A French Country Christmas | HOME TOUR 2016


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas here! Today I’m joining my friends at bHOME and taking you on a Holiday Tour.

There is something so thrilling about going on a little tour of other people’s homes, isn’t there? Do you ever go to a party at a pretty house and wish, oh just wish, that the hostess would let you peek into all the rooms?

I do! {Does that make me nosy interested?} Well, today I’m taking you with me on a little “inside” tour with four of my friends! There are three more days with amazing bHOME bloggers that welcome us into their homes for the holidays to come, so be sure to check back each day.



It’s such a treat to join these amazingly creative bloggers, and go on a “tour” of their blogs. Some will give us a holiday house tour, some will share special holiday “how to’s” and some might share their favorite recipes…but ALL of them will inspire us!

I’m so excited you are here today…please come in! Welcome to our home, I hope you enjoy our “in-progress” French Country Christmas Home Tour! I set up a special little holiday spot in our hallway to serve you a drink just as you enter. If you arrive in the morning, it will be sparkling cider to toast to the holiday season! {Later, in a few minutes, we’ll have some coffee or tea in the kitchen, okay?} Or, if you are arriving later, maybe a champagne toast, or a glass of French wine.


Whenever we have guests coming, I set up a small silver tray with pretty glasses, a bottle of sparkling cider, or the making for mimosas or a holiday drink if it’s evening, somewhere close to our front door. This way I can greet our guests, hand them a festive drink, and make them feel welcome and special right when they enter our home. It’s one of my special entertaining tricks.


Each year my decorations are slightly different, but the days are over when I “re-invent” the whole Christmas decorating thing. I let our tree do most of the celebratory talking in our living room. John and I set the tree up the weekend after Thanksgiving {and by John and I, I actually mean John – but I do the decorating.}

I have every imaginable ornament on our tree, from hand-made styrofoam ornaments my girls made at school when they were young, to precious Victorian antique balls and wax angels, and ornaments friends have gifted me at the teas and parties we have had here for Christmas over the years.


If you look closely, below on the bottom left is the little felt-circles clown John and I choose together for our very first tree. And at the bottom right is a silver heart pacifier one of our daughters received as a Christening gift in Europe. Another special ornament to me, which you might be able to spy hiding behind the gold bow to the right, is a chenille santa my Mom and I bought the first year we moved to the States from Europe.

And then above that, an antique wax angel I bought for my Mom, to remind her of the one my grandparents had on their tree. Now that she is gone, I hang her angel on our tree each year {and miss Mom a lot at Christmas time.}


Our home doesn’t look great with over the top, huge displays. I love a softer, more natural look that really puts the focus on our antiques. The mantel in the living room is all white, which makes it a pretty blank canvas for every seasonal display. This year, for Christmas, I played up the whites by hanging an antique French barbola frame on a ribbon right over the French mirror that is normally there. I love making our home pretty, but more than creating beautiful spaces, I want my family and friends to feel loved when they are in our home.


Creating a holiday mantel is easy!  It’s all about varying heights, un-even numbers, and a little imagination. For this mantel I filled up antique silver trophy urns with greens from our eucalyptus tree in the front garden. To one urn I added velvety red roses, and some interesting greens clipped from a bush in our back garden.


When decorating your mantel, it’s always a good idea to stagger the height of what is on display. To bring some much needed height to this year’s mantel display, I stacked two old books and place one of the urns on top of those. Since I didn’t want to see the spines, I just put the books on the mantel backwards.


Candles and candleholders of varying sizes and materials finish off this very simple mantel. A few antique and vintage silver candlesticks join antique Wedgwood candle holders, and glass votives. There is nothing like the warm, welcoming glow of candlelight during the holiday season to make your home look magical!


My favorite faux rose-leaf garland is swagged underneath.  I love good quality “faux”,  here in California it gets so dry in December that real holiday garlands  turn crispy, and ugly in a week, and are a fire hazard over the fireplace.


