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As promised, I’m giving you a small tour of our shipping area, which was featured in the Winter 2016 Issue of Where Women Create BUSINESS. And also another chance to win a copy of the latest issue of Jo Packham’s magazine Where Women Create Business. {more on that at the bottom of this post!}


I’m hoping you remember that this is where we package and ship orders, so like I mentioned before, there is not a whole lot of beautiful happening in there. You are welcome to come in, but please don’t trip on the stacks of cardboard boxes!


The little shipping house is small. It’s filled with cardboard boxes, tape, packing supplies. But also with a selection of ribbons, and tissue papers that we use to package orders for our clients. We strive to make opening a parcel from FrenchGardenHouse a joy, as much as we can, since most things need a good dose of bubble wrap.


I store some of the props we use in styled shoots for our antique website in here.



The gold boxes and white bins hold our “lagniappes”, small gifts that we include in every order. Folders hold tags, the pink leather book is where my shipping helper notes what he needs to order from packaging suppliers. {I tell him to pretend he’s color blind and the book is a manly blue}


A few small mannequins we use for displays stand on the counter. The paper one was hand made by me for a local shop long ago, each one was different ~ this was the prototype, I’m happy I kept it! One of the first antique frames I ever bought is in front the window.




Well, that concludes the tour. The rest is pretty uninspiring! Boxes, tape dispensers, bags of packing peanuts and more. All the things we need to ship antiques to clients worldwide. Nothing glamorous or interesting.


Let’s get to the GIVEAWAY! I am partnering with Where Women Create BUSINESS and bHome to gift a copy of this inspiring magazine to a lucky winner via bHome. bHome is a wonderful app for your phone and iPad, I’m excited to be a part of this group of inspiring bloggers and publications. The best part is that not only will you be able to read the blogposts, see all the creative inspiration, get recipes and more, you will also be able to interact with all the bHome bloggers from your cell phone. iPad users: bHome runs great on your iPad as an iPhone app.



Here’s how you can enter the GIVEAWAY and find FGH at bHome.

1. Download the FREE app at the app store on your iPhone or Android. You can also  go to bHome and download and join for FREE.

2. Once you have joined bHome, browse “recents” and FrenchGardenHouse should be near the top.

3.TAP the FrenchGardenHouse star then read my message – TAP the link & you are entered – easy as that, 2 TAPS & you are entered to win! How easy is that?


{For those of you who don’t use a cell phone or have an iPad, you can still enter to win a copy HERE.}

Thank you for taking the time to take my little tour of our shipping department!  I hope you will pick up a copy of Where Women Create BUSINESS at your bookstore or market. It’s always so inspiring to read about entrepreneurs and their businesses.

Merci FGH

Wishing you a beautiful weekend! xo Lidy

5 thoughts on “Shipping House Tour| bHome Giveaway”

    1. Thank you so much, Yvonne. That’s so sweet of you to say. The parts that are not on view are pretty much plastic and cardboard things. Happy weekend, friend! xo

  1. Meredith

    Your shipping area is very inviting to a creative eye. Love all you little details for packaging.

  2. Nancy Pianfetti

    Hi Lidy…the happiest of New Years to you and yours. I loved seeing your shipping area!!!! Mine was the back of our Ford Explorer for the longest time…then we upgraded to a Cadillac Escalade!!!!! As the owner of the Shabby Chateau, I enjoyed delivering furniture I had refinished with hand mixed paint colors and stains and many times with paintings of roses, or intricate stencils I used. It is truly Deja Vu when I look at your website!!!! I love everything you do and everything you stand for…I wish you as many years as you wish to enjoy every detail of your business!!
    Love, Peace and Blessings,

  3. I love your shipping room or building. It looks pretty darn great, who else has pink and gold accessories on their counters with the packing tape and cardboard? I’m entering the giveaway on the app. Thanks!

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