The French Fall Collection | Coming Next Week Tuesday

Fall Collection

Coming next Tuesday morning, The French Fall Collection.

I love the time when summer turns into autumn, and we get our homes ready for cozy, crisp days, don’t you? Next week our French Fall Collection arrives, and it’s everything we look forward to about fall.

There are linen napkins, tablecloths and towels to make your kitchen and diningroom the best place to be for family dinners.


And fantastic linen market bags, that are roomy enough to carry all the flowers, autumn vegetables and loaves of French bread you can carry home from your local country market.


There are candles that smell like orange tea, just like the tea you sipped in a Parisian cafe not that long ago. And I’ve restocked our Currant Verte Candle, which recalls glorious days spent in the French countryside with family and friends lingering over a pleasurable meal with a glass of wine. Nothing says “welcome home” more than a French scented candle spreading it’s warm glow in your home when dusk is falling.


There is a new collection of French tassels, embellished with antique bullion trim, and silk ribbons to add a touch of fall to your armoires, lamps, and keys.


There are apple topiaries, and wreaths, fragrant soaps to gift {or keep!}, and vitner’s winebottle corkscrews from France.


Our hand made French Buckets for Autumn are back, and will be available in very limited quantities.  This year we will have the Fox, the Squirrel, and the Turkey available.


Mix that all together with French antiques, country and city style, and you have everything you need to make your home personal, filled with beauty and storied pieces of the past. Create an autumn home where everyone feels loved and welcome.

To tide you over until then, shop for jewelry. Right now, I’m offering free shipping for all jewelry orders over 60.00. Use Code MYJEWELS and get your autumn warderobe going! {only applies to jewelry, please enter a seperate order if you order non-jewelry pieces}

See you Tuesday! Bisous, Lidy


7 thoughts on “The French Fall Collection | Coming Next Week Tuesday”

    1. Thank you Denise, me too! These little linen towels are so beautiful, I’m going to use them as hand towels, to line my breadbaskets, and in the kitchen too. Fall…I’m almost ready!

  1. Sounds exciting! I’m a Summer Girl but fall sure sounds appealing with the high temps we’ve had. I’m so looking forward to seeing your collection. I love linen!


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