Transform Your Bedroom into a Swoon-worthy Master Retreat


Have you ever wondered why luxury hotel rooms make you feel so special?

Is it the beautiful bed?  The sumptuous bedding? The way the room is put together?

YES! It is.  It’s all those things, and more, that make a luxury hotel suite feel, well, so luxurious.

EloquenceCassiaBedEloquence Collection Cassia Bed

You can enjoy all the perks of a hotel suite right in your own home. Every night. Every day. You can design your master retreat to welcome you and surround you with beauty, an elegant sanctuary that will make you want to put on some cozy pajamas, and snuggle in and dream.

EloquenceCollectionBedEloquence Collection Aria Bed

Here are my best tips to transform your bedroom at home into a five star luxury bedroom. {One you will never want to leave. One you have dreamt of for a long time.}

BUY A BED YOU LOVE.  In every luxury bedroom, the bed takes center stage. Your bed should be a show stopper! A bed is a once {perhaps twice} a life time purchase, shouldn’t you be buying something that will give you  j o y  each and every time you see it?

I love antique French beds, but almost always, they do not come in the sizes we use today in the states. I was thrilled quite some years ago to discover the stunning beds made by my friends Kim and Amelia at Eloquence. They have all the French charm, hand carving and hand finishing I could wish for, and they are made to fit our Amercian mattress sizes!

All the beds from the Eloquence Collection sold by FrenchGardenHouse are dreamy. Oh so romantic! and absolutely beautifully made.

EloquenceSophiaBedEloquence Collection Sophia Bed


Each one is hand carved, hand made, hand finished. And Stunning! Who wouldn’t want to dream big beautiful dreams in a bed such as this?  


CassiaEloquenceBedvelvetEloquence Collection Cassia Bed in Velvet

You spend so much time in bed, it’s important to spend it surrounded by beauty.

Any one of these Eloquence beds will make a personal statement in your bedroom, creating a space that feels authentically like you.

AntiqueBedEloquenceCollectionAntique Bed


ADD ROMANTIC LIGHTING.  Another beautiful way to create a swoon worthy bedroom is to add an elegant chandelier. A drop-dead glamorous chandelier with crystal prisms makes any bedroom feel like a star!


I love how the chandelier is hung just inside the Eloquence Aria bed, above, making it just a little quirky, out of the ordinary. Adding a beautiful light is not only practical, it’s a sure fire way to up the luxury quotient.

AntiqueGiltBedEloquenceCollectionAntique Bed|Lighting

Can we all just let out a collective sigh? The cluster of sparkling Globe Chandeliers next to this antique bed? Inspired!

CREATE AN EVOCATIVE ENVIRONMENT.  Furnish your room with pieces that tell your story. Not everything has to match, using several different pieces brings about that offhand sophistication you love in the best European hotels.

Create an environment filled with furniture that tells your story, one of romantic French living, where a dresser reminds you of Versailles, and the furnishings remind you of that afternoon in Paris, when a downpour made you run into that little shop filled with the most glorious French antique furniture.

EloquenceBronteDresserEloquence Collection Bronte Dresser

This beautiful Eloquence Bronte dresser in the softest colors, surely this has “French Romance” written all over it?

EloquenceChaiseEloquence Chaise

An absolutely perfect place to curl up with a favorite book, a glass of champagne or tea and French macarons, this Eloquence Marie Antoinette chaise with its graceful Louis XV cabriole legs is upholstered in linen.

Your bedroom should envelop you in beauty and comfort. I hope you have found inspiration here to make your bedroom at home the most beautiful and relaxing haven it should be. {If you are interested in purchasing any of the beds or furniture, the links will take you to my website.}


Don’t forget to enter the give away contest all the way up until the end of February, all you need to do is leave a comment on any post from now until then! xo Lidy

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37 thoughts on “Transform Your Bedroom into a Swoon-worthy Master Retreat”

  1. Hi, Lidy! Another wonderful column and source of inspiration.
    Love it and your website.
    Janet in San Antonio

    1. Thank you Shannon, I enjoyed your romantic table for two immensely! Happy Wednesday!

  2. My bedroom is decorated with moving boxes and mismatched, leftover furniture from my move a year ago. Thank you for the inspiration get started! I needed it!

  3. Gloria

    You have shown one item in a room can set the mood. I wish I was in the market for a new bed. I would surely purchase one of FrenchGardenHouse’s beautiful beds. You have helped me love the items I have even more seeing your posts.
    I always look forward to them. Thank you

  4. Lidy,
    I’m new to all the wonderful blogs and websites, and they are all driving me crazy happy to read. Of course, I want to buy every single item. I have gotten a few silver pieces from you that I absolutely adore. My taste has been shabby with lots of glass, crystal, and silver. You have won me over to French shabby. You are my favorite blogger, and remind me of my best friend who has always loved French antiques. Thanks for making my day!

