Welcome! If you are coming from Sand & Sisal, I’m so glad you’re here!  Kim wowed us all with that gorgeous aqua & yellow table setting, she is so talented!  I’m sharing how to host a beautiful Easter Brunch.



Today, I’m joining some of the most talented bloggers I know for the Styled + Set Holiday Easter Entertaining Blog Tour hosted by Lory. I’ll take you to all the other bloggers who are part of this beautiful Easter Tour at the end of this post so that you can see all of their beautiful inspiration.





Easter is such a happy holiday, it’s a date on the calendar I so look forward to. It celebrates the Resurrection. Spring. and all that is Fresh and Renewed.

Easter is the perfect time to celebrate the holiday and spring weather with a delicious brunch, outside in the garden.  We have an annual Easter Egg Hunt and Brunch at our house for our closest family and friends, and anyone else who wants to join the spring fun!



This year I want to use some of the beautiful French tablecloths we just received for FrenchGardenHouse, I chose this beautiful French print with lavenders and purples.



Designing the tables with a vintage, modern look was my goal.  I love combining antiques with new, silver with rough French clay pots, gold with black.



It’s the unexpected “gathered” table settings that make tables elegant, yet casual.






For the centerpieces, I wanted something lush with the fresh, pastel flowers of spring.



In the center of antique silver serving trays, I placed old wicker florist vases – then just filled in the space around the baskets with old, antique French clay pots, a nest with little quail eggs, and real garden plants.






I covered some parts with planting moss from the garden center. So easy. And fast!

Inside the vases, I used big spring pastel colored flowers, soft pink peach roses, lavender and pink wax flowers, big, blowsy petal pink peonies and light purple hydrangeas. I love nothing more than to gather big bunches of gorgeous flowers at the flower market.



I admit to a slight flower obsession, do you have that?

I cheated nature by adding three large faux pink blossom stems to each arrangement!  {see them in the first photo by the gingko tree.}





Drawing inspiration from the tablecloths, I wanted to create a fun, polished brunch setting.



I layered contemporary black plates over inexpensive gold chargers, and topped each setting off with these beautiful vintage cream plates with lavender floral baskets.







The effect of this gathered table-scape is worthy of the traditional Easter celebration, but has a modern twist!








I used my new favorite napkins, they have linen stripes with a sweet ruffle, at each setting.




For this table, I printed out my menu, folded it in half, and threaded a vintage velvet lavender ribbon through both sides, so that the menu became an “envelope” with the napkin inside.







At each placesetting, I filled little {tiny, really} antique glasses rimmed in gold with some white crinkle shred and added pastel malted eggs.






And decided to tie the mother-of-pearl flatware with the same lavender vintage velvet ribbon, and tucked in a sprig of wax flower.



In spring, the more flowers, the better!







A French water glass and Mimosa or Champagne goblet completes each setting.








Spring arrived already, but it’s the Easter weekend ahead that makes it “real” for me.



{Speaking of real, I waited and waited for a sunny afternoon to do this photoshoot. Then dashed in the garden, set up two tables, and prayed the rainclouds would wait..wait…wait…until I was done! They did, just as I folded the last chair the raindrops appeared.}








I’m welcoming spring with wide open arms!



And can’t wait for all the flowers to show off their dazzling selves in the borders, my little people poking through the garden plants in search of eggs to gather in their baskets, and celebrating all that is Easter with family and friends.


Whether you are celebrating Easter, Passover, or the advent of Spring, I wish you much joy this season!



FrenchGardenHouse LavendercupEaster



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  1. Ginger Valdes

    Honestly,Lidy, that’s the prettiest tablecloth I’ve seen. The striped napkins look great with it. Your table is simply sublime!

    1. I agree Ginger. I had such a difficult time choosing which tablecloths to purchase and carry, these French linens are sublime! The colors, the patterns, the “hand”, every one of the cloths is beautiful. I almost paired the pink ruffled napkins you got from us at FrenchGardenHouse with the look, that would be great, as well!

  2. Carole Shiles

    Your table design is beautiful. I am doing my EASTER brunch on the lawn as well. Great idea to puff up florist bouquets with nice faux blossoms, I’m doing that also. Everything about it is lovely. I still love the flatware over the moon.

  3. Linda of No.Cal.

    WOW !!! So beautiful. Thank You for sharing. HaPpY EaSTeR !! ?

  4. Beautiful! No other words come to me. Your ability to put together a diverse number of new and old pieces is unlimited. Being creative to me is more important than being educated. You are not limited to any one thing. I really love how you dream up each post and look forward every day to your latest.

    1. Alice, thank you so much! It’s such fun to breathe new life into antiques at the table, and everywhere else.

  5. Jenny Walker

    Just found your FB page, liked so I can follow you there too. I loved the pearl handle silverware, is it old? It looks old by the shape of the knife blade and the large fork.

