Brilliant Friends | Georgianna Lane

Brilliant Friends | Georgianna Lane


Do you adore flowers? Have a passion for all things romantic, beautiful, and French? Raise your hand with me if you do.


I am beyond excited today to partner with Georgianna Lane and share her newest book PARIS IN BLOOM with you.  I was honored and thrilled to bits to receive an advance copy of PARIS IN BLOOM from Georgianna a few weeks ago.
{I urge you to order it now, my fellow Francophiles, because this book will make your heart happy.}

Brilliant Friends | Georgianna Lane


More about that later…first, I’d love to introduce Georgianna to those of you who may not know her. She is a treasure!
Georgianna was kind enough to answer a few of my questions {I know you all want to KNOW these things, being as nosy interested in getting to know creative entrepreneurial women as I am.}




Her latest book, PARIS IN BLOOM, is romantic, it’s floral poetry, a love letter to the French capital. With images so delicious that they make you gasp in delight, PARIS IN BLOOM is a celebration of the romance of flowers, Paris, and life in general. Each page features sumptuous images, capturing the flowers, parks and architecture of Paris in a comprehensive, wildly beautiful guide both magical and practical.
So let’s get to know Georgianna!






1. Please tell us a little about yourself. 


I am a photographer and author, fortunate enough to spend a part of each year in Paris. I have adored Paris since my first visit to the city as a teenager. Picnics in flower-filled parks along the Seine, up-close viewings of Impressionist paintings, observation of the Parisian art of presentation and wonder at the magnificence of the architecture, these all had a profound effect on my artistic journey. My husband, and fellow photographer, David C. Phillips and I live on a romantic wooded property north of Seattle, it is a certified wildlife habitat. I love organic gardening, and grow many of the beautiful flowers and plants featured in my photography.


2. How did your passion for photography begin?

My grandmother and parents were all avid photographers so we grew up with cameras around the house and were encouraged to experiment. I began documenting my activities from around age 7 or 8 so it was pretty much always a passion.




3. There are so many great cameras out there these days. What kind of camera and lens do you most often find yourself using? 


I have used Nikon equipment throughout my career. Currently I use a Nikon D810 and a variety of lenses, including macro lenses for close ups and specialty lenses for special effects.


4. Your photographs have an ethereal quality that is hard to achieve. I am sure that you have spent a long time honing your photography skills to the amazing level it is now. For the rest of us, or those just beginning to take photos, what is your one best tip for taking beautiful photographs? 


I do believe one must become technically proficient in whatever creative field they wish to enter but I also believe that in photography it is vital to understand and explore one’s personal connection to the subject. What about it speaks to you, what aspect of it do you want to communicate to others? Perhaps it’s a quality of light, or the curve of a flower petal or the feeling a vast landscape gives you. Really understanding your reaction to a subject and why you care about it is what will set your image apart from someone else’s.




5. When you are not working on your books and prints, as well as other commercial projects, I’m sure you are looking for inspiration everywhere. What Inspires you?  


My main inspirations are nature, art and architecture, and craftsmanship of all kinds. I was introduced to the paintings of the Impressionists at a very young age and that made a lasting impact on me. Planting my own garden has also influenced my work. Wherever I travel, I always visit a gallery or museum. I particularly love the decorative arts museums in Paris.


6.  If your photographs had a message, what would you like them to say?


Take a deep breath, and experience a few moments of serenity.




7. Your new book Paris in Bloom is filled with the most beautiful flowers. What are your favorite flowers? 


Thank you! I’m asked that quite often and my top favorites are roses, narcissus (daffodils) and peonies. These are all highly fragrant flowers and that is a must for me. I also love hellebores, dahlias, ranunculus although they don’t have significant fragrance. Lilacs are another fragrant favorite but they are technically a shrub. When my Lily of the Valley are in bloom in early May, they become my favorite for a few weeks.




8. I think all of us have a few things we think we can’t live without. What is the one thing you can’t live without?

Well, that would have to be my equipment so that I can work but on a less practical note, I would say travel. I’ve traveled worldwide since I was very young and it’s in my blood. And of course, fresh flowers.


As an antiques enthusiast, I have to ask this question, what is your favorite FrenchGardenHouse antique? And what is it that you love about it?