Right now our whole house isn’t decorated yet for Christmas. I’m not really a decorate-one-day-and-be-done person at Christmas. My FrenchGardenHouse Antique business is busy at this time of year, so I decorate in stages. I just can’t bring myself to be all decked out for Christmas when it’s not even Thanksgiving. We begin the day after Thanksgiving, and I rely on little “vignettes” here and there until I am done. In a week, I’ll go buy more fresh greens and plants from our local florist, and add more lights, or some home made projects, decorate the garden table just outside the kitchen, whenever the mood strikes.

I want to enjoy this season, and reflect on why we celebrate Christmas, taking time to meet friends for a little holiday window shopping and lingering lunches where they tell me all about themselves and their families, and sit in front of the fire with John and quietly look at the tree and feel blessed. So no rushing around being hectic, once my tree is up, the rest is “fluff” and if one idea I have doesn’t happen, I’m okay with that.

Are you there with me? Where you don’t need perfection, you really just want to make memories with those you love, and not get carried away with the hectic rush of the holiday season? I hope so!


If you’ve been here before, you know that in our “living room” side of our home, things are a little bit more formal than in the kitchen/family room area.  There, it’s a cozy, comfortable French Country style space where we eat, watch movies on Netflix, and gather at the table to play games, or eat a meal with our friends and family.

For the kitchen table, I “planted” this beautiful little bright green pine tree from Trader Joe’s in one of our antique French ironstone tureens, and surrounded it with pinecones. The pinecones add another layer of texture, but they also keep the plant centered..a win-win. A few antique linen towels, a French jam pot and a small bowl filled with small pinecones make this a pretty centerpiece this time of year.


A few holiday towels, some greens and touches of red and white are enough to bring the Holidays here! I cook every day, so I really need my smaller kitchen to be workable, and I can’t have too many holiday decorations in the way.


At the sink {please forgive me this less than stellar photo!} I placed one of our green apple topiaries on each side of the farm sink. The linen towels embroidered with reindeer are a sweet nod to the season.

Every season, my decorating starts with a change to seasonal towels in the kitchen and bathrooms, and some fun pillow covers. I go from there!


I hope that you get inspiration from these holiday posts, but not that you think your home has to be perfect. Mine certainly isn’t, there are areas of our home that I joke with my husband about and tell him they are mid-century, and not in a good way. {thinking of one particular bathroom that is seriously in need of updating}  I hope that tours like this inspire you to create beauty in your home with the things you love. Creating a beautiful home is more about taking a little care to “fluff it up” and make little spots that YOU enjoy looking at. Because your home should reflect YOU, and your taste.

Little holiday spots…..like this ironstone plate holding antique little sheep in the kitchen, are really enough to bring the holiday spirit into our home. I sprinkled a little glittered mica on the plate and called it done. Sometimes it’s the simple things that really bring the magic of the season to life at home.


This French madonna is another little touch here at FrenchGardenHouse for the holidays. She sits on a small table, covered with a white quilt in the living room. I added the last of the white roses from the garden to the French metal tray, and a small bright boxwood wreath. White flowers are my “go to” for this time of year, the lisianthus in the vase are from our local florist.  As soon as the roses wither and dry, I will replace them with a votive candle to burn in the evenings.


You can have a little peek into our guest room, but it isn’t done enough to share photos. It’s on our “to do” list, but somehow it keeps getting shoved back a little. It was on the front of the list, until our water heater broke, and the car door wouldn’t open, and the fancy coffee grinder-maker broke. You know how that is, suddenly your “make-the-guest-room-beautiful” budget has gone poof!

I do have a gorgeous antique mantel in there that I decorated. I can share that…the rest is not really blog worthy. 🙂


The two French sconces on each side of the gilt mirror are meant to be electrified, but I haven’t had that done yet, so right now I use them as candle sconces. I tied a little bundle of greens to them with florist wire, and topped each one with a festive chartreuse green bow. Layered on Eucalyptus branches make this look festive, the eucalyptus grows on our street, and it lasts longer than traditional holiday greens.  I topped the branches with some oranges from our back garden.


