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Today I’m excited to bring you an opportunity to win an original painting by renowned Canadian artist Peter Etril Snyder. My friend, Cynthia Weber is also on  bHome

she is generously donating a beautiful watercolor painting from her private collection. Isn’t it just beyond beautiful? Read on and you’ll find out how to enter the giveaway for a chance to win this painting of English countryside at the end of this post…..


We are fortunate to have a revolving collection of original art at home. Being an antique dealer I buy and sell antique oil paintings, French lithographs and pochoir prints, so our art on display is always changing.


I do have a weakness for the 19th century oils depicting flowers, especially violets, pansies or roses.


How could you not adore these lovingly depicted flowers, most likely painted with great care by a woman so long ago? In our FrenchGardenHouse office, I have four antique French fashion lithographs, their hand painted colors and overall amazing fussiness of the clothes and hats make me smile each day while I work! And they add a little soft touch to the mostly simple grey and white storage boxes and files that must be part of my work space to keep me organized.



All of these typify “art at home” for me, but so do the home made drawings from my grandchildren that are hung on the door with their “I love You’s” and brightly colored hearts and stick figures. {really, that is the art that makes my heart the happiest, doesn’t it yours?}  But you don’t have to have antique paintings or prints or original art gracing your walls to have “art at home”-



These two gesso frames hanging near my desk are art to me. A few beautiful frames, a framed picture your son or daughter made, a leaf from your garden, all of these are art in your home. It’s what makes your home truly YOURS.

Still, having a beautiful painting is a wonderful addition to any interior, and today is your opportunity. So back to Cynthia, and her heartfelt giveaway. Cynthia and her husband Kent have a custom interiors business which they run from their historic home, Bannock Burn 1878 in Ontario, Canada.


Their home and gardens are absolutely stunning. To say I have a little case of house envy is an understatement! Cynthia blogs about the design projects she does with her husband for clients, and also about the journey of restoring Bannock Burn 1878.


You can find Cynthia here.




Now on to the painting Cynthia has donated, from her heart, a beautiful original painting entitled Bridge Near the Bodiam Castle by  artist Peter Etril Snyder.  This original work of art is valued at $700.00 CAD.  Here is what Peter Snyder, the artist, notes about the painting:

“Over four months in Kent in 1998 made me very conscious of all the red brick buildings in the south-east area of England. This small bridge is a Victorian structure located near Bodiam Castle. It presents a new and colourful contrast to the soft gray/beige of the ancient stone castle. Here in North America it is difficult to think of a building that has survived for one hundred and fifty years as new, but in a land that displays items from Roman times, this bridge is gleamingly new.”


To enter to win this work of art, download the bHome app ~ bHome . TAP Cynthia’s star and you will immediately get a message with the link to enter.  TAP that link and you are entered.

Two TAPS and you are entered to win an original & valuable work of art, it’s as easy as that!

The give-away will run for 2 weeks: from 2/15 – 2/29. The winner will be chosen randomly by the app and notified thru the app & via email.  The 9” x 13” painting will be shipped to the lucky winner unframed.

Good luck everyone! And thank you Cynthia, for sharing the art of her home with all of us.

4 thoughts on “Art at Home | Original Painting Giveaway”

  1. Dear Lidy, the thing that I enjoy the most about this blog is the heart that you put into everything that you do. Your kind words about the smallest things in life is what life is all about. Like you , my favorite pictures are from my sweet grands. Small and simple words and works of kindness and love is what makes this world go around. Never quit writing your lovely articles that I read in the magazines and sharing your lovely items from the past. You are truly unique and precious. Thank you for sharing your love of beautiful things. xx Jo

  2. Joanne, thank you so much for your kind words. Thank you for reading my blog, and for the encouragement! xo

  3. Dear Lidy,

    What a wonderful post full of inspiration. I adore your vintage fashion plates and those gesso frames are most definitely works of art… blissful chippy treasures!

    Thank you for your kind, kind words about our home. Kent and I fell in love with the property and its history. We have only begun the many levels of restoration and garden expansions we are dreaming about but every step we take brings us joy and connection to this place. We know it will go on long after we are dust in the ground…

    Best of luck to your amazing readers for the painting giveaway! I hope it will be loved and treasured as we have loved and treasured it!


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