Oh, that’s pretty tough! But I’m very fond of the antique linens. I love the weight and luxurious feeling of old linen and the monograms hint at untold stories and memories.






1. All of Paris is like a bejeweled candy box, her wonders are legendary. What is your favorite place in Paris?


Paris is definitely a treasure chest of endless delights. My very favorite location is the Palais Royal. The peacefulness, beautiful flower beds and soothing symmetry make it the first place I go to as soon as I arrive in the city.


2. What season do you think is the most beautiful in Paris? 


Spring is always marvelous and I’m very familiar with the charms of Paris during this season. But autumn is exceptionally photogenic and the weather is usually lovely. Winter has its own stark but peaceful beauty. Summer, although crowded and often too warm, is very photogenic.



3. What should we be sure not to miss when visiting Paris and it’s neighboring cities? 


The parks and gardens! The French are master gardeners and there is nothing more enchanting than to stroll through a centuries-old garden filled with sculpture and orderly plantings where everything is just so. The outlying towns, such as Versailles and Sceaux, provide fabulous open spaces for the public to enjoy throughout the year.


4. What is one thing you always look forward to when you visit Paris? 


Walking! I love that I don’t have to drive and that every day I can explore a new area. Paris isn’t huge so it’s never daunting to just set off in a direction and see what you can find. Even on well-trod routes, I always find something different – a new cafe, a door that’s been painted an eye-catching color or a charming shop that I hadn’t noticed before. Years and years of walking 5 or 10 miles a day and it’s always a thrill.



5. Paris has exquisite public parks and gardens, filled with floral delights. What is the best park or garden to visit in Paris? 
My favorites are Palais Royal, Jardin du Luxembourg and The Tuileries, as well as a number of smaller gardens that I refer to in my book, Paris in Bloom.


6. Where should we all stay when visiting Paris to experience real French city life?


Since I was a teenager, I’ve stayed in just about every arrondissement from 1 through 8 and I have to say that I’ve fallen in love with the 7th. So many things make this a special area, including the opportunity to see the Eiffel Tower around every corner. But in addition, this neighborhood is primarily residential. It is quiet and elegant and I love watching the residents go about their daily routines and being part of the community myself.





1. Paris is filled with elegant floral shops, local flower markets and even the super markets sell lovely bouquets. Of all the places in the City of Light that have exceptional flowers, do you have a favorite place to buy flowers where you can always count on getting something unusual?

I have a list in my book of my favorite florists and flower markets but for certain, I can always find unusual flowers at Rungis, the wholesale market outside Paris. I go with a friend who is a professional florist and knows all the vendors. But anyone can visit with a special pass and advance booking.


Book St Regis


2. Do you remember that “aha” moment when you thought of creating Paris in Bloom from your love of flowers and desire to share that beauty with the world? 


A great question! I would say it was more a gradually developed concept that I’d been working on for about 5 or 6 years. I had outlined the book and had a number of the images chosen as well as potential titles. Paris in Bloom was one of them and when I was speaking to my agent one day, we both said “how about Paris in Bloom” at about the same time and that was it! It progressed straight ahead from there.



3. Paris in Bloom is such a beautiful book, filled with the beauty of flowers, but it is also a love story for the city of Paris. What is it about Paris, City of Love, that inspires in you such enthusiasm and the desire to introduce the rest  of us to her breathtaking splendors? 

Thank you so much, Lidy! Paris has a quality that many artists and creative people well before me have been inspired by – it’s a catalyst that can help one discover their best artistic and creative self. Besides being breathtakingly beautiful, it seems that centuries of thinking men, writers, artists and craftsman have left their collective spirits behind to continually nurture and inspire successive generations. I love many cities around the world but none make me feel like I do when I’m in Paris.




PARIS IN BLOOM is a book to keep on your nightstand, to dream of your next {or first ever!} trip to this glorious city. Georgianna’s book is one to cherish, it is filled with beauty, and grace, and hope, and dreams.  It is filled with hundreds of photographs taken over the last several years. But best of all? {okay, equally as great!} Georgianna shares her personal recommendations for the best flower markets and floral boutiques, parks and gardens in Paris.



Along with a guide to locating the prettiest spring blossoms in the city, a field guide for identifying the most common flowers and blooming trees, you’ll find a step-by-step lesson to create your own Parisian-style floral arrangement for your home!


