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Mother’s Day is coming nearer, and if you are struggling with what to give this elegant woman who gave you life, taught you more than you realize even now, and are looking for the perfect gift, I put together these gift ideas to put a smile on her face and make you her favorite say thank you for all that she is, and does.

 Of course if you are the mom, you can just forward the links to your husband and kids {I’m sure they’ll get the hint.}

HERE ARE MY 2017 BEST GIFT PICKS FOR MOM – they range from the very affordable to the indulgent.


For the Mom who comes alive while digging in the dirt.  Our French style Gardener’s Basket is filled with little seedling pots, chalk plant markers, twine for binding up leggy plants, scissors, and a wooden hand painted sign that spells out “Jardin” to hang on the gate.


For the Mom who is completely up-to-date with decorating trends. Our Bohemian Rose Bowl Set will bring a little touch of boho in Mom’s home. She can use them to serve salads, or late night ice cream, float roses in them as a centerpiece for her next dinner party, or simply set them here and there and fill with guest soaps, her pearls and jewelry, shells, or crystals.


For the Mom who does it all, and deserves to be pampered.  Elevate her next bath with our Lavender and Rosemary Bath Ice. Softly scented with lavender and rosemary, we packaged it up in a glass jar, embellished with a French Bee in a laurel wreath, and added a wood scoop.


For the Mom who loves all things natural and organic, our French Country Tote is stylish as well as incredibly handy.  Organic linen and embroidered crown gives this bag polish, the large style helps her haul beach essentials – or finds from the flea market – home. And yes, the rest of the family’s stuff too.


For the Mom who adores her morning coffee, French style. Our antique Cafe au Lait Bowls are avidly collected, as the truly antique bols, as they are called in France are getting more and more difficult to find. These floral wonders are rare Maastricht bowls, from 1891, and especially beautiful for your Mom, if she adores blue & white!


For the Mom with plenty of personality, and style, this antique locket is an indulgent gift. Help Mom keep her precious memories close to her heart {a photo of you, or her grandchildren?} with the antique La Belle Locket. An heirloom to be passed down to the next generation.


For the Mom who is always busy in her kitchen. Why shouldn’t mom enjoy every day tasks like washing her hands? This French soap set has five different floral scents to delight her, shea butter to help her hands stay soft.


For the Mom who is a romantic at heart. A bit indulgent {maybe go in with your siblings for this gift} our gorgeous Pink Victorian Wash Stand set is divine! Spoil you Mom with this rare to find four-piece set.


For the Mom who likes everything to smell fabulous. Give her our exclusive luxury French Lavender Candle, she will recall her favorite days in Provence, when the sun shone bright way until almost midnight, and she sat with your dad next to the lavender fields and talked over glasses of local wine for hours and hours.

Vintage Sweet Pea Tea Cup 48.00

For the Mom who believes a good cup of tea can fix almost anything. Treat her to this beautiful vintage cup and saucer, with those darlings of the spring garden flowers, pink sweet peas.

I hope you celebrate your Mom, or are celebrated as a Mom on Mother’s Day. Like I just told my kids the other day :” No one is ever going to love you as much as your Mama!”

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ps. That’s me and my Mom in the first photograph. You can read a little bit about her here.


  1. I love that photo of you and your mom.
    The most important thing in gift-giving is to think of the receiver’s tastes. That can be very fraught when it’s one’s mother, even when the relationship is good. Days like Mother’s Day offer a good moment to give the empathy muscle a workout. The best gift, though, is the hardest: our time.

  2. Beautiful ideas but these days all I want is time with my daughters. That’s the best gift.

  3. Charlotte

    Wonderful gift ideas, not just for Mother’s Day, but any time. I pinned several to my Pinterest boards so my hubby will know what I would love to have. Takes the guess work out of gifting. Thank you for some beautiful suggestions

  4. Thank you Charlotte. Often it doesn’t take much to light up our Mom’s eyes ( or our own!) with a thoughtful gift. Accompanied by a hug and maybe a few kisses too!

  5. Teresa

    I was double blessed, I also had a wonderful Mother In Law. She treated me like one of her daughters, we had many special days together. She is no longer with us, she is greatly missed.