I love the contrast of the dark wood mantel with our grey painted walls, and the gilt of the mirror and the chairs in this room!  A beautiful broken French metal angel takes center stage here, as with the mantel in the living room I stacked a few things, in this case two boxes to elevate him.


I fell in love with this French angel, despite the fact that he has no arms, and has lost one of his wings. He’s “beautifully wrecked” as one of my little people said.



The little guest bathroom in very simple holiday finery. A few little holiday touches are all it needs, I put a few French olive oil soaps in our FrenchGardenHouse cheerful, red checked bowl, and placed some of my favorite new linen guest towels on an old vintage silver tray. Some greens and a small clipping of holly, and it looks festive and welcoming.


The little French heart wreath is just the right size for the small vanity, don’t you think?


I played with this same concept for our master bathroom, and used the flax colored towels there. I can’t decide which color I like best.


I may or may not post some photos of our bedroom later, once I get that sorted out for the holidays. Right now? There is a little pile of all the wrapping paper I just bough (kraft with gold polka dots!) in a corner, and a pile of stocking gifts for my little people in the other. Not all of you have perfectly clean rooms all the time, right? {please say no!} Or am I the only one with little bunches  of things I need to “get to” and put somewhere else?

Especially during this December month I wish I had a secret room that only I had the key to, to stash all my Christmas gifts, paper and ribbons and stuff.


Thank you so much for visiting me today, I always appreciate your visits, and comments, too! I hope that you have enjoyed visiting our French Country Christmas home. I still have more decorating to do, and will share some of that in future posts. You can visit my HOLIDAY HOME TOUR from last year too.



I purposely didn’t link to things in our home that I sell in my shop, but you can always take a peek in my FrenchGardenHouse.

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I hope that you are having a blessed time in your own home readying it for the holidays. xo Lidy


96 thoughts on “A French Country Christmas | HOME TOUR 2016”

  1. So festive, so pretty and just so gorgeous. I cannot wait to start decorating, but as you know in France, in Europe in general, we do things a little later! Now it is the 1st December, now the lights will come on in the towns and villages, the ice skating rink opens tomorrow, things start to get festive. We will make a slow start on the house this weekend, we will get the tree next week, it’s a long slow build up and I am itching to get going. Xxx

    1. Thank you Susan! I love Christmas in Europe, the little villages filled with lights, the Christmas markets. I know that you will so enjoy getting your home ready for Christmas, and then, you have TWO Christmas days in Europe…there is that! I always wish we had that in the states, too! Enjoy the holiday readying friend.

  2. Even the bedroom! That’s dedicated! Your tree is magnificent.
    I would be tempted to eat the clementines!
    We got a smaller tree this year to make it a bit easier to get around in the living room when entertaining. We are not as color-coordinated, because most of the ornaments are sentimental rather than beautiful. They’re beautiful for the memories, though.

    1. Thank you. Our tree is not really color coordinated either, as we have all those sentimental ornaments in there….I think I’ve shown off my “glittered-styrofoam-ball-with-toothpicks meant to be a space craft in a post a few years back that one of our children made. It’s all on our tree, the good, the bad, and the “not quite as beautiful” but all of the ornaments hold special meaning. And they all blend in with lights and garland to be beautiful, at least to us!

  3. Eileen

    I love your photos. So lovely. Our house is a real mix of decorating styles as my husband loves leather and I love vintage. Our cohesive note is color, or rather. neutrals, which gives a great backdrop for vignettes. I have different vignettes all over the house and love it. Thanks so much for the tour and the giveaway.

    1. Thank you Eileen! I cherish those little vignettes, don’t you? Happy Holidays!

  4. Everything looks fabulous, Lidy! Your tree is so pretty and I love your antique mantel. I am decorating this weekend and can hardly wait – you’ve got me inspired! Happy Thursday!