Visit Georgianna’s Website HERE…she has a gorgeous shop filled with prints of her exceptional photographs.
PARIS IN BLOOM is a fantastic book to order for yourself, but also for gifts! Where else can you gift a friend-of-the-heart something so timeless, so beautiful, and so amazing?

The Give Away is Closed. WE HAVE A WINNER!! Judy, you were selected by random generator to receive Georgianna’s book. 




72 thoughts on “Brilliant Friends | Georgianna Lane”

  1. This looks incredibly beautiful! The colors and quality of the images is definitely ethereal. I love that look.

  2. J. Woodhead

    What a wonderful interview. If you cannot travel, this book sounds like it is the perfect trip to Paris!

  3. We all need more beauty in our lives, and this book offers an opportunity to slip away to Paris and enjoy its many beauties. Like the song, I love Paris in the springtime, and it’s wonderful to see it captured in such an artistic way. Congratulations on such a wonderful effort.

  4. Cynthia, it truly is a gorgeous book, filled with Paris at her absolute best!

  5. Jo McCready

    OH my!!! This will definitely be one of my new favorite websites! Georgianna and I have a lot of the same loves. On her website, my favorite photo is a close up of a pink bloom, perhaps a peony. This book looks fantastic!!!

  6. linda rivas

    i have been to Paris twice but never in the springtime, it will be on my bucket list for sure after seeing these pics and will definitely want to read the book. What a beautiful tribute to Paris in all its glory,merci.

  7. I can’t wait to see this book in person! Georgianna’s photos are so beautiful and romantic. The flowers are gorgeous, but the architecture of Paris speaks to me just as much.

  8. Beverley Scott

    The book sounds fabulous! Paris is my favorite city and I too love to just walk the streets and enjoy it’s beauty.

  9. Lidy, what a beautiful book that looks like. I had the opportunity a number of years ago to spend a month in Paris. Like Georgianna I walked everywhere. I was there in April but it was a cold and rainy one. I got to visit Giverny and especially remember some white tulips, edged in pale lavender with blue pansies about their feet. The French just have a way of artistic presentation. I bought flowers every few days for the silver vase I found there.

  10. Sharon Goemaere

    Simply lovely and all this pink makes me so very happy ! ~Sharon Goemaere

  11. Oh what beautiful photography and her website is equally enchanting. Thank you for
    Featuring Gergianna.

  12. Evelyne Williams

    I could dream of spring time in Paris by just looking at all those beautiful photos. Beautiful in every way!!

  13. Ginger Valdes

    Oh, Lidy! Thank you so much for introducing us to such a talented, interesting woman. Her book looks divine, and you asked all of the questions that I know I would like to ask. Such fabulous photography!
    X0, Ginger

    1. Ginger, thank you! Georgianna’s book IS so gorgeous, and it’s an amazing price for all the beauty contained within it’s many pages!

  14. This book looks like a treasure with flowers so real you can smell them. Just the armchair journey I need right now!

    1. Oh! Terry, PARIS IN BLOOM totally takes you away to that beautiful city!! It’s a wonderful book , so well priced.

      Hope you have a happy weekend!

  15. Shawn Gilbert

    Paris is a magical city to visit. I have had the joy of visiting Paris twice during the summer season, but being there in the spring time would be sublime. This beautiful book seems to capture all the beauty of Paris as it welcomes the new season.

  16. Emilie

    Two of my favorite things…Paris and Photography.
    Thank you so much for introducing us to the photography in this lovely book.
    I already placed an order.

    1. Emilie, the book is gorgeous!!
      It takes you right in the middle of everything beautiful Paris has to offer.

  17. Georgianna is a rare gem Lidy! I love her! She has an authenticity that is rare to find in someone as accomplished as she is! When you read her posts and newsletter, it reveals her heart. I think this makes her such a treasure to those who know her. She always is so kind in her comments about my small attempts to capture things I love with my own camera. I don’t think I really can convey what I think of this sweet girl!
    This post is wonderful Lidy dear!!! I know it must have been a lot of work for you and I want you to know how thankful that you posted it! It is stunning!
    sending love to you….

