The Perfect Host or Hostess Gift | French Caramels

After all that Thanksgiving inspiration {wishing you could set a few tables for Thanksgiving like me?} I’m excited to let you know that the seasonal French Caramels are in stock.

I have had these for a while in bulk bags to gift as a lagniappe with our orders, most of you received a sample in your latest parcels from FrenchGardenHouse.  I was able to obtain smaller gift boxes, and have added them to the shop, they are selling out fast.


What are they? The most delicious, melt-in-your-mouth seasonal French Caramels. Made in the French tradition – entirely by hand, these wrapped bits of amazingly delicious candy are made in L.A., of only the best ingredients, in small batches. I generally don’t buy candy, but after discovering these caramels, cooked to smooth, creamy perfection with a sensual, tender texture I was smitten. Not sticky, just all the beauty of French caramels with cinnamon and ginger.


The chef’s French culinary training shows through in his attention to every detail. These luxury caramels are stirred in copper pots in order to coax every artisan batch into reaching its optimal flavor.


Makes a fabulous host or hostess gift, this confectionery experience will make you feel like you have been transported to Paris.  Be sure to buy one {or more} for yourself. If you don’t, just make sure you DO NOT open your gift box or you will be left holding an empty box.


The perfect gift for a host or hostess you love, your BFF who is helping you convince your husband that YES, you really DO need all new holiday decorations, or to have on hand for those emergencies when a pot of Earl Grey is awfully lonely. Choose Pumpkin Spice or Rosemary. 4oz. Contains 14-16 pieces. Fantastic price!

Don’t forget to check back to see our latest finds from France, Holland and Belgium, I’ll be adding them on the daily.

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5 thoughts on “The Perfect Host or Hostess Gift | French Caramels”

  1. I love giving friends French salted caramels, we buy them here, made locally, I always leave a bowl in t he guest bedroom, a nice little sweet treat!

    1. Oh! That is such a gracious idea, Susan! They are so delicious…I’m having trouble not gobbling them all up myself!

  2. Hi Lidy, I am recently back to blogging after several years away. I always loved your blog and kept it in my blog list all that time. I am so glad that you’re still sharing the beautiful things in your world here. I could hardly take my eyes off the silver teapot long enough to look at the caramels… beautiful! I am a caramel lover from way back.


    1. Thank you for your visit, Christi! So happy to hear that you’ve returned to blogging, so that we can all read and enjoy what you have to share.

  3. Those caramels look decadent! I love that packaging. I’ll keep them in mind!


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