    1. Thank you so much! Happy Thursday friend….can’t wait to see the magic you create at home. xo Lidy

  5. Genevieve Miller

    We are building a new home, getting inspiration from all of the lovely settings.

    1. How exciting, Genevieve! It must be so wonderful to be able to plan everything out just so. Thank you for your visit!

    1. Thank you Susan! It’s not done, but almost…it’s all about making my family feel at home and welcome. xo

  6. So elegant and lovely, just like you Lidy! Your mantel though…I swoon over that setting.

    1. Right back at you, Janet. Your flocked tree is spectacular this year! xo

    1. Thank you Linda, I hope that you enjoyed the tour. Please come back tomorrow for more!

  7. Lidy, can I just say Wow? I live in Georgia, and have a home filled with antiques there, as well as a smaller home for the weekends. Your home looks gorgeous for the holidays. I’m showing these images to my holiday designer who decorates our two homes, and telling her team I want our larger home to look just like yours. Thank you for always inspiring! Your blog is the first one on my list of inspiring things to read. Loved your post on heirloom silver and how to care for it especially. Gayle

    1. Thank you Gayle, I’m thrilled that you are inspired! I hope that your designers make your holiday dreams come tree…I’m sure your homes will be spectacular!

  8. So beautiful, Lidy! I love the oranges…must keep that in mind. Merry Christmas!

    1. Julie, I use lots of fresh fruit all over the house. My grandparents in Europe always did that, and it’s a tradition I’ve carried on. Merry Christmas!

  9. Oh LIDY!!!! Once again I held my breath is awe during the whole tour. The tree, the mantle, the empty frame over the mirror, the nosegay at the end of the bed. I am coming back tonight for more. Pinned everything. Love every inch, every touch every word. You are a creative tour de force my friend!

    1. Thank you Kelly! You are so sweet! I could probably move right into your home, too…Loved your tree with Cecilia’s ornaments! xo

  10. Oh Lidy!….I feel as though I am taking a tour through a beautiful place in France dressed for Christmas. Stunning vignettes and rooms that take your breath away! I have found myself scrolling up and down to take in every gorgeous detail so impeccably done. With my travels there has been little time to decorate/shop…but I am going out and getting more fresh greens as I am swooning over the way you are using them!….oh and that oval framer over the mirror highlighting the chandy….brilliant!

  11. Stunning, Lidy…simply stunning. Your Christmas decorations highlight your antiques so beautifully. You have just the right touch in each room. I find your style to be very unique and I admire that.

    I need to get to work…don’t even know where to start!

    Jane x

  12. Lidy, I so love your home and style! I really look forward to seeing your posts and those ‘little things’ you speak of – creating small vignettes with the beloved antiques. I love your rescued angel, the sheep on ironstone plate with ornaments and greenery, and the stories behind your ornaments. It’s a very emotional journey, unwrapping the treasured ornaments gathered over the years, and remembering the times from which they come – our life story, really.
    The faux rose garland is beautiful! Thank you for allowing us the peek into your home. Merry December!

  13. noreen

    How I loved this little peek at your home, you have created some magical vignette! I love the use of fresh eucalyptus and evergreens if possible and your darling “wrecked” angel is too sweet!

  14. So beautiful, Lidy! I love your use of antiques and treasures. It’s timeless, romantic and elegant! Love and blessings for a wonderful holiday season!
    Lynda @ Gates of Crystal

    1. Thank you for your visit, Lynda! Love and blessings to you, too!

  15. Nancy Walden

    I love your rooms! I’m almost done decorating my living and dining rooms. I just put the last ornament on the tree. My ornaments are a mixture of treasured older pieces and newer large glass balls. I also have a white fireplace and I’m going to try hanging fir garlands under the mantle. This is only the second Christmas I’ve had a big white mantle to decorate and I’m still experimenting with just the right look. Thank you for the inspiration~

    1. Thank you Nancy! I love that mix for our own tree, too…and aren’t white mantels fun? You can do anything with them!

  16. Oh, Lidy, I knew I would love your Christmas decor. That tree!!! Wow! I love all your little touches. It’s the details that make everything special. I wish I had that faux rose leaves garland. I have never seen that before.