  18. cheryl liberty

    What a beautiful series of images! I watched the video! Too georgous to pick one. I signed up for her site. thank you. must go get a pink teacup:)

  19. Thank you so much, Lidy, and everyone! This has been such a delightful experience to work with you and to get to know your followers – we all have so much in common and there’s no more perfect a place to share Paris in Bloom than right here at FrenchGardenHouse!! All of your very kind comments and support mean the world to me! I hope the book brings you many happy moments and fuels your dreams of Paris and all things French. Merci beaucoup! xo Georgianna

  20. Linda Fitzgerald

    Your photography is so stunning! All the pink florals….oh my, so yummy!!

  21. Linda Fitzgerald

    The video is gorgeous too! Thank you for all the ups about what to do and see in Paris!

  22. Judy Westmoreland

    Would love to have a copy of Paris in Bloom. Love all the images on her website. I especially love peonies. Hydrangeas are also a favorite. She has a stunning picture of multi colored hydrangeas in canning jars. What a beautiful image. I have never been to Paris. Paris in Bloom sounds like a wonderful way to see a Paris from my armchair. Thank you Lidy!

  23. Mar Bailey

    Lidy, What a breath of fresh air on a dreary day. Lovely photography (I swear I can smell the flowers!) and thought provoking interview.
    Just did my presale…I am hooked.

  24. Mar, I KNOW!! Isn’t Georgianna’s work amazing? It is like a mini vacation all by itself. One of my daughters is in Paris right now with her boyfriend for Paris Fashion Week…I’m hoping they can see some of those glorious blossoms, although it might be a little early.

    Thank you!!

  25. Carol S. Gill

    Lidy, I have sent for the presale of your beautiful “Paris in Bloom.” I was so excited to read about you and the book in The Ribbon in My Journal this morning. It really spoke to me and reminded me of my trip to Paris about 20 years ago. However,my best school friend (from age 7)and I went in the Fall to Paris. We spent three days walking from one end of Paris to the other so we saw most of the beautiful museums, the artist along the Seine and the flower markets,Opera house, etc., that you have photographed and talked about in your “Paris in Bloom.” It was like a step back in time for me, only with your majical photos of the flowers in bloom. I am a gardner and have worked in a flower shop for fun! In my years of working I had an Interior Design business with my school friend. I loved my job and still on occassion help my friends with their homes and gardening.
    You are blessed with a wonderful talent, Lidy. Thank you for sharing it with others.
    Warm wishes,
    Littleton, Co.

  26. I delight in all things Paris even though I will probably never see the real thing…I do have my father’s black and white photo cards from WWII. I paint and strive to replicate Monet’s style which I adore and so to wina copy of your lovely book would be a piece of heaven!!! The peek within the book is delightfully enticing…hope I am fortunate enough to win!!

  27. This is one book about Paris that I’d really love to read and hold on to. Georgianna is a true talent and I love and admire her way of life.

    Jane x

  28. Stunningly beautiful, Georgianna captures the ethereal quality of Paris. I love one of her images from London,where the flowering trees hang over a pond with a swan. I can see it printed an hung above my bed.

  29. Allison Herron

    Oh,gosh, what fabulous pictures of flowers! I have always been so very fascinated with the lovely lines of a flower bloom. Those are always my favorite pictures. Yes, I would love to have a copy of her beautiful book!

  30. A wonderful interview with Georgianna portraying the elegant woman and photographer that she is. I have several framed photographs of hers in our Canadian home as her specialty of creating dreamy, pastel subjects is what appeals to me.
    I wish Georgianna much success with this new book and would love to win a copy.

  31. Karenann

    Absolutely gorgeous photos! I love the way she uses the colors, especially the hues of pink!

  32. Sheila

    Spring is certainly a lovely time to see Paris. Lots of beauty in her photos….would love the book to enjoy whenever.

  33. Georgianna’s images are stunning. I went to her website and what a treat that was! The photograph of the blue chair and shopping tote with the loaf of french bread and the roses really spoke to my heart. It just reminds me of a perfect moment in time. Her book looks incredible. So beautiful.

  34. Denise

    Thank you for introducing us to Georgiana her photos are so beautiful!!!my favorite are any with roses. I even watched the teaser video, this is a must have book. Please enter me into the drawing.
    Thanks, Denise
    p.s. I’m going to follow her on instagram.

  35. I too enjoy Georgianna’s work. I have some of her work and it is beautiful. Her new book is going to be a great way to spend many moments of relaxation. Thanks for sharing.

