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One of the best benefits of being a blogger {that’s me! & maybe you}, or a blog reader {that’s you! & me} is meeting fabulous, interesting and wonderful people.

Isn’t it one of the miracles of the internet? We can get to know people from all over, women and men who love the same things we do, who care about the same things we do. Friends who GET US.



Today, I am so excited to share three of my “online girlfriends” with you. I love each one, and I know once you get to know them, you will think they are fabulous, wonderful and oh so interesting too.

You may already know them!  They share their heart, mind and soul with us on their blogs. They are amazing at sharing their decorating tips, their “how to’s” and their recipes.

Decorating Tips and Tricks

Each one is my favorite, I won’t lie.  They each bring so much to the table; wisdom, kindness, talent, and plenty of personality.

What’s even better, they have an extremely popular POD CAST that you can listen to three times a week. You can download it to your phone, and listen to my three friends talk about decorating, sharing secrets and lots of laughter while you wait for your driver to pick you up, or while you work-out at the gym {it’s motivating!} They have a bevy of decorating advice that will help you decide how to make your home as personally YOURS as it possibly can be!

One of my favorite podcasts is about Mixing Patterns.  You can listen to it right here by clicking on the little arrow below. {Then please tell me what you thought about the discussion}


You can find all of the podcasts on their website.

You can listen on itunes by clicking here

You can listen on your Android phone by clicking here

You can listen on our app bHome too!


Listening to Decorating Tips and Tricks is like spending 30 minutes or so with your girlfriends who just happen to know a ton about decorating.

I’ve also chosen a favorite post from each of my friends, although I’ll be honest, pretty much all of their posts are a favorite.

The first one is about gardening, by Kelly. Kelly is restoring a beautiful old home in Pasadena, California, and her blog My Soulful Home is filled with all things inspiring about homes, and gardens, among many other things.



My Soulful Home


Next is Yvonne. Her blog is all about her beautiful StoneGable Farm, and she generously shares everything from decorating for the seasons, to delicious recipes, to her faith.



Finally, Anita lives in Texas.  She has a flair for the French, and is the author of the book French Accents. You will love visiting her in her home, and she always shares from the heart!


Cedar Hill Farmhouse

I know you will enjoy joining in on their fun! Be sure to subscribe, and tell them I sent you!

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Now go….go listen to a few of my friend’s fun and inspirational pod casts! You’ll learn a lot about making a home personal, and beautiful. AND you will have FUN!


20 thoughts on “Decorating Tips & Tricks”

  1. Michelle Patton

    I love reading your emails in the morning. They give me inspiration. I have used many of your ideas, especially decorating for spring and Easter.

  2. kimberley

    I’m new to your posts and am absolutely enjoying them!! Those bird bowls are soo very pretty and I would be so happy if chosen!

  3. Carole Shiles

    Hi Lidy, my fav is the bird bowls. They are the sweetest set I’ve seen. As for bloggers, aside from you, I don’t have a favorite, I love you all.

  4. I listen to several different podcasts when I walk, almost daily. I’ve listened to several of the Decorating Tips & Tricks podcasts of interest to me, and skipped the ones not of interest, for example on countertops since I’m not replacing countertops any time soon and have it down caring for the ones I have.

    I’ve read all three blogs on occasion and am least familiar with Anita’s. I plan to take a closer look now, thank you!

    1. Linda, it’s such a great idea to listen to the podcasts when walking! It makes the walk go by quicker {in my case I like that!}

  5. I enjoy these three ladies also, thanks, Lidy, for rounding them up so I can see them all.

  6. Lidy, we all ADORE you!!! One of these days we’ll meet in person. That would be so fun. So jealous I missed the shopping trip with Kelly. Hope to chat again soon.

    1. I’d LOVE to meet you in person, too, Anita. And antique shopping will definitely be on the plan. xo

  7. Ginger Valdes

    Oh Lidy! How fun is happy hour listening to those wonderful women discuss decor??? I’m so glad we share friends!

  8. Denise

    I just about flipped when I first saw your post about decorating tips and tricks!!!I follow Kelly, Yvonne, and Anita. I love their pod cast you learn so much. One good thing leads to another-so cool. Please enter me into the drawing for the set of pink bird bowls.
    Thanks, Denise

  9. Lidy – thank you SO very much for firstly, your friendship and secondly, for this beautiful post. We are so grateful and appreciative that you took the time to share us with your readers. I am recalling with such fondness our recent vintage shopping excursion. Can’t wait to hit Olde Orange with you again!! Thank you!! And welcome to any & all of your lovely readers!!

  10. Enjoyed the podcast, helpful ideas! Always fun to learn about new tips & hints to make our homes more beautiful & enhance our special French Country treasures!

  11. I agree, Lynn! There is always room for making our lives more beautiful!

  12. Sue Marie Ramsey

    This is the first time I found your web page and believe me I will return every day. I fell in love with French Country design and now transforming m house into a French Country Cottage on a very limited budget. I just finished sewing balloon curtains for my kitchen and pantry. Soon to transform the Living Room. Thank you again for letting me discover your wonderful web site.

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