    1. Kim, thank you! I love that garland, it costs the earth, long ago, even at wholesale, but it has been a great favorite of mine since. Hope you are enjoying your December…xo

  17. Hi Lidy! Your home is perfect! So warm, cozy and decorated beautifully. I’ve looked at the pictures at least 10 times to capture every detail. Living in Florida is a bummer when it comes to fresh evergreens. I miss the smell and the warmth of my childhood home in New York. Nevertheless, I look forward to your next posting in your home. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Lori, so happy to have you visit! Wishing you a happy December, and decorating, Florida style.

  18. Lidy, I just love every decorating thing that you do. I love, even more, in this post that you are sharing that you do things in phases and that your home isn’t perfect. Yes we all have that budget that goes poof overnight. Thankful that we do though…wouldn’t it be boring if we could have everything we want all the time. 🙂

    I’m off to create some pretty little vignettes in our overcrowded rent house. We are building a new house so temporary quarters are the order of the day.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours.

    1. Thank you Stacey! So exciting that you are building a new house! And home is wherever YOU are and those you love.
      I hope that you are enjoying this season. Wishing you a happy December!

  19. Lidy, your home….and that tree, couldn’t be any more beautiful then it is. And you are such a perfect hostess with a drink when we walk through the door. Cheers and happy holidays

  20. Hello, Lidy,
    Love everything and that sweet little guy cupid I think?? such great ideas, thanks for sharing, your house must be a great Joy to live in~~~~~~~~~~love it.~~~~~~~~

    1. Jean, thank you for your visit, and always leaving such kind comments!

  21. Kerrie Lemon

    As always, I am overwhelmed! Lidy, such a gorgeous home, such a lovely spirit of sharing you have! My email system has been ‘down’ several days – pure serendipity that the first thing I looked at was YOUR beautiful home! Can’t wait to see more . . . tho no worries, no hurries. I LOVE your attitude . . . the reason for the season and . . . well, keep it all within reason! Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Kerrie Lemon P.S. You know I must P.S.! I hope that my email/laptop holds out for future tours. P.P.S. With our last name, I used to have two lemon trees at the entrance of our home. However in the Midwest, the trees came in during the winter. They didn’t like the change of pace and after about 10 years were goners. How lucky you are to have fresh fruit and eucalyptus in your yard and down the street!

    1. Kerrie, thank you so much for leaving a comment! And so happy that now that your service is back on, you landed here, with us. Happy Holidays to you, Kerrie!

  22. Lidy your home is exquisite and all declared for Christmas with your tree is a dream. I loved taking in every detail and doing this tour with you!

    1. Annie, I loved visiting your home on the tour, too! Thank you for visiting, I hope that you are truly enjoying this beautiful December month. xo

  23. Lovely and elegant touches everywhere. Hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday!

  24. Your home is stunning and your seasonal/holiday decor really highlights your gorgeous collection of French antiques and furnishings (which I LOVE!!) Everything is so well done. It’s been so wonderful blog hopping with you this week- wishing you a wonderful Christmas!

    1. Kristy, thank you! I so enjoyed my visit to your sweet Starfish Cottage, especially now that it is all decorated for the holidays!

