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The art of combining two or more letters together into one beautiful symbol or monogram, is centuries old. Once only royalty or nobility could own the linens, silver and porcelain with their own initials emblazoned on them. These days, not only is monogramming an expression of personal style, most collectors happily collect beautiful monograms for their artistic beauty, and don’t mind whose initials they are. Antique one-of-a-kind pieces with monograms have stories, they are a fun way to express your own personal style.



Hand engraved initials add personality to silver pieces. At one time, a bride could expect a whole range of silver as wedding gifts, each engraved with either her own initials, or a combination the initials of her husband with her own.  I am always thrilled to find beautifully engraved silver to add to our FrenchGardenHouse Silver Shop.


I will confess, I tend to buy more monogrammed linens than I sell. {don’t tell Mr. FGH, I don’t think he knows my secret!} Seriously, aren’t those old, old trousseau linens carefully embroidered with initials and monograms absolute perfection?  Most are not really “monograms” {though the Art Deco napkins, on the left, above, ARE} but initials painstakingly embroidered in white satin stitches. Mix, match, setting a glorious table with antique embroidered linens is one of the best ways I know of to express your style at home. Beauty for the sake of beauty adds richness to your home and life.


Lots of things can be monogrammed, I love the time taken to monogram these old Venetian Murano Gold Glass Goblets.


Jewelry is so personal, and there are quite a few stunning ways to wear your monogram, or someone else’s! Hand engraved lockets are one of our best sellers at FrenchGardenHouse. It’s fun to collect antique jewelry with at least one of your initials, but more often than not, we sell monogrammed jewelry for beauty’s sake.


Our best seller? Antique one-of-a-kind sterling cuff bracelets, made from antique French and English Sterling Silver Napkin Rings, from Karen Linder. Each one has it’s own history, quality and personality. Each is a little quirky and out of the ordinary, reminding you of that afternoon in Paris, when a downpour made you run into that little shop filled with antiques and you discovered this signature piece of jewelry. {no one will know you didn’t buy it in Paris, and we won’t tell!}


Hand painted porcelain with an initial, or a monogram, is rare to find. This platter sold minutes after it was in the shop, with a waiting list for more. {I wish I could find lots, and lots more!}


A beautiful antique French Missal with engraved initials or monogram, how gorgeous is this? Call me crazy but I love to just trace the worked initials and carvings on these antique pieces of history. Long ago, things were made with such attention to detail, mastery and skill.



Do you have some monogrammed antiques at home? Do you only collect those with your own initials, or do you just love monograms for the beauty of their art?


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8 thoughts on “Timeless Legacy | Monograms”

  1. I have a very crazy friend, who sadly is very ill, who would wear botton-down shirt with whatever initials were on sale. Or samples. I never quite understood, but he is unique, beyond his initials.
    I shall soon be shopping for antique bed linens, and I don’t care what initials I find!

  2. I’m so sorry about your friend. I kind of love that about him, that he wears other people’s initials.

  3. I love monogrammed linens! I have this vision in my head where some day I will find some antique matching monogrammed pillowcases *with the right letters* for my bed. But I know this is likely just a dream, I’ll probably have to settle for some mismatched similar ones. I am off to check out your antique jewelry.

  4. Teddi Sue Wilson

    First let me just say how much I appreciate your site. This is honestly the first time I have ever commented on any site. I discovered you on my quest to remove spots from vintage linens.Your article on that was invaluable. I then signed in to receive your e-mails. The post on monogrammed linens also touched my heart as well. I always have bought any vintage monogrammed linen I could find regardless of the letter and the questions of others as to why I was buying them at all. It is so wonderful to hear from someone who understands the love of vintage linens. Sincere thanks for your posts and the valuable information you share. Please know that you are appreciated and continue your efforts?

    1. Thank you so much, Teddi Sue! I am so glad that you are a reader, and a kindred linen collector!

  5. Thank you Lidy for this beautiful post. I feel the same about beautiful monogrammed linens as Teddi Sue and your other readers — one hardly need explain the appreciation of beauty, or the love of buying it, especially not when you are in the company of kindred spirits. Now I want to go and find your post on removing spots from vintage linen…!

  6. You have so many beautiful pieces, Lidy. I love monogrammed linens and silver. I had sterling silver napkin rings engraved to pass down in the future.

    I love that you “…have more than you need.” Ha! This is why I could never do what you do. So many beautiful pieces out there and I don’t think I could part with any of them!! 🙂


    1. Thank you Jane! I actually love selling these gorgeous one-of-a-kind antiques, my goal for FrenchGardenHouse is to find exceptional pieces to help you express your own style at home, and create a home that is beautiful, warm and inviting!

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