    1. Jenny, thank you for the follow! Yes, the pearlized silverware is from the early 1900’s. On occasion I sell some, although if I’m honest I have to admit I love it so much that I keep quite a bit of it to use here at home! Happy Spring!

  6. What a beautiful tablesetting! And even better having it in the garden surround by gorgeous flowers! The soft shades of purple, lavender, and mauve is simply lovely. Wishing you a very blessed Easter!

  7. Lidy, all I can say is magnifique!! You completely speak my language and I adore every delectable detail on this table. It’s the perfect balance of old and new and every inch of it is just stunning!!

  8. Thank you Lory! It’s so fun to mix and match old and new to create a pretty table. Not every table needs to be this involved, but Easter is the perfect occasion to pull out all the stops! Xo

  9. Gloria

    What a great idea to tuck the napkin inside the menu. I usually print a menu and set it on the table in a stand but my guest notice it after the tea is over. I will definitely use your inspiration to add another dimension to my table setting. I would love to sit down to this table.

  10. Debbi Shank

    I love the beautiful way you pull everything together! Lots of inspiration here! Thank you!

  11. Lidy, this is breathtaking. I would love to be seated at this gorgeous table in your garden. I love the menu envelope. Brilliant! And that centerpiece is amazing. Wow! Love it all. xo

  12. Margie Anders

    Easter is one of my favorite celebrations, and this setting is so beautiful and inviting. Anyone would feel very special and pampered at this table!

  13. Mary Coleman

    Thank you ,dear Lidy, for setting a place for us ! Recently I bought a gorgeous lavender sparkling soda by Lorina that would also look nice with your beautiful tablecloth. I found it at world Market but also saw it in the grocery store. I am always so inspired by the love and beauty you impart. I also want to thank you for introducing Paris in Bloom. I am sending my 5th one to a friend today for her birthday ! Merci, mon ami . Xox,m

  14. Brenda Miller

    Lidy, your Easter table is breathtaking! The color palette is so unexpected and, yet, so sophisticated and interesting. How wonderful to be a guest at your table and in your garden. I think you need to share your recipe for the arugula and roasted grape salad, as it sounds devine. Your blog this whole week has been a feast for the senses, but, it always is. Thanks so much for sharing you gift.

    1. Thank you so much, Brenda, for your kindest words! They mean so much to me.
      I’ll share the roasted grape recipe soon…it’s a super easy and delicious salad.

  15. Teddee Grace

    I love the edginess of the black and gold with the vintage floral plates and need to remember that trick with all of my antique floral porcelain. Would love to know the source of that fabulous mauve velvet ribbon!

    1. Teddee, thank you so much! I used to sell the ribbon on but it sold out immediately. For once, I was smart enough to keep some for myself. Happy Spring!

  16. Pamela

    What a lovely idea to have Easter lunch outside surrounded by the birds and flowers but sadly, even in April its just not QUITE warm enough or weather stable enough to consider such an idea where I live. Even in May I’m not sure if I would want to count on it. In my area my great-grandmother always said do NOT plant annuals until after Mother’s Day.
    However, it does manage to get close enough at times for a person to hold their breath to see what’s going to happen. My mother was born on Mother’s Day so every year it’s always within two or three at the most days from the date, some years right on Mother’s Day and it would be lovely to have “her” day (we always do both birthday and Mother’s Day on that Sunday) outside for once. I’ll have to see what they predict for this year. Your table is just lovely and such an INSPIRATION! Thank you.

  17. Maritza

    what a beautiful table setting you have set for an Easter brunch…in the garden with fresh air and pretty surroundings..
    Your table setting is no less then stunning my friend, the centerpiece is pretty and fresh, oh my but the tablecloth is just magnificent…can you tell I just love it all….


  18. Lidy, I am absolutely in love with this setting! How gorgeous, every detail! That tablecloth is amazing!! Wish we had warm enough weather here to do this for Easter!

    1. Thank you Tamara! We are lucky that we almost always are able to have brunch in the garden for Easter. Love being on this tour with you!

  19. Sherry M

    Stunning tablescape! How lucky your guests will be! I love that you also posted the menu. This is so inspiring! Thank you for sharing!

  20. Leanne

    A beautiful, inviting table. All your guests will feel special dining with you.

  21. If you are able to have Easter lunch outside, you are one of the lucky ones. Your table is quite alluring making me wish to join you.

    1. Linda, I know we are blessed to have weather that permits us to have Easter outdoors! This table would
      work perfectly inside, too! Wishing you a beautiful Easter.

  22. Denise

    Your Easter brunch in the garden is so beautiful!!!I have been looking at all the other blogs and yours is a show stopper. I love the gold chargers with the black plates and the most beautiful lavender transfer ware on top. The mother -of -pearl flatware,the vintage velvet ribbon and that tablecloth is to die for, not to mention the beautiful centerpiece. I l.o.v.e it all. Please enter me into the drawing for the sweetest pink bowls with the little birds on them.
    Thanks, Denise

  23. Melinda Wood

    Dear Mrs. Lidy:

    What a beautiful table you have set. I thought the black and gold addition was quite nice. I’m pinning this for inspiration. 🙂

    Thanks for hosting such wonderful giveaways.


