Each year we host an Easter Brunch and Egg Hunt after church. In the past, my Easter tables have been pastel, or covered with green majolica “leaf” plates. Last year, I changed  it up and with a French Country theme of Blue & White!

I know so many of you love Blue & White, it is always fresh, new and beautiful. This is last year’s post, slightly reworked, which I’m sharing again for all my new readers. I hope you don’t mind!- I’m working on an Easter tour this week, be sure to come back and see all the inspiration! Better yet, sign up to receive my blog in your email and never miss a post.


I used our FrenchGardenHouse Country Checked dishes for this table.



I couldn’t really find tablecloths that I loved in enough of a quantity to cover the buffet tables and the seating tables out in the garden, so I came up with a really good substitute.

I found long curtain panels on sale, and was excited to obtain enough for all our tables.

I use anything and everything that’s washable for tablecloths here at home. Do you? Even our kraft shipping paper gets used as a runner sometimes.

I love antiques, but my style is to combine antiques with quirky, fun pieces and elements to tell my own personal style story!


Inside each cafe au lait bowl, these French country wax nests are nestled in crinkly white paper shred, with a simple name tag at each place.

Name tags always elevate a table from good to better! It makes it more personal for your guests, and is such an easy thing to do.



I’m using my antique Mother of Pearl and Sterling flatware this time, the handles give a little gleam to the tables. The antique French compotier holds bright green eggs.




A little chalkboard lamb proclaims the reason we celebrate Easter.




I stacked the dessert plates on a French country blue checked cake plate. The preserved boxwood wreaths are so wonderful to use, in this case, one surrounds the dessert plates with a pop of green. My wax French country hen sits on top of the very first one, on shred.



I love elegant. I love antiques, but I never want our home to be stuffy. For me, it’s got to be fun too! And especially when our kids and grand babies come over, they love fun.

I want them to have plenty of memories to remember us by.

I’m not 100% sure what my legacy will be, but I hope that meaningful family holidays and celebrations will be amongst the things my family and friends remember me for!

My take on great entertaining and setting the scene: it has to have a lot of personality. a mix of antique and contemporary. it has to have a little quirk. and then, it has to be fun!

People respond to fun — a little whimsy goes a long way.



French Country Dishes. Preserved Boxwood Wreath.


Thank you for letting me share a “vintage” post with you today.  I hope you loved it!  Please come back to see my Styled + Set Easter Inspiration tour Thursday.

I’ll be having a new READER APPRECIATION too.  I was on the fence about whether you liked to be entered to win things here on my blog, but your overwhelming answer seems to be a resounding YES! So I’m happy to oblige.


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  1. Your table settings are a great inspiration!
    I, too, have had good luck using draperies and even quilts
    a perfect solution for table linens! No ironing needed for
    Thanks for so many beautiful ideas.

    1. Thank you, Bev! You and I are kindred “tablecloth” friends!

  2. Carole Shiles

    Everything is beautiful, I love a little mix up in styling a tables cape also. The utinsils are my favorite. They add just the right amount of “glow”. Happy Easter.

  3. I’ve been seeing more and more blue and white lately on blogs. I love anything in blue and white. Your table is charming, Lidy.

  4. Maritza

    What a beautiful Easter table setting you created, I love everything about it…..how fun are those little lamb shape chalkboards adorable! But I’m crushing on your flatware simply stunning can’t wait to view more…..
    As for your question…hummmm…..I love just gathering with my family and spending time with them, just adding new precious memories.

    Have a great week~

  5. Nancy Bailey

    I love how you have mixed and matched antiques with new pieces. This is a beautiful and welcoming setting to celebrate Easter and will definitely create special memories. (I can’t wait to use my blue and white checked dishes!!!!) xoxo

    1. Thank you Nancy, I know that you have these dishes from FrenchGardenHouse and love them as much as I do! I know you will create beautiful tables with them.

  6. Such a pretty spring table. I love all the bright green and new growth of spring. Makes you feel alive.

  7. Wrenda

    Lidy, your Easter Brunch table makes for an enticing and fun table, especially for the little ones. I have been a blue and white girl forever. With the recent trending of blue and white, I am back in style and don’t have to redecorate! Of course, I know it never really went out of style, as it’s a wonderful classic.
    I just adore your wax French country hen and the waxed nests. I love the single, simple egg adorning each name tag. And the boxwood wreath is just a perfect encasement for the dessert plates. You are indeed a clever girl!
    How fortunate you are to own beautiful place settings of antique Mother of Pearl and Sterling flatware. It’s gorgeous!!!
    I will be back next week and looking forward to your Easter Tour. I know it will not disappoint.
    Have a wonderful week, Wrenda

    1. Thank you Wrenda. I will be on the Easter Tour Thursday, but will share some links tomorrow so you can see the other inspiration!

  8. A beautiful Easter table! I would feel like an honored guest at your table & going to trouble to make it all so pretty does make guests feel special! That wax hen…are you SURE he’s not chocolate??? I love the pretty cheerful blue check dishes & the dish full of green eggs…so nice!

  9. Your table is beautiful, Lidy! I love your creativeness. My first thought was how the green napkins worked so well in contrast with the blue and white dishes. Totally unexpected. And then your tablecloth. I thought it was several layers by the way you have a few folds here and there. I once used shower curtains to cover outdoor tables for a party we had, so I identify with your going outside of the box! Lastly, the centerpiece is perfect. I never thought to use a cake plate and I must have fifteen. Going to try this, too!

    I love what you hope to be your legacy. I’d love that for myself but I think I’ll get something more along the lines of Whacko!

  10. Jan Schouw

    Spring is such a beautiful time of renewal. It gives us a chance (again) to appreciate and remember our love of family and friends.

  11. Your tables are so amazing and stylish. I love the colors and textures you design for each tablescape. They are one of a kind.

  12. Jean Van

    Hi, Lidy,
    I am packing my bags and coming to your house for Easter. Love all the settings and blue just love my favorite color. Happy Spring~~~~~~~~~~

  13. There you go again…a most gorgeous tablescape…and yes a little fun goes a long way and you mix all of the elements of charm of contemporary and old world/antique so beautifully!…Always a great pleasure to see what you create on your table and home!

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