A Child’s French Holiday

Today I’m sharing some of our antique holiday toys with you, they are things a lucky little girl in France, 1890, might ask Father Christmas or Pere Noel for.


This week I’m unpacking some beautiful antique dolls from France, like this Polichinelle made by Jumeau in the late 1800’s.  A doll of this large size would be high on any French little girl’s wish list!


Isn’t she so beautiful? Dressed in a cotton pink striped outfit with pompoms and her pert little hat, she lost her shoes a while ago, but what little girl {or big one} wouldn’t love to see her under the Christmas tree?


Her armoire has the original cream paint, gilt dore laurel wreath embellishment, and offers plenty of storage for all the clothes her Papa might buy her in Paris. It has a key and locks, too!


This faux bamboo armoire is for a medium sized doll. I love that it has the original paper print inside still, with two little girls dressed in period clothing together with their mama. The front is mirrored, so that the dolls can see if they are properly dressed!


This little Gaultier doll is riding a mohair camel, most likely made by Steiff. Isn’t he a charmer?  Any little girl {or boy too!} would be delighted to find these two friends as a holiday gift.


A book would certainly make the wish list, even a “craft” book like this for slightly older children. Made by Dennison’s, the crepe paper company, it has instructions for costumes, holiday decorations and more inside.

Always a treat to find a first edition of these books. Not quite as old as the toys, but still a special find.



Maybe not on the list as a Christmas gift, but certainly greatly desired for her scrap book, or to make decorations with, these antique die cuts were so popular in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. {To find uncut sheets, unused store stock, is always practically a miracle.}


I am still unpacking some other toys and children’s holiday treats, but hope you enjoyed this quick “share” today.


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11 thoughts on “A Child’s French Holiday”

  1. Love, Love, Love! In fact, when I read your words “…crepe paper …” the distinct smell of our old crepe paper party hats immediately filled my nose, stored as they had been in the cupboard in the flat beneath my grandfather’s house at the sea. When I was very tiny we always celebrated Christmas there (later it was always at home on the farm)and the smell of our Christmas things when they got unpacked was very particular, from the sea air and being closed in a cupboard for a year. I longed for toys such as the ones you show here, I’d seen them in magazines and journals from my parents’ childhood. How incredibly special! X

    1. Jeanne, thank you for sharing your special Christmas memories with us! Isn’t it amazing, the thought of something, a certain smell, or even a word can bring such joyous memories of our childhood? xo Lidy

  2. Lidy, incredible Jumeau doll! My sister is a master dollmaker, and though she only has a few of the authentic antiques, she has a very real talent for the minutia detail in recreating anything from the large to the tiniest of dolls. She would fall head over heels for these items – all so wonderful. Your wide appreciation for so large an assortment of antiques is just one of the traits that sets you apart as what I consider the finest of dealers!

    1. Rita, I bet your sister makes the most incredible things! I have a secret weakness for dolls, doll houses and antique toys, I don’t keep many, as my space is limited, but when I see them, I too fall head over heels in love. Thank you for your kindest compliment…you and I share a love for antiques and a gift for finding treasures!

    1. Thank you for your visit, and admiration, Debra! I love these, although I don’t keep them, I know they will all go to loving homes!

  3. Hi Lidy,

    I really enjoyed reading about your beautiful holiday antiques. Such wonderful treasures.

  4. Marilyn

    What lovely things for any child. Thank you fro sharing these photos.

  5. Hi, Lidy,
    Such a wonderful surprise with your dolls as I to collect, and have a few Jumeau’s and I treasure them so much and right now enjoying them as I write you, your’s is a dream what a face, to think they were played with years ago and now we just look and enjoy, thank you for sharing a joy and your other things as well. Have a good week~~~~~~~~~~

  6. Oh Lidy, I loved these beauties you have shared with us! Such a lucky child or any child at heart to received such treasures. I loved reading about them and their history.Just absolutely incredible my dear!
    hugs to you…

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