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Be a gracious guest this summer with these delightful ways to say thank you. {You’ll be invited back, I guarantee it!}

When I am on buying trips in Europe, and here in the states, I always look for small gifts to stock my “gift closet” for host and hostess gifts. It’s always a life saver when I have an unexpected invitation and need a quick gift.  While a fabulous bottle of champagne is always a good idea, I like to pair that with something personal, a “one-of-a-kind” treasure, or something I know my host or hostess will love.

Here are my SUMMER FAVORITE HOSTESS GIFTS {links below to see on} These are little things you can stock in your gift closet to use through-out the year. You never know when you’ll need a hostess gift or a last minute birthday treat to take to a friend!summerhostessgifts
1.Petite Boxwood Wreath. 2.Embroidered Handkerchief. 3. Floral TeaCup. 4. Vintage Ice Cream Spoons . 5. French Candle . 6. Pastis Towel.


What is your favorite Hostess Gift to Give?

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8 thoughts on “Gracious Living | Summer Hostess Gifts”

  1. At first I thought the Pastis was towlettes, and I thought OMG. But no, decorated tea towels. Completely normal! (who would want to smell like pastis?!?!?! Glad I was wrong! Whew!)
    Chocolates are always a favorite over here. And a bottle of something. For the hostess, some little luxury–like the candle, or soaps, or creams. A book. Earrings. So many possibilities. It can’t be so big or important or serious that it requires more of a response than a heart-felt “thank you.” Even if it’s treasured long after.

  2. Beautiful options, Lidy! All of these would make wonderful gifts! I never would have thought of the petite boxwood wreath. That’s a great idea!

    1. Shenita, thank you. Hostess gifts are always great to have on hand, aren’t they? So many small presents make unusual, thoughtful host or hostess gifts. I once had a male client buy all my antique wine cork pulls, he tied them on bottles of wine he was giving as gifts. Such a great idea, it made the “usual” bottle of wine personal, and included a lasting token of his thankfulness.

  3. Tracey McCauley

    What stunning gifts for any occassion! The candle and packaging are delightful and I can almost smell that wonderful aroma now! Lidy, you have such a gorgeous site!!!!
    Many thanks!!!

    1. Thank you Tracey! I hope that you will visit often, my goal is to blog at least twice a week. 🙂

  4. These are great ideas, Lidy. I am always one to bring a hostess gift because I know how it makes me smile when I receive one! I try to come up with a clever packaging/wrapping and that’s not easy for klutzy ‘ol me. Now that’s a post I need you to write!! ;-D


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