After seeing Kristy’s beautiful coastal North Carolina home, so many asked to see our house in spring, that I quickly put together this tour.

Our front Provence garden is growing so beautifully! The perfect place to enjoy a leisurely cup of morning coffee, read a devotion, or to sit and watch the neighbors walk their dogs. Sometimes I go out here to catch up with a friend on the phone and get some sun at the same time. I look forward to having my morning coffee at this table with a wave of orange-scented air wafting by.


The mantel in the living room, I change it up for each season, the antique English ironstone pitchers are perfect for spring daffodils. While yellow isn’t my color for our home, I make an exception for these bright, beautiful flowers.


A little stack of antique French books elevates the antique tureen.


On the other side of the living room, I decorated my antique French children’s mannequins for a birthday party. Antiques love to have fun! They are not at all serious, at least they aren’t at our house. Waiting for a bottle of champagne and a pitcher of juice, this little Italian tray protects the chest of drawers. {I took this photo before opening the marcona almonds in the footed antique glass.}


I set up this little drinks station on an antique chest of drawers. It’s one of the first pieces of antique furniture I ever bought, I fell in love with the hand painted flowers. Since there seemed to be no room in the bedroom, it does wonderfully well in the living room. I store my special linen napkins in it, candles, paper cocktail napkins and other things for entertaining.  A few touches are all that’s needed to say “celebration!” such as the gold polka dot straws, the pennant proclaiming today is a happy day, and a few flowers.


My collection of majolica in the French armoire in the kitchen. It always changes, as I buy and sell pieces from and to collectors. The majolica is like art, each is different and hand made, hand painted. Love it!


The other French armoire is filled with dishes, French ironstone tureens and this too changes at the whim of what I buy for my FrenchGardenHouse shop. In this shot the burlap “curtains” hide cookbooks, I just tacked it on the shelf. This is pretty much where everyone congregates in our home, the other side of this room is the kitchen. Kids, grand babies, dogs, friends, everyone likes to sit here and talk, drink a glass of wine, and wait for dinner to be served!


The kitchen side of this room.  Our table seats up to 12, it has two leaves. Sometimes not having a dedicated dining room is a challenge, but I’ve gotten pretty good at cleaning up the mess in the kitchen so that you can’t see it when eating!


A table setting that I will share soon, this was such a fun dinner for my Giving Circle group of friends.  There are times when I set tables with the best, most exceptional antique lace tablecloths, silver, and porcelain, but often, I use the French Country antiques I also sell at FrenchGardenHouse.  These two styles of entertaining fit my personality. I believe in candles, in linen antique napkins, in flowers. Creating a beautiful home adds value to your life and to the life of those who enter your home, orchestrating your ideal life begins in your home!


This is a shot of my home office. I have a contemporary desk, a silvered antique French desk chair, I love that mix of modern and antique!


I inherited the antique Persian rug from my grandparents, it’s the perfect fit under my desk. I learned so much about gracious living and loving antiques from my European grandparents that I love this visual reminder, I can feel their presence every day when I work here.


This is my shipping house. I took this picture yesterday, obviously my climbing pink rose is a little out of control! It’s such a shame to cut it back when it’s trying so hard to be so beautiful. So it will wind itself into our large gingko tree a little longer. Inside, we store our shipping supplies, ribbons and tissue papers. {With a few visual beauties thrown in to offset the bubblewrap rolls!}




I’ll end with this shot of the shelf right outside our kitchen window….




I hope you’ve enjoyed the tour, and that spring has arrived in your part of the world, or is on it’s way!

To see another spring tour of our home, visit : Poofing The Pillows

What antique piece do you love most in your home?

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33 thoughts on “Spring HOME TOUR”

  1. What a breath of fresh air on a still cold and blustery sunny spring day in PA, Lidy! Thank you for the lovely tour of your beautiful home and garden spaces.

    1. Thanks so much for your visit, Johanne! I hope that spring will arrive sooner rather than later in PA. Wishing you a beautiful weekend, friend.

  2. bobbi duncan

    Lidy, your home makes me feel as though I just arrived at a pretty little French village! Thanks for the tour of your lovely home.

    1. Thank you Bobbi! You are so welcome, wouldn’t it be such great fun if we could all sit in the garden together?

  3. I love your gorgeous home. The kitchen is so lovely, and the yard is beautiful. It must be wonderful having your morning coffee outside with all the beautiful flowers.


