Set up a Beautiful Holiday Bar

A gracious welcome is an expression of love for friends and family. During this busy holiday season, serving a festive drink is a beautiful way to welcome guests to your home!

Toasting the Season

 Treat holiday guests to a beautifully appointed bar where they can serve themselves champagne or wine when they arrive at your home.

While I personally don’t drink often, maybe a glass of wine with dinner once in a while, I know that many of my guests enjoy a glass of champagne or wine, especially during the holidays.

I styled and photographed this drinks set-up for the Victorian Homes Magazine shoot here at home, and so many of you loved this, and asked more about it, that I’m sharing some close-ups on today’s post.


You don’t need a lot of space, or an elaborate set up to make a festive drinks station at home. Any small side table can be pressed into service with great style during this festive season.


Design your drinks area with an eye for detail, beauty and drama. This little demi-lune table is right inside our little entry on one side of our double front doors. I often place a tray there with glasses and drinks. It’s not always this elaborate, nor does it always hold wines and brandy.  In spring or summer, it could just as well have iced-tea or lemonade.


Placed on a silver tray wreathed in fresh greens, the 19th century crystal champagne coupes display the golden effervescence of luxurious champagne.  I cut some eucalyptus and fresh pine branches from our garden and arranged them underneath the antique silver tray, then added a few snips of greens to the top of the tray.


For extra space, I placed a tray of glasses on the French chair. When you need more space to store glasses, or bottles, it helps to think outside the box! {I know I used this photo twice…just to make the point to use every available surface if you need to!}



A small stack of books displays an antique trophy urn with a rose bouquet, and an antique candy container holds holiday ornaments for a little pop of color, it also adds some height to the arrangement.  I tied a simple bow around each bottle to add a little flair. {I actually did that to hide the labels for the magazine shoot, but loved it so much I repeated this look for a party we had here at home!}


A Baccarat decanter enhances the amber glow of brandy, since I didn’t want to leave it out, I tied French silk ribbon around that too! It’s so easy to set up a little area like this anywhere in your home, it takes some of the pressure off you, as the host or hostess, and allows guests to help themselves.

Especially when your guests don’t all know each other, a little “bar” like this gets guests pouring drinks for each other, and new acquaintance turn into friends!

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17 thoughts on “Set up a Beautiful Holiday Bar”

  1. Lidy, another great post! Thank you for the wonderful series on holiday entertaining.
    I love your decorating ideas and creativity. Thank you for the inspiration!

    Merry Christmas!
    Janet in San Antonio

  2. Your photography is outstanding. I love to look at each picture and see how you designed each little item, then with the perfect light, took a picture worthy of framing.

    Merry Chrustmas Lidy?

  3. Lidy, I don’t drink much either, but you actually inspired me to dress my bar cart for the holiday season this year, and to showcase my napkin ring collection. Thank you!

    1. Rita, I am going to visit you right now to look at your napkin ring collection and bar cart!

  4. Camille

    This is so inspirational! Thank you for all these great posts and ideas on holiday entertaining. Happy Monday!

  5. Beautiful bar set up!…I think I would take the tray off the gorgeous chair and sit by the bar to admire it as i sip on a lovely drink of yours!!!….oh and that Baccarat decanter….LOVE!!! Have a wonderful day Lidy!!

  6. noreen

    This beautifully styled “bar” sets the festive tone, and creates a welcome to all your guests.

  7. Marianne

    Since I am hosting Christmas Eve and I have a small half-moon table in my entryway, this Holiday Bar is perfect. Great display.

    1. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas Eve, Marianne! And enjoy your small drinks set-up! Merry Christmas!

  8. I love your bar you setup! I have a small cocktail party coming up and wasn’t planning on spending a ton of money on a lot of alcohol that may go to waste. This is perfect, so you have definitely inspired me. Thanks so much for sharing this, so glad I happened along your blog. Merry Christmas!

    1. Thank you Christine, I hope your party is, for you too! Merry Christmas!

  9. Lidy, you entertain with so much style! What a beautiful drink station to warm your guests as they enter your beautifully appointed home!

  10. The pictures look so inviting and homey. How lucky guests must feel when they come to your house!

  11. Irene Carr

    Love the snips of greens on the antique silver tray … am sure the eucalyptus and fresh pine smells divine. Cheers this holiday season!

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