silver
    container is always special. Emmett was one of the cutest parts in the photos today. I loved Emmett,too.

  26. Lovely book and flowers but I would have to say May is my favorite!!

  27. Maddie Schulte

    May is my favorite. I love the pastel colors of roses and peonies. Overall I enjoyed all the arrangements and your blog page. Congratulations on your book.

  28. Gloria

    Any of the flower arrangements could be used for a baby or bridal shower.

  29. Love the arrangements, quotes & photos in Kelly’s new book! Beautiful title!
    I can’t wait to read it, love that it’s from the heart & soul! My favorite arrangement is February, with the pottery crock & roses. It looks so French country!

  30. Kate Pfohl

    The November arrangement is my favorite because the colors are unexpected for Autumn and Thanksgiving but beautiful and would be perfect for my table.
    they are all beautiful!

  31. I love Kelly’s new book and can’t wait to read it. Since I love all flowers and love all the arrangements it is hard to pick a favorite but I guess I would pick May!

  32. Martha Thomas

    I love the August blue and orange arrangement. I didn’t like orange for a long time but it has become one of my favorite colors. It is so lovely with so many other colors and brings so much life to arrangements.

  33. I love the arrangement for August the best! All the bright orange and red colors in that beautiful blue tureen are fabulous!! It makes me not mind the heat quite so much in Texas. Thank you Lidy for all your wonderful work.
    Janet in San Antonio, Texas

  34. Like your flower arrangements! Noticed your dog. I have a white dog and read somewhere to give them distilled water for eye stains. I have been using it for years and it really works! No eye stains and no licking stains on paws!

    1. Hi Linda, thank you! {ps. that’s Kelly’s dog in the photos…mine is a huge golden Lab!}

  35. Mary Christianson

    I love the teacup and saucer with the tiny purple and white flowers. Beautiful!

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