  25. From the moment I stepped inside, I was in awe… every room, every vignette and every tiny festive touch is perfectly beautiful. Your home is an absolute delight Lidy and that tree is the show stopper. It must be so lovely for you and John to sit and gaze at it. Merry Christmas

  26. Ohhhh Lidy! Your holiday decor is soooo lovely! I always enjoy a visit to your home!
    I’m sure it comes as no surprise to you that we share the same philosophy about the holidays & decorating for them!
    I absolutely adore your idea of the silver tray with glasses & a beverage near the entry to serve guests right away! I will be doing that for my holiday open house!
    I too have come to the point where I don’t reinvent my decor each year! I have a few variations and go with those! My trees are the focal points and then I do the vignettes & mantel over the next week or two!
    The holiday season should be enjoyed and not full of stress & unrealistic expectations!
    Wishing you and yours a most blessed & beautiful Christmas, dear friend! xoxo

    1. Thank you so much for your visit, Kathleen. The holidays should be enjoyed, and the less stress, the nicer. Happy December, dear friend!

  27. Your home is stunning! And that tree is so perfect! So lovely being on this tour with you!
    Hugs, Jamie

  28. Your home looks lovely, Lidy, fresh, festive, inviting. I love all the greenery you tuck in here and there. I’ve been slightly under the weather with a cold bug, so just keeping up with my own orders has been a challenge. But, even so, I have tucked greens and holly gleaned from our woods into vases, changed out candles to white and red, and hung my favorite Santa print in the entry. This weekend? Our tree. I have a growing collection of glass snowflakes that I scatter, and then go on William’s snowman ornament collection, and Jamie’s Santas, then I’ll fill in if needed. We’ve enough ornaments created, gifted, collected to probably fill 3 trees, but for the last 8 to 10 years, snowflakes, snowmen, Santas, have called to me. When the boys have homes of their own, their collections will go with them. They’ll be missed, but then I’ll revisit the ornaments waiting patiently in the wings. 🙂 Thank you for the tour! xo

  29. Pam Sparrow

    Words escape me to describe how much I enjoy your website. Your
    ability to inspire and excite your readers is limitless…….

    Thank you,


    1. Pam, thank you so much for your kind words! I’m so happy to know that you enjoy FrenchGardenHouse! Happy Holidays to you and those you love.

  30. Francine Brooks

    What a wonderful inspiration this tour has been! So elegant yet warm and comfortable. I bought the exact same felt circle clown ornament for my daughter more than forty years ago and it still hangs on her tree. What a treat to think that he has a “brother”! 😉 Thank you for opening your lovely home to us.

    1. I’m happy to hear that too! Merry Christmas, Francine, and thank you for your visit and leaving a comment!

  31. Dori, I’m sorry you haven’t been feeling well, hope you are much better now! Your decorating sounds beautiful, and personal, with the boy’s ornaments. I know you will have a wonderful Christmas on your lovely island! Merry Christmas, dear Dori!

  32. Debby Condro

    Hi Lidy, Your home is just beautiful, all you have done is so elegant with all your antiques and the Christmas tree is so beautiful, Lidy !!! ~ We wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! Sincerely, Debby and Vinny Condro. THANK YOU!!!

    1. Thank you so much, Debby. It is a joy to know you. I wish you and Vinny a beautiful and very Joyful Christmas, too. xo

  33. Maryann

    Oh my goodness, your home is just beautiful! It has such a casual elegance about it that I love and your Christmas decorating is breathtaking.Thank you so much for sharing. xx

  34. Absolutely beautiful! Your red accents are stunning and literally took my breath away…pinned, so pretty!

  35. Oh my gosh, Lidy, each photo is more gorgeous than the next!! Just stunning! It’s funny – I’m so exhausted from all of the tours that I was wondering if I’m done already with the decoration, but instead you have inspired me so much, that I can’t wait to do more and more!! Wonderful post!

    1. Lory, thank you so much for your visit, and sweet comment! Happy Holidays! xo Lidy

  36. I’m in awe. Your house is so beautifully decorated. In every detail. Tres tres merveilleux.

    1. Thank you Sibel, for your visit and your kind comment! Merry Christmas! xo

  37. Wow your home is exquisite! I love the idea of offering mimosa’s I’d love one now 😉 Your mantle is perfectly styled and I adore the layered look. You created a beautiful Christmas setting. I absolutely love it all!!