  36. Julie Watson

    Georgianna! Where have you been all my life??? No really, if it weren’t for you, dear Lidy, all this beauty would have passed me by. What a treasure!
    I got a chuckle out of Georgianna’s invitation to join her in celebrating “La Vie en Fleurs”. Who could resist?

    1. Julie, it really DOES make you want to hop on the first available plane to see
      Paris in spring, doesn’t it?

    1. Diana, it’s a beauty! It makes you want to jump right into the pages, doesn’t it?

  37. noreen

    Exquisitely beautiful pictures, amazing to see her interpretation of Paris!

  38. Emilie

    Thank you once again for introducing me to the photography of Georgianna Lane. After discovering her on your blog, I ordered from her Etsy site. Today I received the most meticulous and beautiful wrapped package from Georgianna. I ordered several prints and a postcard set. I love them all. The internet doesn’t do justice to her work….Emilie

    1. Thank you so much, Emilie. I’m so excited that you love Georgianna as much as I do. Her work is beautiful, isn’t it? It’s one of the joys of the internet, to share our friends and introduce them to each other. xo Lidy

  39. Thank you so much for showing us Georgianna’s book photographing Paris in such a spectacular way. We can’t always afford to go to Paris so it’s nice to pick up a book when you get the longing. What a great way to combine the beauty of the city with the beauty of flowers. Two of my favorite things!

  40. Teresa Cabebe

    What exquisire quality, artistry! I’m enchanted. Thank you for your inspiration.
    God bless
    Teresa C.



  42. Peggy cooper

    I couldn’t pick just one photo, as they all spoke to me. Just beautiful. I love Paris, and I love flowers and gardens.

  43. Oh my gosh Lidy!….I totally missed this post that was buried in my 300 emails! I am going to tell you (with a little embarrassment) that tears welled up in my eyes reading this post. The photography is beyond exquisite…makes me want to jump on a plane now and go to Paris! I also re-read this post to absorb every word!….I am off to pre-order this glorious book…well, multiples of it! I went over to her site and fell in love with each and every photograph….I love the “Market Basket” and will be ordering that too! OK Lidy…let’s get our plane tickets for the Spring! 🙂

  44. You are so cute, Shirley! It is true though, Georgianna’s images are so beautiful they can make me weepy.

  45. Kathryn Bélanger

    Very nice interview. The book looks enchanting!

  46. Georgianna and her work speaks of ethereal beauty.
    L O V E
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas
    Pink Days In Bloom

  47. Gloria

    Paris is a dream. My husband proposed to me under the Eiffel Tower in September many years ago. It was the most romantic setting I have ever been in. Can’t wait to see the book.

    1. Oh! Gloria, now THAT is a romantic proposal!!

      What a sweet memory. I hope you love the book, it’s just so beautiful!

  48. Love the cover on the book! Can’t wait to look inside and read!

  49. Margie Anders

    This book is stunning!! I know of at least one friend who would love it, besides myself of course!! Thanks for letting us know about it!

  50. Margie Anders

    Georgianna’s photo that speaks to me the most (today), is the macro shot of the pink peony. I love those kind of photos and often take them of my own peonies – I can get lost in those mystical, inner depths!

  51. Lynee' Metheny

    Oh my… gorgeous! Paris is on my bucket list for sure.

  52. Mary Coleman

    Oooh la la! The breathtaking beauty of this book makes me wish it was in my hands now! I am just catching up from hundreds of emails ( most went to trash!) and I only cherry picked the best and there you were! Is it too late to pre order? I need several books! Thank you for so much love and beauty that feeds our souls ! God Bless You and your lovely friends. Xox, Mary

    1. Thank you Mary! You can still order with the link in this post, I dot think you can still get the print, but trust me, the book is beautiful. It’s a gift of the heart for your friends. xo

  53. I received my “Paris In Bloom” book today, it is simply beautiful. Thanks Georgianna for your hard work and sharing it with us.

  54. Judy Levin

    I love walking from the 7th arr. to Ile St. Louis and Ile de la Cite, especially with my daughter. I love the Eiffel Tower at night; sitting on the lawn with a glass of wine with the one/s I love. I love French Onion Soup at Au Pied de Cochon and steak frites at La Fontaine de Mars. Sooooo many things to love about Paris.

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