Why We Collect Antiques


Are you in love with collecting antiques? Antiques, those glorious one of a kind finds, give your home style, and help you create a place that expresses yourself and your style.

You know what you like. It has to have a story. It has to have quality. Personality. Maybe be a little quirky and out of the ordinary, reminding you of that afternoon in Paris, when a downpour made you run into that little shop filled with antiques.


Well read and well traveled, with a curiosity about the world, we antique collectors know what we like. But why do we collect antiques? For some of us it’s the connection with history. Some of us collect antiques to learn, and the joy of owning and preserving them for future generations. Some of us adore the thrill of the hunt, the “heirloom” quality and see our collections as an investment.

Here are five reasons we love to collect antiques.

1. Antiques whisper stories of the past. Antiques allow us to connect with history, and the people that went before us.  Not just a living record of generations of the past, the sheer quality of the art, jewelry, glass, silver, furniture and linens from past centuries is amazing.

The skill and incredible workmanship our ancestors poured into the items they used daily, or reserved for special occasions, are so beautiful. Maybe a particular collection stirs our heart with wonderful memories of childhood, our grandparents, or a time in life we were surrounded by antiques that we look back on with great love.


2. Antique invite exploration.  Antiques have the ability to capture our imagination, so much so that we want to learn about their origin, history, as well as the people who made the item and who used it, and how.


3. Antiques bring beauty to our daily lives. Your home should reflect the way you live, your passions, and evolve with your personal style. Shopping for antiques for your home is fun, creating a space surrounded by beautiful things you love is one of the best ways to express your own style and improve your quality of life.


4. Antiques are an investment. Antiques are valued commodities. Many antique items double nicely as investments, silver, jewelry, furniture, majolica, hand made lace and linens, all generally increase in value as their availability decreases and antiques become more rare to find.

Sharing antique collections with others, sharing your passion for antiques by lending your collection to a museum, or sharing it with your family and friends in your home is one of the greatest gifts you can give – sharing your passion with others.

5. Antiques survive. Meant to last and become heirlooms to hand down to children and grandchildren, even an antique French towel is a work of art. Antiques often suffer dings and scratches, they are mostly used in homes by families, and that is what I love most about them.

They are survivors, and their “imperfectness” tells their story. A few bumps and chips along the way only seems to add to their patina and beauty.


Collecting antiques provides a lifelong opportunity to explore, learn, and find beauty and pleasure. It’s a journey, filled with the joys of a pastime that you can enjoy your whole life.

Don’t know where to start? Think about what you love. What you want to see and appreciate every day, what makes your heart beat faster, brings you joy just by looking at it, and will add beauty to your everyday life.

When you find a piece that speaks to your imagination, its a treasure that you will cherish. I encourage you to really think about what you love, and surround yourself with antique objects that make you smile each time you see them.

What antiques do you love to collect?

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9 thoughts on “Why We Collect Antiques”

  1. You really have struck a chord here, Lidy. I wonder, are lovers of antiques born that way, or do they awaken to this love later in life? I know I have loved old things since I can remember and, as a child, my bedroom was a trove of things dragged from the farmhouse loft. My parents called it a museum. It wasn’t a museum because, for me, every piece I’d found was throbbing with history and life, and whether beautiful or not, was eternally special. Preserved craftsmanship that is still useful really does make my heart beat faster X

    1. I love that, Jeanne! I don’t know if antique aficionados are born, or can be awoken. I too loved antiques from an early age. But I certainly think that the appreciation of beautiful things, things well made and of exceptional quality can certainly be learned, don’t you?

  2. Great points! I am trying to reduce the “stuff” in my life, having dealt for the past two years with my parents moving out of their house. That means setting a high bar for possessions of all kinds. I’m unlikely to go out and buy a curiosity to set on a shelf. I have plenty, whose stories tend to involve loved ones. But I do sometimes need things, and I prefer that those items serve not only a utilitarian but also an aesthetic purpose. Hence, antiques. And we use them. So the silver is silver, and it’s used every day, not trotted out on special occasions. We are renovating a 17th century apartment and have decided to furnish it with antiques, despite everybody (including a guy from Gites de France) telling us we should do modern.
    Also, antiques are healthier (no off-gassing from the glues and foams used in today’s furniture) and better for the environment, because they are the ultimate in reuse.

    1. Agree with you on each and every point! You just go forward and surround yourself with the things you love. I know in Europe many of the designers are all about modern. But modern can also be livened up with a stunning antique piece! {I have “17th century apartment” envy!}

  3. Allison

    I so agree with all of the reasons that you gave on why we love antiques. The history behind them fascinates me! And, I don’t wince at cracks or chips either. You sure do have some beauties!!

  4. What a beautiful post! I have always loved collecting antiques and so did my mom and MIL. The beautiful antique shop in our town closed last year. The owner said that young people just didn’t appreciate antiques and so they were going out of business after 35 years. Hopefully, people like us will gather all the beautiful things and preserve them until they’re appreciated again!
    love and blessings~
    Lynda @ Gates of Crystal

    1. How sad about your lovely antique shop. Fortunately, here at FrenchGardenHouse
      we DO have many younger clients who love to purchase one of a kind pieces for their
      homes, pieces that express their own style, and up their decorating game.

  5. I learn a lot from you about antiques and I really enjoy seeing what you have and LOVE that you get to travel…exciting!

    I’m not much of a collector…my passions come and go. Nor am I one to hop on trends, I simply know what I like. I have some older pieces of furniture but they don’t go very far back, perhaps pre~World War 2?. That said, I go on home tours in a neighborhood nearby with homes that date back to the mid 1800’s and my head spins with the beauty of these homes and the treasures passed down.

    I read the comment above and it breaks my heart. Keep doing what you are doing, Lidy…it’s something invaluable.


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