Today is the day! The sun is shining, I’ve thrown our French windows wide open, and the roses are beginning to bloom in the garden! It’s spring!

Time to refresh and lighten our homes, bring in some fresh neutrals, plant new things in the garden and fill at least one vase with a bouquet of gorgeous flowers. Spring is filled with gatherings, and invitations, so I’ve collected some wonderful things to bring a gentle spring accent to your home, and as gifts for giving. {or keeping.} We’re ready for hosting our family and friends for casual dinners outdoors, and for spring holidays.


I’m excited about this Spring Home Collection, I hope that you will find one or more things that will be perfect for you, or to gift. Many of the offerings are new, some are your favorites, that have been restocked! {I’m highlighting just a few.}

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Olive Lavender Soap

This year’s collection is filled with small touches to bring a touch of Provence Spring to your home. These Olive Lavender bars of soap smell heavenly. Artisanally made using natural ingredients including Provence olive oil, our fine quality soap was made by a master savonnier.


Calm, gentle and refreshing fragrance of the olive and lavender fields in France, reminding you of that divine summer when you rented a petit chateau in Provence.  Each is hand wrapped with beautiful French toile paper, ready to give to a host or hostess you love.

LavandeetMielSoapsLavande et Miel Guest Soap Set

These three small bars or soap are Honey Lavender.  Each petit 40g bar is individually wrapped by hand with French Country papers, nestled inside their own gift box, ready to present to your sister, friend, or Mom.


I have these in our linen closets, between the sheets and tablecloths. Hand Woven, each of these Lavender Wands is a beauty. Fuseau de Lavande  are made entirely by hand. Lavender batons or wands can only be made at one time during the year, the silken ribbons are woven around the lavender stems, caging the fragrant lavender flowers inside.


Fuseau de Lavande

To refresh the lovely delicate scent, you can gently roll the top portion of your wand between your palms to release the natural oils and to revitalize the fragrance. You can add lavender oil should you want a stronger scent, these natural lavender wands have a delicate scent.


They are so pretty! I have found wands from the 1930’s in a French antique shop before, and when I gently rolled the top, it still smelled faintly like the fields of Provence!


Lavender Rosemary Bath Salts

I went full-on crazy over the French Lavender scent this spring! It’s in our closets, in our baths, and even in our desserts!

This is such a beautiful bath gift, artisanally made using natural ingredients including rosemary, lavender buds and a mixture of epsom salt and French grey sea salt. These salt crystals can be sprinkled into bath water for an experience of heavenly relaxation. Made with essential oils, these bath salts have a gentle soothing scent, calm and refreshing like the south of Provence.


I had them packaged for you in this beautiful French Bee glass apothecary jar. The jar comes with a small wooden scoop, two scoops per bath. Wouldn’t this make a special gift for a birthday, or Mother’s Day?

It’s so decorative, I have one in our guest bathroom on display.


Linen Wine Bag | Striped Linen Napoleonic Bee Pillow

Out in our back garden, the flowers are growing and trying to out do each other with their growth spurts.  It’s still chilly in the morning and at night here by the beach, but the afternoons are warm. I’m looking forward to spending some leisurely time outside on our patio with my friends soon.


One of my favorite host or hostess gifts is a great bottle of wine, wrapped simply in this re-usable linen gift bag, and perhaps an appetizer or dessert with a recipe card attached. I always make sure my host or hostess knows I don’t expect them to serve it that evening, but hope they will enjoy it that week after their event.


Linen Flax Napoleonic Bee Towel

A huge favorite with you, and me, these linen towels are embroidered with the Napoleonic Bee inside a Laurel Wreath. Display over your farm sink, your luxury range, or line a bread basket for a perfect table setting.  I use them as napkins sometimes, too. They are adorned with a ribbon and charm, makes a fabulous host or hostess gift to present with great style.

DamaskFrenchCountryBlueTableclothFrench Damask Tablecloth

I’m covering our outdoor tables with the French tablecloths, like this fiine quality decorative French Country Tablecloth made in France, custom designed with the true essence of classic French design woven with the warmth of the sun from Provence. Composed of luxuriously woven cotton in the strict French tradition; treated with Teflon, stain and spill resistant. {I can always use a little help in this department.}


I hope you will enjoy browsing the French Country Spring Home Collection!

Before I go, I want to introduce you to two of our newest French Country friends. We are a little crazy about country hares and rabbits at FrenchGardenHouse.


Monsieur Lievre Spring2Monsieur Lievre

Introducing our Monsieur Lièvre, a fine country gentleman who is clearly in love as he’s decorated himself with a wreath of spring flowers and a vintage blue French satin ribbon bow to catch the attention of his beloved.

This is his friend, a fine country lady who is clearly also in love as she’s decorated herself with a garland of white spring flowers, and a vintage rose striped French ribbon bow.

FrenchCountryHareMademoiselleMademoiselle Lievre

She carries a cemented petit pot, to fill with crinckle and five chartreuse eggs that are included. She wears a vintage striped rose and white ribbon bow, to further enchance her beautiful self.

After you’ve shown her off for spring parties and events, she can be displayed without her finery too.

There are more things in our latest French Spring Collection I hope you will love!

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  1. I’m going to have to DIY me some fuseau (missiles!). I have some lavender on my desk–our garden has tons of it–and it really makes a mess. What a great idea to trap the blooms inside ribbon.
    I love lavender soap. It’s such a clean scent, without being overly floral or feminine. Just fresh and clean.

  2. Beautiful collection, Lidy. I purchased one of those antique lavender wands from you several years ago, and later taught myself how to make the wands(not that easy!) from the lavender I grow. I love the salts in the bee canister and that pillow!

  3. Thank you Rita. I am impressed you taught yourself to make these, I’ve watched them being made and it’s quite complicated!

  4. Lavender is such a yummy smell, but I like even better the French linens that I can never resist when traveling in France. You do share such wonderful things.

  5. Gloria

    What wonderful hostess gift ideas. I just ordered the soaps and a lavender wand. But I will let you in on a secret, I am going to keep them for myself.

  6. I’m trying so hard to believe Spring is coming….. it is been truly a dismal dreary depressing winter???. These beautiful reminders in your photos restore my Hope in the Promise of Spring… New Life!! Thank you Lidy!!!!

  7. Beverly Ivey

    Everything is so very lovely. Your Spring collection is an inspiration for how I would love my home and garden to look and feel. Your new hares are handsome, indeed!

  8. You have me sold on the lavender wands and the sea salts. My linen closet needs a nice sweet scent as so many of the linens are taken off the top and the lower ones just sit for weeks. I love the sea salt jars as well. I applaud you on the wonderful way you arrange these pretties that make them so appealing!

    Off to have a peek at the Spring Home Collection!

    Jane x

  9. The lavender wands are so wonderful & colors so luscious! I love the apothecary jar & stripe linen bee pillow, it’s a perfect size! These inspire me to freshen closets, dressers & decor, and get ready for spring/summer!

  10. Julie Watson

    Lavender is one of my favorites! Classic, comforting, fresh, clean. Also, it combines well with many other scents. The lavender and honey scented soaps must be divine. Would love to sink in to a fragrant relaxing rosemary-lavender bath.
    Years ago my son came home from school with a friend as I was sitting at the kitchen table next to a large pile of fresh cut lavender making wands. They went running back out the door saying they couldn’t take the strong smell of lavender in the house. I had to laugh–to me it smelled heavenly.
    Beautiful spring additions, Lidy!

  11. Thank you Julie! I love lavender, it is so soothing. And you are right, heavenly! I’m so impressed that you make your own wands, it’s such a work of patience.

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