Thank you all so very much for taking the time to enter the FrenchGardenHouse Reader Appreciation GIVEAWAY for the beautiful set of >Pink Bird Bowls.

I have loved getting to know so many of you who are new to our circle of friends on the blog, and hope that you will continue to visit me here, and leave me a comment.

I appreciate each and every one of you. I know there are lots of ways you can spend your precious free time, and I’m always thankful when you spend some of it with me!


We randomly chose a winner yesterday for this gorgeous set of pink bowls, and announced it on our FrenchGardenHouse FaceBook Page. {do you follow me there and like me? Hoping}

Congratulations to JANICE ZENCKA. I hope that these bowls will bring a touch of spring to you!

The bowls are part of a design line by Anke van der Endt, who comes from the same city in the Netherlands that I do, Eindhoven. She began designing her line at her kitchen table!

I fell in love with her line of dishware in Europe, and was so very excited when it became available here, in the US.

Anke collects antique and vintage objects, loves antique porcelains, glasses, old photos, and almost never throws anything away. She stores many of her collections of buttons, music scores, spools of old thread and frames in antique suitcases. When she designs her patterns, she gets inspiration from all of the “finds”…


She designed this gorgeous line of wall paper, shown here, using images of things from the past. Not one to follow the latest trends, she follows her heart and stays true to her intuition. She always raises the bar, uses the best materials and always aims for the best.

Isn’t this wall so much fun? I love her braveness in combining the antique settee with this bold wall!

The same darling birds that are on her dishes is on the wall in this bedroom.

And then…there is THIS. Crazy colorful and bold, but perfect with the antique chest of drawers.

I choose to sell her dishes simply because they live up to the motto behind her designs: Happy products for happy people.


These dishes and cake stands are especially wonderful because they mix so well with antique and vintage patterns.



I love them…these are the dishes I mix and match outside in the garden for spring parties, teas, or just when I’m having one or two girlfriends over for tea.

We still have a few of most things in stock, but once they are gone, we won’t have any more at FrenchGardenHouse.


These little cups are the perfect cup for hot, strong espresso. Perfect for you if you love coffee, or as a hostess gift for someone who does. {Wrap them up with a bag of gourmet luxury espresso beans!}


The patterns are amazing! Each piece is bright, cheerful, and yes! H A P P Y!

To set a bright, colorful table, mix and match bold patterns with your antique floral pieces to your heart’s content.

For a more subdued table, simple mix these pieces with all white – perfectly beautiful!


These red charger plates are big, you can layer other plates on them, or just use them as a big plate to sample everything at your next dinner party. And those bowls?

The bohemian rose shallow bowls are perfect for soup, pasta, or a salad. And they are stunning.



Anke approaches her business much like I do, she only sells things she loves,  and finds beautiful, and nothing else.

I am sure, that like me, she has had lots of people tell her that that just doesn’t make business sense. But it is what makes her bowls, cups, pitchers and cake stands so different, she designs from the heart and only designs patterns she adores.


Ribbon Rose Mugs and small bowls. The small bowls are perfect for one scoop of ice cream, a guilty indulgence that John and I have some nights after dinner, but that little bowl makes us feel like we are eating a whole bowl full! Without the whole big bowl full of calories.


This is the perfect season to go outdoors and enjoy breakfast, lunch, or dinner outdoors! I hope that you will consider adding some of these cheerful dishes to your regular rotation. They will liven your tables up a lot! And make everything H A P P Y !

I am working with someone to offer another fun reader appreciation give-away for May. Stay tuned…and I hope you will still want to “talk” here with all of us.



  1. Good gracious! The colors are amazing. Happy you have to be with these designs. Love them!

  2. Ginger Valdes

    Congratulations to Janice!!! Anke’s designs are VERY happy indeed. I love to mix and match my dishware, usually with basic white. I don’t know if I’m brave, but it’s certainly fun! Have a great day Lidy.

  3. The answer to your question is an absolute yes though perhaps not so flowery as Anke!

  4. Janice is one lucky girl! I have to say these dishes make me feel a little spring in my step, I love the colors and patterns.

    Mentioned you and our love for the avocado sandwiches in my new post. We are going to spread the word on the goodness of summer dining in the garden! 🙂

    Jane x

    1. Thank you Jane! The avocado sandwich is so good, isn’t it? xo

  5. Shirley, isn’t this wallpaper so HAPPY?? She really makes beautiful designs.

    Happy Monday Shirley!

  6. This is a dreamy post! I am planning on building another home and want to do something dreamy in one of the guest bathrooms for the pattern for a wall paper. Anke designs would be perfect.

  7. Jan sanders

    I saw these dishes in a town near by. It was a British store. I fell in love immediately. I LOVE dishes. Enjoy mixing and matching. I host a tea in my home once a quarter and it’s to much fun to see how the table turns out.
    I would love to know where I can also purchase the wallpaper

  8. Hi Lidy,
    I just love the line of dishes of Anke Van der Endt. The wallcoverings are priceless. Love her designs.
    I managed a Laura Ashley shop in Lake Forest, Il. for many years, and learned to love all the European
    designs in Laura’s fabric and wallpaper collections, and also on her giftware. The European designers have a special talent when it comes to design. Anke’s designs are a reminder of the elegance that people used when decorating their homes. The designs add warmth and beauty, not like the sterile contemporary designs they show today. I would love to know where the wallpaper can be purchased.
    I love mixing the different China and porcelain pieces when I serve a luncheon for my friends. It is a real conversation starter. The table looks lovely with all the beautiful patterns showing off their beauty.
    I want to Thank Everyone who congratulated me on winning the beautiful bird bowls. I was so excited
    when I got the e-mail rhat i was the winner. Thank You again Lidy for your special generosity.

  9. Jan Schouw

    I absolutely love the HAPPY wallpaper. So uplifting, everything is so colorful and inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Julie Watson

    Woo Hoo! Congratulations to Janice! You are sure to find lots of fun ways to use the darling bird bowls.
    We are often learning about delightful artisans and amazing individuals from you Lidy. What a magical world Anke creates with her designs. I found myself smiling broadly as I studied each beautiful photo of her work. The combined shades of blue in the photo with the antique velvet covered setee are divine.

  11. That blue settee and the wall are gorgeous together! Thanks for introducing me to Anke’s designs !

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