    1. Anne, thank you! I am so blessed to get to know you, and have loved doing this bHome for the Holidays Tour with you, friend. xo Lidy

  38. Lidy I love the seasonal softness you have added here. There are so many inspiring vignettes. May the joy and beauty of the season be yours.

    1. What a beautiful wish, Laura! I hope the same for you and your adorable family! xo Lidy

  39. You really wowed me on my first visit to your blog. Lots of inspiration here! I loved seeing a glimpse of your home and your heart. Your tree is amazing and magical. I love using my same ornaments each year also, and look forward to the tangible reminder of Christmas past. Your desire to focus on making memories with loved ones, taking time for friends, and focusing on the true meaning of Christmas strikes a chord with me and probably all of your readers. Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Thank you so much, Joanne, for your visit and your kind words! I hope you subscribed to get my blog in your email inbox so we can meet each other here more often! xo Lidy

  40. Mystica

    I did not see whether the giveaway for the book is for US residents only but if it isn’t please count me in. Your home looks stunning. I doubt I can recreate a fiftieth here in tropical Sri Lanka but the amount of pleasure it gave me just looking at the images and reading about it, was also so very pleasurable.

  41. To say wow does not even begin to describe how I felt while reading your post and looking at your lovely pictures. You truly created a holiday experience for me. I was lost in the photos, the words….the beauty of it all. You are truly inspiring and I sense that the endless beauty within you is expressed (if only a peak) in the beauty you create in your home and your life.

    1. Mary Beth, thank you for your kindest words. I think that we all have so much beauty inside of us to share. I so enjoyed your holiday post, and being on the Holiday Home Tour with you! xo

  42. Oh my, Lidy, your home and pictures are just stunning! I could look at these all day! I love how you described the decorating processes as you went and shared so much of yourself in this post. You are lovely and you have to much to offer the world.

    1. Sarah, you are so sweet! It has been such a pleasure to be on this Holiday Home Tour with you!

  43. Lovely! Decorating with natures’ gifts are the best. Makes me want to visit and sip tea and rest before I start trimming the tree and baking dozens of cookies which I’ll start in the morning. It’s the best time if the year! Merry Christmas!

    1. Thank you Jennifer! Wishing you a beautiful get-ready-for-Christmas season!

  44. Wow, Lidy, I love your beautiful French country Christmas home. It’s so welcoming and warm and I truly enjoyed every vignette in your tour. Thank you! Wishing you the best during this Holiday season!

  45. Wow this is just outstanding Lidy!! I love your style, your commentary on how you go about getting things done and what is important to you. Its refreshing and clearly you are a grounded person understanding the spirit of the season. I loved your tree and all the other touches, including the apple topiaries!

    1. Thank you so much for your visit, Amy! And your kind comments…I love you and your style, too!

  46. LisaBeth

    Merry Christmas..What beautiful decor and truly beautiful inspiration.

  47. Marilyn Curran

    I’m lost for words on the beauty of your lovely pictures.. You truly inspired me with your blog. The beauty you create in your home is absolutely stunning to say the least. Thank you for sharing.
    May you have a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

  48. Carol Ann

    I love the idea of hanging the white frame over that beautiful mirror! Thank you so much for the wonderful ideas.

    1. Carol Ann, thank you for your visit! I wish you the magic of the holidays, and lots of hours spent with those you love! xo Lidy

  49. Absolutely beautiful! Just gives me joy to see all the beauitful creativity you share. God bless your holiday season and on into the next year!

  50. Very pretty! Loved the bedpost decoration. We are traveling for Christmas so not doing very much, but think the house sitter might appreciate a little something like that in the guest room.

    1. Heather, thanks so much for your visit. I agree, your house sitter might appreciate that! Or a stocking filled with chocolates. : )

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