    1. Charlotte, thank you so much for your sweet comment! Thank YOU for making my day, too! xo Lidy

  5. Charlotte Caruso

    Love, love love the Sofia bed and pink drape behind the bed. Wouldn’t that make a cute little girls room.

  6. Wow! I decorated a tiny house and I do mean tiny, living room and kitchen with eating area downstairs and bedroom upstairs, with all French accents. Bedroom walls And ceiling in blue toile. The bed was in fluffy duvet, all in white with a white extra deep and extra gathered skirt. There are no closets in the house so used armoires to hold our clothing. Wish I had seen your post today to fill the house. Tiny chandelier in the bath, red buffalo check curtains were installed under the old porcelain kitchen sink, along with red toile curtains at the kitchen windows. I love going there. It makes me happy!

    1. Alice, your tiny house sounds beyond charming! It’s the best feeling when you love your own home, isn’t it? Thank you for leaving a comment, Happy Wednesday!

  7. I love the new layout for your posts, and have saved every one so far this year!

  8. Brenda Miller

    The beds all made up in the beautiful white linen are so elegant and inviting. I love white linens and pink roses! My favorite.

    1. Brenda, I too love white on a bed, it makes it instantly elegant! We have only white linen duvets on our beds at home, and they are a classic. Always beautiful!

  9. Such beautiful images to inspire us for creating a lovely bedroom!

  10. We converted antique double beds (140 cm wide) to queen size (160 cm wide). Plus, the resulting base is even more solid than the original.
    I also love antique sheets!!!

  11. Ann Bradley

    I also, save the posts. Love all the items I have purchased from you. Don’t know why it has taken me so long to discover the French designs, but if I could do it all over again, I would have everything in French designs. Maybe a little at a time will accomplish that. Your posts are a ray of sunshine for me. Thank you. Ann Bradley

    1. Ann, thank you for your kindest comment! I hope you are still enjoying your French salt and pepper you bought from FrenchGardenHouse!

  12. Cynthia White

    I love the padded head/foot board bed! All the layouts are gorgeous.

  13. Beautiful!! Thank you for the inspiration to create a beautiful life.

  14. I would definitely feel like I was in Paris (or heaven) if I had any one of these gorgeous beds, the linens, and the furnishings! Love a bed layered with linens of all textures and lots of pillows.

    Thanks for keeping me dreaming, Lidy! 😀

    Jane x

  15. What great inspiration for a dreary winter day! I needed that lift.

  16. I have the Sofia bed (not-tufted) and the matching end of bed bench – both are incredible. It was the starting point for our master bedroom – we added an Antique French wedding trousseau amoire. Both pieces are large scale but have a soft elegance together. I topped it off the look with an antique chandelier that I had restored to it’s original glory. Very French and wonderfully inviting.

  17. Hi, Lidy,
    Well they are all so inviting and I really don’t know which one I would pick, but great ideas, have a good weekend~~~~~~~~~~~I love having my bedroom fancy makes me sleep better, lol~~~~~~~
    Bonjour, Jean~~~~~~~~~~

  18. Julie Watson

    These beds are beyond divine. French design elevates any room. Would love to settle into that cozy looking chaise for a little reading/nap.
    Reading your blog is a little late night pleasure to give me dreaming material.
    Thanks for the fresh ideas and sweet eye candy.

  19. I’m planning on decorating my bedroom this coming Spring and your Blog has been so inspiring to me.
    So many great ideas to incorporate in my plans. Thank You for sharing your wonderful talents with your

  20. Denise

    I love, love, love the beautiful bedroom furniture!!!!please enter me into the drawing.
    Thanks, Denise

  21. Carol Ann

    Oh my! What I wouldn’t give to have one of these gorgeous beds to sleep and dream in! Thank you for a delightful post. We can always dream, can’t we?

  22. Love the posts… Always great inspiration, great info & Beautiful ideas!

  23. Absolutely gorgeous Lidy! I would sleep in any one of them :))
    sending hugs…

  24. lennie flagg

    wonderful bedrooms..the beds look so gooood lol…have a blessed day

  25. Bertha

    You have a beautiful blog. I just found you and fell in love with your blog. Beautiful. I am still looking for that special small chandelier for my bedroom, then, one for my bathroom. You give me hope.

  26. Leslie

    I love your blog. The beds are absolutely beautiful. Thank you for shopping and sharing your ideas.

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