WEEKEND FAVORITES | French Country Breakfast


HAPPY WEEKEND! Early Saturday mornings are a great time to have a leisurely breakfast!

Make yours bright and cheery with these French Country favorites.


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It doesn’t take much to bring a small touch of beauty to your day.

Antique French Bottle

On these beautiful spring days, breakfast at FrenchGardenHouse is all about easy, delicious and healthy.  A few croissants, some jam, and fruit. If you need to be gluten free like I do, try this granola recipe for a breakfast parfait mixed with yoghurt, or a splash of milk. Gluten free, and oh. so. delicious.

Hope you have a glorious weekend, friends!  Don’t forget about the summer GIVE AWAY!

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14 thoughts on “WEEKEND FAVORITES | French Country Breakfast”

  1. Hi Lidy
    Leisurely Breakfasts in Bed are a rare commodity for me, since I run a Bed & Breakfast. I will have to be honest, and say I do have that luxury occasionally. My husband makes the best coffee every morning.
    He grinds his own whole coffee beans, and uses ice cold water in the coffee maker. The smell of the fresh ground beans brewing is a automatic eye opener in the morning. There are many times when he brings me a fresh cup of coffee into the bedroom, so I can sit up in bed and go over our daily schedule. Afterwards, It is a peaceful and quiet time, I like to look out the window from my bed, and look at my garden to see what is blooming. I say good morning to my dog Bentley, who jumps up on my bed to
    get is morning hug. When I finish my coffee, it is time to get out of bed and face the reality of the day.
    It was nice while it lasted.

    I love the French Country check assortment of dinnerware, and linens you have displayed. The French glass bottle goes perfect with the daises.

    Thank You for sharing the Home Made Granola Recipe. I am always looking for tasty Gluten Free recipes to serve at the B&B. There are so many Gluten Free Guests nowadays, and so many of the Gluten free recipes are so delicious, that I can serve them to all the guests, and they don’t even know they are gluten free. Have a fabulous weekend.

  2. Your post this morning made me hungry for a big cup of cafe au laut and a tasty Baguette with orange marmalade!! Thanks for sharing your recipe for granola – it sounds tastier than mine so I’ll giving it a try soon.

  3. Love your joy in your posts….the granola sounds great..will have to make it….so glad it is gluten free…thank you for sharing…Blessings!

  4. Nancy Bailey

    Love seeing how you have used the gingham plates and bowls. Thank you for the granola recipe. Can’t wait to try it. xoxo

    1. Thank you Nancy! I know you have a special place in your heart for the gingham checks!

  5. Karenann

    I just love your French Country breakfast! Your table setting is stunning and so inviting. I just love the red and blue checkered bowls and pitcher. So country, so beautiful!!

  6. Thanks so much for the recipe. Sounds so good I’m inspired to make it.

  7. You set the prettiest tables, Lidy!

    Your granola recipe sounds perfect. I used to make jars of it for gifts. People love it!!

    Jane x

  8. Jamie from Kentucky

    Lidy, just now catching up on weekend posts.. Your gingham is ADORABLE!!!! Yummy food and presentation!

  9. A beautiful breakfast that reminds me of the morning in France….I so remember adoring the beautiful cafe au lait bowls there…their most cheerful colors and patterns….thanks for the Granola recipe…we love Granola in this household!

  10. Denise

    I love Saturday morning breakfast, my sweet husband and my best friend just loves to cook breakfast. Call me spoiled -I do the the clean up can’t beat a deal like that. please enter me into the drawing for this fun summer give away.
    thanks, Denise

  11. Gloria

    There nothing better than homemade granola.
    You know exactly what it contains. Your receipt
    Is almost exactly like the one I make. Great to
    Add to muffins.

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