A French Country Fall and Day 5 of the Fall bHome Tour

Fall was here last week, in a big way…not only was I busy decorating for the bHome Fall Home Tour, the weather was so nice, almost…almost….sweater weather!   I think I tend to pay more attention to our home in fall, do you? Welcome to a French Country Fall!

Our home generally looks neater, cleaner, and somehow much cozier in the fall than during the summer. It’s on its best behavior. {either that or I am on my best behavior!}


Here’s how to add some easy Fall touches to your French Country Home. Some happy fall inspiration from my home to yours.




Hang a wreath. Any wreath. I love these apple wreaths, they come in bright green and red. What I like about them is that they fit my French Country style interior, and they can be used at any time of year. Imagine this wreath hanging over the kitchen chalkboard at holiday time, I could just write something else in the circle, or around it with chalk!


Light a candle. Today, I looked around our home and thought it looked like fall, now it needed to smell like fall.


I sat down at my French Country table in the kitchen,  and lit one of my very favorite candles, our Gingembre Orange Candle…and simply smelled.


Inhaled, really. Perfumed with the rich scent of Orange, this candle is my favorite for fall because it tantalizes like a cup of hot orange spiced tea, including that little pinch of ground ginger, and cardamon.


I know I said here that I have this little tray set up for when company comes over, but today, I needed a cup of tea, and treat myself as company. I won’t bore you with the details, let’s just say everything that could go wrong, technologically with my FrenchGardenHouse antique shop, did. Which is bound to happen sometimes.




Create a beautiful fall place setting.  I took it to mean I should spend some time fooling with creating a table setting for dinner.

When life gives you techno troubles, make table settings! sorry. that is me, being silly.


But honestly, that is what I tend to do. I just get up and do something creative, to take my mind off the fact that I am NOT tech savvy. And that it will all work out eventually.




Use faux seasonal foliage.  I decided to fill this French Squirrel Bucket with faux berries and branches, and place it next to some pumpkins on a table in the family room.  I love squirrels, although I wish the real pair of squirrels in our back garden would go away. They are naughty!




Replace your soap at the sinks in your home with ones that have a seasonal scent. I placed my favorite apple soap on a pretty antique plate, together with a faux apple, for the guest bathroom.




Utilize everyday items to create a fall vignette. I hung one of my favorite organic linen bags on the door in the family room, filled with my faux apple branches. I’m waiting for some of the trees in our garden to change colors, so I can use real branches later. {ps. I just restocked the linen totes in the shop!}

I tend to decorate with things I already have, adding seasonal elements, rather than buying more stuff to store for each season. A few new pillows, branches, fruit and seasonal flowers always make a huge impact on our French Country style home.




Add fruit and vegetables to create a fall mood. Not all the way transformed for fall, I added some red apples to the antique Delftware and Dutch pottery in the guest room. Soon, I’ll change that a little more by adding pumpkins.




Use a few whimsical pieces for fun!  Like this silver-plated squirrel nut cracker. {see? love the faux squirrels, not such a fan of the two running rampant in my garden} Kicking up his heels in the French antique compotier, until he’s sold and leaves to live with his new owners.




As a fall inspiration bonus: Here is a table setting I created last year for one of the most magical dinners we’ve had here at home.


I am so grateful for your friendship. And for having a home I love.




I hope you have a beautiful Fall Friday today, and get some inspiration from these simple ideas!   Don’t forget to visit my French Country Home Tour if you haven’t already.




4 thoughts on “A French Country Fall and Day 5 of the Fall bHome Tour”

  1. Joan McAllister

    I stumbled upon your site and am overjoyed. What an inspiration! Thank you for the french country look. I love them all. Send me the newsletter please.

    1. Thank you so much, Joan! Wishing you a beautiful fall week. xo Lidy

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