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This post is filled with details, and inspiration! It’s the details that draw us to beautiful antique objects, antiques have such luxury quality, and hand craftsmanship. Artists sculpted, painted, and formed most antiques with great skill, care and thought. They put their heart and soul into each piece, this is what makes antiques such a wonderful addition to your home. It’s why we collect antiques. Quality. Style. and Soul.

I’m excited to share a few of my very favorite details from our French, English and American Antiques in this post. From luxurious Paris Apartment style to French Country…..If you are a fellow antiques enthusiast, or know someone who is, be sure to get your “Pin It” button ready.






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  1. I have always loved Antiques. Like you said you see the quality, patina and time that was put into each piece. I do not buy new pieces.

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