Cupid’s Round-up


There is something about Valentine’s Day that begs for chocolate. And flowers.

It’s also the time to celebrate the ones you love. To cheer up a somewhat wintery month, on the way to spring. We don’t celebrate in a huge over-the-top way around FrenchGardenHouse, but I do make a beautiful dinner to share with friends.


I’m sharing some of my favorite Valentine’s Day posts from the past. I am happy to say that my not-always-stellar photography skills have improved somewhat over the years, as some of these are border-line dreadful. So please forgive me for that!

The History of Eros


Everything you’ve always wanted to know about that mischievous cupid!


The Symbols of Valentine’s Day


Why is February 14th the day we celebrate romance? Read about the history and symbols of Love’s Own Day here.


How to Arrange Flowers.

Do you wish you knew how to make roses look elegant?



This post will show you how!

{Just in case you are like me and tell your beloved NOT to buy you flowers on Valentine’s Day, because you’d just as soon get yours at the market and arrange them yourself. So that you can use the left over money to buy something gorgeous, and antique!}





Shower the People you LOVE with love.


Another post from a few years ago {cue the terrible photos} of a table setting and party I had for some of my best girlfriends.



No matter how you celebrate, I hope you tell someone you love them!


16 thoughts on “Cupid’s Round-up”

  1. Nancy Scott

    Today I celebrate the love of my mother Eloise & her birth day in 1918. She showered & undergirded me with unconditional love until she died in 1988. I pass that love on to my 5 children & spouses, 15 grandchildren & now 3 great grandchildren. The beauty of that love is expressed also in the small gifts I am able to give or pass on to them….. a piece of.silver, a teacup & saucer, an antique valentine. It is about the love, the memories & the joy of life. They will continue to pass them all.
    Thank you for the inspiration & beauty of French Garden House.

    1. Nancy,

      What a beautiful way to honor and celebrate your mother. Isn’t it true that our mothers are the very cornerstone of us being able to share love with those we love?
      Your comment made my day, you are so right, it’s all about the love, the memories and the joy of life!

      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment and to share your heart,

  2. Mary Ann

    The ” real ” deal! No super heros, teddy bears, silk horrendously colored flowers, plastic, or resin. Thank you for bringing joy to my life!

  3. Happy Valentine’s Lidy! I celebrate Valentine’s Day by having a party with my husband and children. I set a beautiful table, the kid’s and I make Valentine’s crafts and cookies, then I make a special dinner and give them a little Valentine’s gift.

  4. I love that, Shannon! Not only are you celebrating your family, and showing how much you love them, you are creating for them such beautiful memories to carry in their hearts. Happy Valentine’s Day to you, friend! Xo Lidy

  5. Ginger Valdes

    Lidy, I think your photos are just fine! I can still see the love you were sharing. I celebrate by sending cards “the old fashioned way”. If I’ve missed someone, a call. But all with the same message of love. So many ways to love and it should be expressed daily, not just once a year. I see that in you too. Your love of life, family, and friends radiates from your photos and posts. Happy Valentine’s Day, mon amie!
    X0, Ginger

  6. Lots of gorgeous and loving inspiration here!….the jewelry, the flowers, the exquisite containers! … and I tell them every day…for some it may not be in words, but in my actions. I am blessed that I receive a “I love you” each and every day. Every day is Valentine’s Day! Happy Valentines Day to you and your family Lidy!

    1. Thank you Shirley! I agree, I love you every day is the best! Happy Valentine’s Day, for you and your family too, Shirley!

  7. Wrenda

    Celebration for Valentine’s Day is usually a quiet dinner at home to celebrate my sweet husband’s birthday. Early in the day, I also bake heart-shaped cookies covered in red sprinkles-just as his mother did each year for him to take to grade school to share with friends on his birthday (OK, this was over a half century ago). I do try to make the day a special one, thanking him for all the joy he brings into my life.
    We do celebrate the ones we love and try to share our love each and every day with those around us, both family and friends. It always comes back to us tenfold!!
    Thank you for the beautiful pictures. It was good to hear from you!

    1. What a wonderful way to celebrate your husband, I love that you still make the cookies that his mother made each year. That is so sweet. So happy to reconnect!

  8. Denise

    Happy Valentine’s day! I love rose’s they are my favorite flower, don’t care if they are from the florist or the grocery store they are all beautiful in every color!!!please enter me into the drawing.
    Thanks, Denise

  9. Julie Watson

    Agreed. Valentine’s is such wonderful holiday. I have loved it since I was a kid, when we left little Valentine cards (containing a few carefully chosen conversation hearts) on the doorsteps of our friends, rang the bell and ran like crazy. So sweet to give and receive momentoes of love on any day.
    Since I have had to nix sweets due to health concerns, I am especially fond of flowers. Your post on how to arrange flowers is one I had missed. Thanks for re-posting it. The urn filled with roses is exquisite. Yes, arranging flowers DIY is a rewarding way to create beauty in your home. Keep the love-light burning.

    1. Julie, I agree, there is nothing like flowers to brighten our homes! Happy Valentine’s Day.

  10. I don’t think your photos are terrible! I like to read everything you post and the pictures just add more for me. I love Valentines day, because we get to celebrate all sorts of love, not just the romantic kind. I blogged about it because I think that gets missed in the hype but you haven’t missed a thing!

  11. I love to hear that despite your eye for elegance and exquisite beauty, you have a practical streak. I, too, love getting my flowers from the market so that I can make sure I am getting exactly what I want AND have some money left over. 🙂

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