  24. Wrenda

    Exquisite!! The lavenders and purples welcome in Spring. I love that you are mixing modern with antiques. And the little blue quail eggs and nests-everything looks so welcoming. I love the beautiful tablecloth with lavender, set against your lovely backyard. Your Easter Brunch will certainly be a success. OK, I just love it all!!!

  25. Wrenda

    Oops-I should have said garden. In Texas, we refer to it as backyard (we Texans have good intentions, sometimes we just don’t say it the best way).

    1. Thank you Wrenda! I say backyard often too…it’s what it is. Sometimes I say garden, when I’m trying to be fancy. 🙂

      I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a beautiful day, but if not, we can be inside. {although that’s never happened
      here in California.}

      Hop you are having a happy week!

  26. Angela Schmid-Riley

    Love the photos! They remind me on my childhood growing up in Germany and my bicycle drives to France. Thank you.

  27. WOW So Very Beautiful The setting the tablecloth and dishes… I Love your centerpiece too. Thanks for sharing

    linda m

  28. I love pink, and love the sweet bird bowls! The color combinations you put together are so beautiful! The contemporary stripes so warm, with the soft lavender print, and the mauve velvet ribbon so special!!! I like to mix these colors with the French red & green shades, too.

  29. I am inspired to create a lovely Easter table and delicious food. Thank you for inspiring me,

  30. Julie Watson

    Lidy, what a gift you have for creating beauty. This Easter table presentation speaks pure joy to me, the perfect setting for celebrating our risen Lord. I have poured over your photos, examining every charming detail.
    Love, love, love the nostalgic wicker floral basket, transferware plates, glassware, pearl handled flatware and velvet ribbon. And oh, that tablecloth!
    So happy you were blessed with enough sunshine to complete your photo shoot.
    Have a wonderful Easter with your loved ones.

  31. Maureen

    What a beautiful Easter tablescape. I would enjoy my Easter dinner at this table. Right now here in the capital region of Albany NY I am looking at snow. Yes snow covered grass and plants. Looking forward to Easter hopping here sooon. When I see your lavender plates and spring flowers I know my Spring will be here soon. Thank you for the giveaway.

  32. Maureen, I hope your Spring arrives soon! And that all the grass and flowers are extra beautiful to make up for time lost.

  33. Lidy – Honestly you make me gasp in delight & I end up breathless by the end of one of your posts. Your talent for creating beauty is astounding! From the gorgeous garden setting, to the tablecloth, and all the way to the tiny sprig of wax flower tied up with the vintage flatware. Oh my – I have to go look again. Sharing as our Friday garden inspiration in my Gardening Club & everywhere else! xx

    1. Thank you Kelly! And right back at you! Your spring table setting in your kitchen is beautiful, and so refreshing for spring!

  34. Robin OCrowley

    That’s an amazing setting! My favorite out of the entire hop! Love the colors! Thanks for sharing!

  35. Stephanie Chipman

    Absolutely beautiful! I love how you incorporate treasured and new items to create such warmth.

    1. Thank you so much, Stephanie. I do love to add antiques and vintage pieces to the table, made “new” with a few modern pieces. Happy Spring!

  36. Karenann

    I just love your Easter garden table setting! It is truly gorgeous! I adore your plates, I have never seen such pretty plates!

  37. Lidy, this table and the outdoor setting just stopped me in my tracks!! Breathtaking is an understatement!!! I feel as though I am in a beautiful French garden dining on the finest of China and waiting for the cute French waiter to pour me another glass of wine!! Always a joy to see your beautiful tables!!!

  38. Mary Jane Quinn

    You did a beautiful job decorating the Easter table with an old world flair. I really like the tall wicker vase. I also think the table cloth as a toile appearance which is very French! C’est beau!

  39. What a gorgeous Easter table, love the dishes,tablecloth,napkins and all the colors. Love it.

  40. Willene

    I absolutely love your table setting for Easter; however, I really love the wicker flower vases. I can remember when
    those were available. The style & the texture of the vases really anchors the setting so well. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you Willene. I love those antique wicker pieces, this one has a beautiful gesso floral embellishment on the side I didn’t photograph.

  41. Dianne Lanier

    What a beautiful table and setting. It is a delight for the senses!!!

  42. Beverly Rowntree

    How beautiful! I love the clever way of tying the knife and fork together and placing it at an angle on the plate. The antique dishes are gorgeous and make me want to use mine. Thanks for your inspiration.

  43. Susan R Owen

    Beautiful. Makes me want to go set my table for Easter. Where did you find those napkins with the ruffle? Love those.

  44. Janice

    Such a joyful table set for such a joyful holiday!

    Happy Easter!

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