Meet Interior Decorator Cynthia Weber from Ontario, Canada


Cynthia Weber is the owner and principal creative of Cynthia Weber Design.  Cynthia’s design studio is located in her historic home Bannock Burn 1878. Cynthia’s philosophy on interior spaces revolves around the elegance of simplicity and living with the things her clients love. She loves to incorporate personal treasures into living spaces, adding dimension and connection, two elements necessary for a well rounded home.


Cynthia is an accredited interior decorator and a member of the Canadian Decorators Association (CDECA). She works from her studio in her stately stone home on 7 acres near the shores of Lake Huron, where she resides with her husband Kent and their dashing dachshund Emmitt. Their grown son Spencer is an important part of their lives and a frequent visitor. Giving a nod to the classic elegance of the past while integrating current styles and living requirements, Cynthia is a genius at creating homes that reflect her client’s personality, traditional, eclectic or contemporary. I am excited Cynthia is sharing some of her inspiring ideas with us! I know you will love her style, her inspiring talent, and getting to know her.


1. Please tell us a little about yourself. I love living in the country, I am captivated by beautiful clothes especially those from bygone eras. I have a phobia of going to the hairdresser and I can’t imagine life without good food and wine!  My husband Kent and I run our studio from our home BannockBurn 1878, a stone house on seven acres in the pastoral countryside near the shores of Lake Huron in Ontario, Canada.

I decided early on that I wanted to keep our studio small, no assistants or junior creatives. I don’t want a client to ever feel they are lost in the shuffle, their homes are incredibly important to them; they are the heartbeat of their lives and the soft place they land at the end of each day.  From the first email or phone call to the final reveal,  we are hands on and fully invested in the success of each project. I think the fact that we run the studio from our home is a reflection of that philosophy … after all, our home is the heartbeat of our lives too!



2. When did you realize you wanted to design beautiful interiors? My interest in designing interiors came from spending time as a child with my Uncle Peter and Aunt Marilyn. Their beautifully designed home was layered with texture, art, and collected treasures, it filled me with delight. They traveled extensively, entertained with thoughtful style and grace, and their home was layered with collected treasures. It was a wonderful place to be inspired! My uncle, Peter Etril Snyder is a well respected artist, one of Canada’s favorite painters, and my aunt has amazing styling instinct… I learned so much from observing them both.





3. How would you describe your design style? I always struggle with this question because I am drawn to many styles. That is one of the reasons I love what I do. It gives me the opportunity to explore and create spaces in different styles, it is like a smorgasbord of creative candy! If I had to label myself I would say I am most drawn to a traditional farmhouse aesthetic. I prefer light walls and trim so the art, fabrics, rugs and furniture pieces can speak. I also feel a very strong connection to gardens so all my interiors seem to draw the eye out towards the colour, texture and beauty outside as well. I want to help people love their homes and create a haven, a beautiful home is one aspect of creating a beautiful life.

EcclecticCottageCW Eclectic Cottage Cynthia Weber Design

4. What inspires you? The 25 year love affair I have been having with my husband. The older I get the more I appreciate the rarity of finding the right person to spend your life with. We have a unique love story that began at summer camp when I was a 13 year old camper and Kent was an 18 year old counsellor … I took one look at him and fell down the rabbit hole. He was a prefect gentleman when I asked when he was going to marry me. A light pat on my head “ You are so cute, but I don’t think so.” he said as he sent me on my way. Curious about the whole story?


5. If your interior spaces had a message, what would you like them to say? “Girl… you got it right! This place fits like a glove! “

The photos below are of the The Little Inn of Bayfield, completely redesigned by Cynthia.

Historic Inn Project Cynthia Weber design inn Little-Inn-Room-One

6. What’s your favorite antique find, and where did you use it? Kent and I have collected antiques our whole married life. I have so many treasured pieces I find it impossible to choose. I think my favourite find was this Quebec flatware cupboard. ( I have a huge thing for large cupboards! ) It was also our first fight! More recently, a Shrank came down my mothers side of the family. It comes apart like a jigsaw puzzle and there isn’t a single nail in it. When we bought and moved to BannockBurn 1878 my mother graciously decided it should come live with us. I also have a fascination with pressed glass goblets, vintage textiles and miniature furniture… especially chairs. I like to hang them on the wall.

7. How do you incorporate antiques and vintage pieces into your designs? Perhaps because our home is historic and we have been involved with other historic property projects most of my clients are drawn to that aesthetic. I think incorporating important family pieces or collected antiques into a design adds dimension and connection. Most people are at least somewhat nostalgic in nature, well placed pieces from the past evoke memories, pride of heritage, and in some cases a connection to someone gone but never forgotten.  I will often bring in pieces that compliment what my clients have. In many cases I will gather up pieces from a client’s home and bring them together in a new way for the redesign that gets them excited about adding to their antique collections again. 





Please give us a peek into your life, loves and inspirations:

1. My favorite colors are: I am a blue girl. I designed my bedroom when I was ten using blue and white toile. I have an embarrassingly large collection of chippy blue and white dishes and I am obsessed with blue flowers. That said, I am most likely to be wearing black and white with a dash of pink.


2. If I could have one wish, I would wish for: To never lose my sight. It is incomprehensible to imagine for me.

3. Right now I’m reading: Right now I am obsessed with garden reference books… seed catalogues, garden layouts, seed propagation & storage, inspired gardens, potting sheds… I can’t get enough! We are planning extensive garden expansions here over the next few years so I am plotting and planning!





4. My favorite place is: Home. When Kent and I bought BannockBurn 1878 we found home. Restoring, renovating and preserving this place for future generations is our passion. Sitting on the back porch with Kent watching the sun set over the pasture is bliss for me.


5. I can’t live without: Laughter & Love.

6. A French Garden House antique I adore: It is impossible to pick! Like having one chocolate covered almond… torture! The French Riding Boots stole my heart.

You can see Cynthia’s work at Cynthia Weber Design , read her blog, and follow her on Facebook and instagram to be inspired by her beautiful sense of style.


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  1. I love these interior design posts, Lidy. Cynthia creates beautiful spaces for her clients. I love her range of work, from the traditional to contemporary. I glean little bits of knowledge from every one of these posts. Thank you!

  2. Dear Lidy,

    Thank you for the lovely feature.
    I adore you and your beautiful website. It is an absolute pleasure to be part of it through this interview!

    Many thanks,

    1. Thank YOU, Cynthia, for giving all of us a glimpse into your work, and your beautiful home!

  3. What a treat two of my favorite designers, bloggers & ladies come together for a chat & we get the listen in! Loved every detail of this post. Cynthia you are a gem! Wonderful interview!

  4. Great interview Lidy. I love Cynthia’s style. It is fresh and elegant. Her home is stunning. I would certainly be inspired living in such a beautiful place. Love the photos too. Very inspiring.

    I will definitely visit her page for more beauty and inspiration.


    1. Janet, I hope you will follow her blog, it’s so inspiring!

  5. I loved seeing your home in Style at Home The decor is wonderful.

    The Valentine Love Story reminded me of myself. I knew the moment I met my husband even though he was 7 years older that I was going to marry him. That was 58yrs. Ago
    Thanks for sharing your Love Story

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