How to Style Your Garden with Antiques


A collection of everyday garden objects, from antique French watering cans to antique clay seedling pots brings the spirit of the garden to your gardens, and adds personality to your home.




Collections tell a story, your story! As an antique dealer married to a true gardener {John, my Dutch husband has gardening in his blood, his father had amazing gardens in Holland} I love all things from the garden.

Garden antiques are becoming more popular, and also more rare to find. I am sharing a few of my very favorites that I display on our potting bench in the back yard.


Yesterday we had stylist Sunday Hendrickson in our garden for a magazine photo shoot. Together with photographer Mark Lohman they made magical things happen in our front and back garden.

After they left, early this morning, I set up my potting bench again the way it is in “every day life” here. I rearrange a few of my favorite gardening antiques on a regular basis,  it’s so easy to style a potting bench, table, or shelf in the garden with antiques.


You can create little environments in your garden, a little corner filled with history, one-of-a-kind pots, zinc pieces and tools to capture your imagination!


Gardening antiques have personality, and are a little quirky. They bring that “not too serious” touch to liven up any environment!  I love this antique cement swan, sometimes she is in the house, but in nice weather I think she is happiest with the flowers.


Antique wood crates from France {or anywhere else}  look wonderful in the garden. Use them for display, I keep my antique clay pots in ours. But they are great to display herb plants, tools, or to carry fruit and vegetables to the kitchen, too.


This antique little shovel is one of our favorites, it has a “dibber” on the back, isn’t that so handy? {dibber= a tool to make an indentation in the soil to plant a seed in}

Come back next post, I’ll share my personal “Best Seller” List of Gardening Antiques.. six garden collectables that are great to collect!

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6 thoughts on “How to Style Your Garden with Antiques”

  1. Love this one, I love to garden and I love my old water cans and pots and other things I have collected over the years too! Thank you.

  2. The swan is lovely and looks so graceful among the flowers. Antiques give the garden such character! Thanks for sharing…


    1. I agree Lisa, antiques give everything character! Thank you for visiting, it’s always a treat to see you here.

  3. Thank you Lidy, this is so beautiful and inspiring! Antiques in the garden are just gorgeous. When ancient tools are still robust enough to be used, chores become more pleasurable, such as old galvanised watering cans that can be filled without leaking. I have four standing near outside taps – looking lovely – and they get used every day in summer without being perished by the sun or blown away by the wind, as plastic ones would….

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