There are people who adore the outdoors, hiking in the woods, cooking dinner over a campfire, and sleeping in a tent.

And then there are those who think of the great outdoors as a place to relax, entertain and spend time with a wonderful book in a comfortable chair.

Guess which one I am?  You most likely guessed right.


I’m not an outdoors type of girl, much to the dismay of my Mr. FrenchGardenHouse. HE loves camping, hiking, and sleeping on a rock.

{Now that I have grandchildren, I might rethink that camping thing, especially since now there is such a thing as glamping.}

I live in California, so our garden is a natural extension of our home about 3/4 of the year. But what if you live somewhere else where your garden is either too cold, or way too hot most of the year?

Bring the garden inside!  You can enjoy the benefits, the colors, and the fresh look of a garden inside. It doesn’t take much to bring a garden view to your interiors.



ARCHITECTURAL ELEMENTS: Old, weather-beaten architectural elements instantly bring a garden feel to a room.

Chipped layers of paint, a little rust here and there, these all add to the ambiance, suggesting these pieces have survived many years outdoors in wind and rain.

Architectural Column

Old, antique pieces like this chippy capital bring history, and plenty of patina to your interior. Add a few green plants, and that garden feel is complete!

Antique Rose Salvage

Antique fragments of iron gates, or balconies, such as the one shown above, add instant garden personality to your home. Shown here next to an antique gardening book, and a vase full of beautiful flowers picked from the garden {or the florist!}, it reminds us that the outdoors is nature’s sanctuary to enjoy.


GARDENING ANTIQUES: Anything that reminds you of the garden brings the lush, green garden of your dreams indoors.


I know this antique French child’s wheelbarrow is set up for a party I had outdoors recently, but wouldn’t this be just as charming when used for a table centerpiece for a buffet table indoors? Or perched on top of an antique sideboard, filled with flowering plants? It’s old, quirky pieces like this that truly bring the whimsy of the garden inside, and create a home that tells your own personal story.

French Miniature Children’s Wheelbarrow

POTS: Aged, old garden pots add a fresh garden feel to your home décor.  You can use the terra cotta pots to hold a potted plant, of course, but try using these outdoor wonders inside to corral a collection of spoons, your antique seed packets in a display with some antique garden books, and more! Don’t limit yourself, think outside the pot! {Sorry, couldn’t help myself.}


Antique French cemetery vases are fun pieces that add interest to any area in your home. A few flowers planted in moist floral foam, and the garden feel is complete!

Don’t be afraid to combine the rough, aged metal pieces with antique transferware platters like I did above. A nest and a few eggs instantly make you think of the outdoors and springtime in the garden!


Every garden usually has flowers. Adding even one small vase with a flower in it brightens and freshens up any room.

An antique French jardiniere makes a big statement, even with a simple arrangement of a few roses.

Antique French Chateau Jardiniere


Don’t you love this aged French container that came from a French chateau estate?

Parisian Roses Wreath

Or how about this romantic rose-covered wreath?  Hung on the mirror in your entrance hall, over your fireplace mantel, or simply laying on your French sideboard to ring a large glass hurricane, it makes an enchanting display….and softly whispers garden.

Boutiques des Fleurs Arrangement

Since not many of us can have a house filled with fresh flowers everywhere, don’t discount little faux floral arrangements to bring a touch of the garden to your home. This petite Boutiques des Fleurs arrangement brings the joy of roses anywhere, and the best part is, these roses last for several years, not a week!

As you can see, it’s perfectly easy to add a touch of the garden to your home decor! And beautiful. A few of our antique botanical prints in a simple frame is another easy way to surround yourself with the beauty of the outdoors.

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  1. I’m with you. I like to sleep in a real bed. No roughing it.
    Your photos are gorgeous. Plants make a space beautiful, whether inside or out.

  2. I agree, plants always add such an amazing amount of beauty to any space!

  3. Nancy Bailey

    We’ve lived full-time in a 5th wheel for 1 1/2 yrs. Getting anxious to be in our new house so I love your inspirational ideas to keep me going. Thanks Liddy! xoxo

  4. Nancy, I hope your home dreams soon start happening…I know it’s been a really, really long waiting period for you to build. Thank you!

  5. Lidy, i am with you on the glamping thing!…I did my time with camping when my son was little…now, give me a 5 star hotel!….I so love bringing the outdoors in…I have had concrete garden finials on my fireplace hearth for years…I love your beautiful garden inspiration for the home and always adore your outdoor garden that is always filled with beautiful flowers and amazing garden art and architecture! Have a beautiful week Lidy!!

  6. Julie Watson

    Lidy, I truly love gathering flowers and greenery from the yard or wherever I can get them, and making arrangements to place around the house. I have read that research shows there are benefits to mind and body with having flowers in our homes. And arranging is a rewarding creative outlet. Your creations are always amazing and give me inspiration. You made me chuckle with “think outside the pot”. The french cemetery urn is wonderful!

  7. My eyes are full from the feast of these beautiful things. Those roses are so realistic. I brought some of my roses in just yesterday and was heartened to see that they are still quite beautiful this morning… and opening slowly so that the arrangement grows more full. You always find the most charming things, like that wheel barrow. I just love it with the huge hydrangea blossoms and plants in it.

  8. Such pretty ideas, Lidy. I’m always a little jealous of your California weather. It’s super hot here in the summer so the outside becomes a little less enjoyable but we love it anyway. 😉

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