Celebrate the Holidays in PASTEL



Now that Thanksgiving is officially over, there is a whole lot of Christmas in the air here at FrenchGardenHouse!

This year, I’m crazy for a softer, brighter green and red! I’ll be sharing lots of inspiration from now until Christmas. A Holiday HOME Tour, some amazing Entertaining recipes, news about antiques…and more.

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While I’m completely smitten with the traditional colors of the holidays this year, I know that many of you adore tiny white lights shimmering in the dark of night, soft, vintage ornaments that tell the story of Christmas past, little bottle brush trees in pink, and table settings that compliment your pastel colored homes. This post is for you!



Many of you remain true to your soft, shabby pastel colors at home, no matter what the season. For the holidays, that means silver, pink, light blue and all shades soft, feminine and romantic.

I always try to bring a little bit of this soft, pretty look to you in our Celebrations at FrenchGardenHouse.


While I don’t really sell many “new” pieces, I do add some to our holiday collection.  And I look for beautiful antiques and vintage pieces that I know will add such a special touch to your home for the holidays.

I search high and low for items that I think you will want to put on your wish list, or gifts that you will want to give with love and joy.

I want to sell magical moments.



Here are a few magical vintage pieces from the past that will add soft, holiday beauty to your home.

These PARIS letters are so beautiful. They glimmer with antique German glass glitter, that will age even more. Tied with little vintage ivory cream ribbons, you can hang them anywhere. Not just for a tree, you can string these on a ribbon to make a garland for your mantel, and these can be displayed year-round!



These charmers are vintage celluloid reindeer from the early 1900’s   …with a covering of mica snow still on their back.


Handmade, this limited edition Wish Holiday Cone is made in our FrenchGardenHouse studio. Covered liberally in German glass glitter, embellished with antique pater, dresden, silky ribbons and a reproduction image of one of our favorite antique angel cards…isn’t she adorable?!  Hang her on your French armoire, filled with little scraps of paper with your holiday wishes…



Especially for those of you who love to bring a special bottle of wine or champagne as a host or hostess gift, our Merry Christmas Linen Gift Bags come complete with ribbon, a little snowflake charm, even a hand stamped gift tag so that you can write your holiday wishes and sign your name…and have a beautifully presentable gift!


The very last of several…this truly is what a shabby, pastel Christmas is all about! From the early 1900’s, with the original mercury balls, this bottle brush miniature tree brings the shabby, faded look home for Christmas!


This antique French Tole Wreath makes a fabulous holiday wreath.  Hand painted long ago, each metal flower and leaf has just enough shabbiness to fall in love with!



I found some truly exceptional antique tablecloths. They are an investment, but they are hand embroidered with such mastery! Covered in hand made laces, these are going to be your family’s Holiday “GO TO” cloth for decades, and set off your soft pastel colored dishes to perfection. And be joyfully passed down to generations to come.


Set your holiday table in the same colors, not only do we offer gorgeous pastels in the antique porcelains, we have gorgeous European dishware in the softer shades! This mix and match line makes for a stunning celebration table….with the bonus that you can use it year-round.




A memorable hostess gift, { or display these at home!} our Holiday Hand Wrapped Dinner Candles Bougies DeLuxe, are wrapped in clear cellophane, with antique sheet music, an image of my favorite French Holy Card, and vintage velvet ribbons.




There are so many exceptional silver pieces in the shop for the holiday season. One of my favorites is this antique cherub, originally meant to hold a bow. Now he would be simply fabulous holding a thick candle on your table of sideboard.



No matter how you love to decorate, in the soft, feminine candy colors of pink, pale blue, white, silver and lavender, or in the brighter colors of the season, you can capture your favorite moments with this year’s FrenchGardenHouse holiday collection of sparkling decorations, vintage and antique romantic accents, and gifts to bring to your favorite hostess.

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How will you be decorating this holiday season? Pastel? Traditional? OR???

18 thoughts on “Celebrate the Holidays in PASTEL”

  1. Thank you Rita! I wish I could visit you, and see your antique space, I know I would love it.

  2. Just stunning Lidy! Of course pastels are my favorite “colors!” Will be heading over to Leslie’s site right now. hugs.

  3. Marion

    Your decorations are beautiful. I love the tea cups. Very pretty.

  4. I love the softer colors for Christmas. Cleaning up from children, grandchildren and Thanksgiving celebrations I have been thinking of decorations for Christmas. The old white snowflakes my mother crocheted and the Johnson Brothers mugs and plates edged in pink with green trees in the middle. I think that is my theme this year.

    1. Linda, I love that…using things our mother’s had or made really brings the Holidays full circle. John and I are just now putting my tree up (by that I mean John, I decorate once he’s done!} and I’m still thinking about what, exactly, Christmas will look like here at FrenchGardenHouse.

  5. noreen

    Such beautiful items you have, but my favorite has to be the exquisite hand embroidered tablecloth. Handworked textiles are my weakness, embroidery being a talent I never mastered, much to the dismay of my mom and gran, though I have inherited some of their beautiful work.

  6. Lovely pieces…they always inspire me. My home isn’t a place to add bright colors so I appreciate so many of these ideas. I specially love that beautiful tablecloth.


  7. Hi, Lidy,
    In response to a note you sent me, I to am thankful for your friendship and for you sharing all your beautiful things, I do live in California and one day hope to visit your lovely shop. I also have friends that live in England and some in France to, have been there a few times and love Paris~~~~~~~~~~Happy Holidays and so many pretty things to look at here, I wish I had the room for more but so enjoy seeing everything and the French dolls were to die for. Keep enjoying them till they go to a new home, you can tell they were much loved, like mine~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    1. Hi Jean, thank you so much, you are so kind. I don’t actually have a physical shop, FrenchGardenHouse is online only. But if I did, I’d love to see you!

  8. Hi, Lidy again,
    Forgot to tell you how beautiful you display everything I do the same with my things and I think they all have souls knowing that they had memories from others, crazy but its true~~~~~~~~~~~

  9. The way you display your lovely wares is absolutely stunning Lidy dear! I could look at this post over and over, taking in each of your photos and never tire of it. Just the shot of inspiration I needed this morning!
    sending hugs from here…

  10. Diana Risteff

    I enjoy all of your lovely arrangements. Mostly the small charming cone decorated for christmas that hangs from the corner of your bed! I will try to do my best to imitate your creativity. Thanks so much for wonderful ideas. Diana

  11. Im glad you mentioned picking the perfect hostess gift.
    With the holidays here it will be good to have some on hand.

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