July 4th American Style meet French Bastille Day. Both summer holidays celebrate independence with Red, White and Blue! 

Bastille Day marks the 1789 storming of the Bastille prison, the beginning of the French Revolution. To commemorate the unity of the French people, and eventually their freedom from monarchy, the French celebrate on July 14th each year, or Le quatorze juillet.

Bastille Day is  filled with tradition, incredibly delicious food and of course fireworks!

Whether you are planning a huge 4th of July celebration, or have plans to throw a soiree to celebrate La Fête Nationale, {or both!!} here is a setting to get you in the spirit to celebrate. 

On a happy note, both make use of Red, White and Blue – so you can re-use everything, just switch the flag and make something French to eat!

For this table, I was inspired by how my French friends entertain in the country. They happily mix and match.  The French Provencial tablecloth is the perfect backdrop for all this Red, White and Blue gorgeousness.  Happy flowers reminiscent of the fields of Provence along with traditional striped designs takes this cloth to lust-worthy status.

For the plate stack, I used the large red floral chargers, topped with a standard white plate, then a smaller French Country checked plate, and ending with an antique floral cafe au lait bowl.

Bright colors, a mix of florals and checks, and can we just talk about those ruffled linen napkins one more time? If you invest in napkins, make it these. Deep indigo blue, ruffles {but not overly girlie} and a stunning white embroidered monogram on one side.


I forgot to mention that I used a cake stand as a mini bar.  Vintage French Ricard glasses and a bottle of Ricard and a bottle of Lillet elevate the setting and gives it some height. The antique French bottle is holding a bouquet of American Flags….France and America have always been vast friends, they gifted us the Statue of Liberty!

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  1. What a wonderful treat it must be to sit at this beautifully appointed table with the reminder of France gifting this country with one of our most iconic symbols..Lady Liberty. You keep reminding me that I need to visit a local store that carries great Country French fabrics…the tablecloth is gorgeous and sets the tone for your amazing table….thank you for taking us along on your wonderful summer Holiday celebration in your beautiful backyard setting…have a most wonderful 4th of July Holiday!

    1. Shirley, thank you. Those French fabrics are always divine, aren’t they? It’s why I was so excited to find the tablecloths made in France! I wish you and your family a fabulous holiday too!

  2. French influences on a table celebrating our American holiday is very creative as well as wonderfully inviting.

  3. Ginger Valdes

    Your settings always make me happy. I love the way you mix your red, white and blue for both holidays. Have a wonderful Indepence day, TWICE!

    1. Thank you so much, Ginger. I hope you will enjoy the 4th and have a beautiful holiday!

  4. Edna McDonald

    Hi Lidy,

    Happy Fourth of July and Bastille Day to you! Thanks for sharing those most delightful scenes to celebrate such important days!

    Must say, I am fascinated by that lovely French tablecloth as the design and colors remind me of those in specialty fabric shops, I saw in my youth. My mother loved to sew, but now too often those unique designs are not available.

    1. Happy 4th Edna…I hope you will enjoy a lovely time. I agree, it’s getting really difficult to find great prints like this!

  5. Jean Van

    Hi, Lidy,
    So many pretty setting’s and great idea’s also made that great salad and have been, have Happy 4th~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  6. Diana Lucas

    Lidy, I love all of it! I love celebrating patriotic holidays with red, white and blue and it’s so clever to be able to celebrate two! I am partial to bottles of all kinds and and really like the way the bottle looks with the flags. Hope you have a happy July 4th weekend and Bastille Day. Diana

  7. Thank you Diana. I wish you and your family a beautiful 4th too.

  8. Love those classy Ricard glasses, what a lovely setting, truly feels like your on a vacation in the Country at some fabulous resort.

  9. Love the checked dishes, and your whole color-coordinated table! Great idea to use a cake stand to elevate your wines! It’s very pretty. I didn’t realize Bastille Day was so close to our July 4th.

  10. Hi Lidy,

    What a fun setting. I love the way you mixed floral with checks. It’s a lot of different elements but somehow you make it all work together. Very inspiring.

  11. Hello, Lidy,
    HAPPY 4TH,How could you not enjoy all your beautiful table setting and so inviting, what time is good for you??? You make my day’s and I look forward to seeing all you do on here, Happy 4th to you and your family~Bonjour, Jean~~~~~~~~~

    1. Jean, I hope you have a beautiful 4th with your family, too! Bonjour, mon amie, Lidy

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