    1. That is a double blessing, Teresa! What memories you must hold in your heart of your times together!

  6. Wrenda

    Lovely gift ideas, ALL!!
    I love the picture of you and your dear mom. I read, with tears in my eyes, the wonderful tribute to her. I lost my mother about three years ago. I can never repay the sacrifices of my mother toward her two daughters. I know you feel the same way. Each Mother’s Day, I send up a special ‘Thank You” to a woman who unselfishly gave to me each and every day of her life. So true, as you stated, “No one is ever gonna love you as much as your Mama!”
    Happy Mother’s Day, Lidy!

    1. I’m so sorry Wrenda, like you, I miss my Mom every day! It’s a beautiful way to remember your Mom by sending up that special “thank you” on Mother’s Day. xo

  7. Mary Emanuelson

    I love the sweet pea tea cup and saucer – I have some perennial sweet peas that bloom most of the summer (and spread wildly!).

    My mother is 96 (97 in August), still firing on all cylinders, and always says “Well, I don’t really need anything” when asked about ideas for Mother’s day or her birthday. My sisters and I will bring dinner on Mother’s Day, send flowers, and enjoy the day with her.

  8. Brenda

    Inspired!! I love your great Mother’s Day’s gifts, each one is beautiful.

  9. Such lovely gift ideas. Since I am French, it reminds me of my ancestry. My mother passed last year. My twin sister & I enjoyed celebrating Mothers Day with her. One occasion, we had High Tea with her at her memory care residence. We dressed up and wore beautiful hats. It was so much fun.

    1. Ronna, what a sweet memory! I am sure that your Mom loved it. My Mom had some memory issues in her last year as well, but I know she loved anytime and overtime we saw her, and those were such special times.

  10. When I saw that photo, I just it was you and your mother – what a treasure! So many gorgeous gift ideas for Mother’s Day and wonderful inspiration! Happy weekend, my friend!

  11. Forget Mother’s Day…I want to buy myself some of these goodies! I love the French Gardener’s Basket, and the cute tote as well. I’ve had my eye on the lavender and rosemary bath salts, too.

    Thanks for your list, Lidy…I’m going to pass it on to my hubby!! 🙂

    Jane x

  12. Julie Watson

    Lidy, the photo of you and your Mother is just precious. I love that she appears to be reaching down to hold your hand. I remember reading a quote that said something like, “A mother holds your hand for a little while, but she holds your heart forever.” It is so true.
    My sibilings and I cared for our mom until she passed, and it is a priviledge I will always be grateful for. Thank you for providing the link to the loving tribute you wrote about Annie. She was a beautiful woman inside and out. And she raised such a wonderful daughter. Hats off to her.
    By the way, I “heart” those blue and white cafe au lait bols.

  13. Janice Zencka

    I always loved celebrating Mother’s Day with my mom. Until I was a Mother myself, little did I realize all the sacrafices a Mother makes for her children. She would always be so happy when I would call her and tell her I made plans for the two of us to share the day. I always enjoyed splurging on a gift for her that I knew she would love. I lost my mom several years ago, and not a day goes by, that I don’t want to walk over and pick up the phone to call her, to tell some some news of what is happening in our family. I keep a framed picture of my mom on a bookshelf in my home office, and have a little vase, that I add some fresh flowers quite often, especially on Special occasions. Being a mom myself, makes me realize that a mom will never leave her children, she will always be with us in Spirit, through the memories we made together, that are stored in our hearts. I can sometimes feel my mom’s presence,even though I can’t see her, for instance, when I am making one of her favorite recipes. I can almost see the smile on her face in my mind, as I am carrying on one of her traditions. I Loved all the special gifts you chose for Mother’s Day Gift Giving. I think the Tea Cup and Saucer would fit wonderfully in my collection.

    1. Janice, that is so special. I too want to call my Mom almost every day {at times when she was alive in the last years she could make me slightly crazy, but oh! how I miss her}
      Such a beautiful tribute to your Mom, and you are right, we don’t really know what Mothers DO for us until we are one, ourselves.

      Wishing you a beautiful weekend!

  14. A beautiful vintage photo of Mother & daughter and tribute for Mother’s Day! Thank you for the beautiful ideas & posts!

  15. Denise

    Hmm what would I pick? So many beautiful choices I’ll take one of each please. Maybe I can share with my mom. Please enter me into the drawing for the set of pink bowls.
    Thanks, Denise

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