    1. Kathy, thank you so much for your visit! I hope you will have a beautiful weekend.

  4. Absolutely AMAZING Lidy!!!! I will be going over and over this post for inspiration. You are an amazing decorator! This is so inspiring.
    hug from here…

  5. Always look forward to your blog
    Today was so inspiring … I love to use my antiques and just nest
    Thank you so much
    Hey what about a book?!?

  6. Thank you for sharing. It was better than reading Victoria magazine. Love the red touches.

  7. Cynthia

    I have such a desire to have a red chair, somewhere! Seeing the one you have in your sitting area just reminded me of how much I want one. Re-doing one of the rooms in our house this Spring, so I will have to find a way to incorporate that into the decor. That’s not all I am admiring here, though. Everything is just simply beautiful!

  8. I love how you use your antiques, so funny that you “dress them up” for a party. Thanks for modeling that it’s okay to have a little fun with antiques!

  9. Your home is so inviting. Your lively courtyard could be found in any home in France. Your kitchen is lovely. It makes me want to clean and spruce up my home for the upcoming season. If it ever arrives?

  10. Elaine Sharrard

    I loved looking at your beautiful home. I loved everything. It takes me back to when my daughter and I visited France. That is when I knew I wanted beautiful things surrounding us. We now live in Vero Beach Florida and the house we bought was furnished and the lady who owned it was a designer. She left a broken down orchid house and my husband redid it. I now have beautiful orchids that I bring in the house year round.

  11. Such a fresh and lovely house! I can only dream that my office will be as clean and lovely as yours…someday! xo

  12. Your home is beautiful and very original, just like you! Your antiques really set a lovely style without looking too stiff or formal. I love your dish collection and I really do enjoy an eat-in kitchen, many people have dining rooms that go unused except for holidays.

    Your climbing rose is gorgeous…I say let it go!


  13. Oh I have so enjoyed this tour — Lidy your home is warm and inviting and artistically organised into beautiful arrangements that soothe and please. Like you, I allow yellow into my home only in the form of daffodils…but also sunflowers. I realise that what you do, must be enormously satisfying.

  14. Cate Tuten

    Lidy, you have the most charming happy home!! I love every room and all the special things you have filled them with!! And love how your windows are open to spring…..what a treasure you are! Blessings, Cate

  15. Your home, like you Lidy, is so beautiful, warm & inviting! Everything is beautiful! I especially enjoyed the peek into your office & shipping area! The table setting for your friends is lovely!

  16. Gale Payne

    Lidy, Absolutely stunning! I am in love with your home and your beautiful styling! xoxo Gale

  17. Just Beautiful….I love those Altar Sticks on the mantel! AND that collection of Majolica!! Well, I love French!!!! What is the name of that Rose? I would like to plant it on one of my Pergolas.

  18. Nancy, thank you! My climber on the shipping house is called Cecile Brunner. It’s a beauty! I really wanted to plant a New Dawn, but they don’t do very well in my part of California. If they do well where you live, that would be my first choice!

  19. Absolutely GORGEOUS Lidy! Love all the areas in your home, everything is done so well. Love the pretty gift wrap area, so inspiring!

  20. Hi, Lidy,
    Well I could move right in, loved all the rooms such great taste, thanks for sharing, many great ideas~~~~~~~~~~~~

  21. You home looks so beautiful all dressed up for spring! What a beautiful spot you have to enjoy your morning coffee! That sitting area in your kitchen is such a great idea and it looks so pretty! Love those climbing pink roses! actually I love everything!! Thanks for sharing and for the inspiration!!

  22. Susan D.

    Thank you for this tour of your lovely home. I really enjoyed it! I have a piece from your shop in my kitchen—an intricate wire trivet. It hangs on the wall with other wire ware trivets. Please find more of them!

  23. Sandy B.

    HELP!! I have tried several times to have your blog sent to my email but it just doesn’t work. Can you help me? I just LOVE your home and your blog and to be able to follow you. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me!! Sincerely, Sandy B.

    1. Susan, I sent you an email, thank you for letting me know. Hopefully you received the confirmation email by now.

  24. Beverly Ivey

    Everything in the spring tour is absolutely stunning! Thank you for being a real inspiration.

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