Holiday Home Tour

I’m so glad you are here! Please join me for a little tour inside our home, decorated for the holidays. Bentley is excited to welcome you, he’s wearing his holiday collar {not sure how long that bow will stay on!}



I’m almost done decorating, in the next week I’ll add a few fresh bouquets of greens and flowers, maybe green garland to the kitchen. Today I’m showing you our living room, since you already saw the entry to our home here.


Right on the other side of the front door, our little demi lune table is decorated with a bowl of clove studded oranges, an antique porcelain baby Jesus that was given to my grandmother as a child, and small antique bottle brush trees. Our child’s size French mannequin wearing feathered wings stands guard.


We have a modified open floor plan, with a bank of large windows on the back wall with a view of the garden.

The furniture is neutral, our white couch is the perfect starting point for pillows. This year, I have silver and grey, the Malibu Cable Knit Blanket is a beautiful and cozy addition.


My favorite new Holiday Pillow is the black one on the chair next to the tree, with the stag. It even has a beautiful name, “Looking for Winter Deer”, I bought it from Jen Rizzo, isn’t it gorgeous?


A small white {faux} fur covers our French bench, I know that our little people are going to love that. My daughter’s family just got a small black and white Bassett Hound puppy, I’m sure on Christmas day he will love this snuggly furry bench too!


I’ve had a lot of questions about our tree from many of you. It’s not real, my husband is extremely allergic to real trees, while our children were young, he “suffered” for having a real tree, but quite a few years ago we bought this one. We are in the market for a new tree, but haven’t decided which kind to buy yet, so until we find one of this quality and size, we are keeping this one.  I do decorate the tree myself, and yes, we do have ornaments our kids made, macaroni angels, hand colored pictures, styrofoam balls covered in glitter, it’s all in there sharing branches with antique ornaments.


Many of the ornaments are antiques, I especially cherish those that hung on my grandparent’s and Mom’s tree. Now that my Mom is no longer here, I usually have a few tearful moments as I hang up some of the ornaments I bought for her tree over the years.  I especially love the old wax angel shown below, I bought it for my Mom a few years ago because it is just like one we both remember from my grandmother’s collection. She is missing parts of her feathered wings, her paint is almost off, and she has bald spots in her hair, but to me she is the most beautiful ornament we hang on our tree each year.


For this year’s mantel I kept it simple, I wanted the 18th century Italian Gilt Altar Cherubs to be the focal point, I layered the mantel with a cedar garland entwined with a small silk garland, and wired on pinecones. The topiaries are usually next to the kitchen sink, I tied a simple burlap ribbon on them edged with a small strip of gold, three votives touched with gold, and the mantel is done. I try to opt for elegant, simple and peaceful for Christmas, letting our antiques take center stage.



On an antique wall bracket, a small sterling child’s cup was planted with this sweet lily of the valley, topped with bright chartreuse green moss.



The French commode is a soft beautiful sage green, this year I hung an antique gold mirror on the wall above to reflect the tree.  Our French Tian Bowl is filled with clove studded oranges and greens, and a few silk flowers and berries. Nearer to Christmas I will add more fresh oranges from our tree in the back garden and take out the flowers.


This beautiful antique Christ Child Santos stole my heart. He has a sheep on his shoulders, you can see his sweet little head in the  mirror reflection below. The santos is still wearing his original velvet clothing, and gilded crown.  Not sure if they will ever be for sale, for now they’re staying home with us, shining brightly!

HOLIDAYHOUSETOUR15Santos HolidayHouseTourChristSantos

A shot from the couch towards the fireplace mantel.


Here are a few random shots around the living room. I love this articulated French mannequin, for the holidays she is wearing an amazing French Gold Bullion Lace Collar, and a small boxwood wreath encircles her neck.

A peek into the antique silver cabinet, where I keep my small collection of antique china miniature dolls and my little antique sheep. {and legs!}


I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing our living room decorated for the holidays! I will post some photos of our kitchen soon.



Are you done decorating? Or do you add layers as Christmas comes closer like I do?
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24 thoughts on “Holiday Home Tour”

  1. Everything is so lovely! I especially love your mix of beautiful antiques and cherished memories. I hope you’re having a wonderful Christmas season.
    love and blessings~
    Lynda @ Gates of Crystal

  2. Rosemary

    Absolutely sweet & beautiful! Prettiest Christmas room I’ve seen this season! J’adore !!

  3. Penny @ The Comforts of Home

    It is all so beautiful! I love the mannequin with the sweet angle wings. Your tree is stunning. I made clove studded oranges too! I have them on my current blog post.

  4. Joyce Patterson Goodstein

    So warm and inviting, Lidy…Wishing you all the Blessings and Joys of this Christmas Season….Hope, Love and Peace xo

  5. Vicky from Athens

    It’s absolutely lovely! I’m just cutting back this year on decorating. I have so much in the way of decorations but it just seems to be the year for simplicity in my house! I love the Rizzo pillows – I’ll be ordering a couple for sure! Thanks for all of the eye candy!!

  6. Lidy, thank you so much for sharing your beautiful Christmas Decor! I love it all. Of course I am not surprised that it is so beautiful, I would expect nothing less ???????????? Have a wonderful Sunday evening and a great week, xo. Pam

  7. Caroline

    Thank you for this gorgeous, gorgeous tour! I can’t wait to see the rest. You showed me how to decorate for the holidays without changing my house into crazy, but keeping it elegant.

  8. Nancy Pianfetti

    Lidy, your living room looks absolutely beautiful!!! That tree looks like it’s 20 feet tall!! It looks very elegant, especially with the furry bench.
    We are still decorating here in NJ and will be going to Florida on Christmas Eve with our family in tow! My cousin has already put up our new white tree in our condo and I will decorate it in pinks and blue and yellow to match our shabby French country décor!!
    I wish you and your entire family a wonderful holiday season and all the best for 2016.
    Love, peace an Blessings,

  9. Meredith

    Lidy, you have lovely taste. I love the simplicity but elegant and traditional look of your Christmas decor. Enjoy your holiday and the blessings it brings.

  10. Oh my Lidy your home is so Grand and Beautiful! What a fun festive place to celebrate the holidays with those you love. Thank you for the tour. Merry Christmas xx Jo

  11. Merry Christmas Lidy,
    I just love all of the pretty things in your home and the detail’s, I am like that to so nice to enjoy warm and cozy and yet so inviting, love Bentley, thanks for sharing~~~~~~~~~~~My Great Grand Daughter 1 1/2 calls me GiGi, and my Grandson calls me Grand Ma-MA-, BOTH French LOVE IT, I GAVE THE NAME TO MY Grand SON but she just started calling me that so I must have that French flare, always loved the French pretty’s and my Antique dolls my joy, Have a Happy New Year and enjoy your Family to~~~~~~~~~~~

  12. Absolutely beautiful Lidy. So warm and welcoming. Wishing you and your family a very Joyeux Noel.

  13. Mary Coleman

    Dear Lidy. You have been such a busy elf! Thank you for inviting us into your beautiful, comfortable ,love filled home! , when I saw the wee green chair I had to go get ours from another room and sit them around a lower table and added my favorite old Christmas books. Thank you! This makes me feel like the “baby grands” are about to pop in the door and that thought brings such joy! Lots of silver bowls here filled with cedar, boxwood and white camellias , wreaths adorning our ” Eight Gates” ,beautiful old bibles here opened to Luke and dining room table covered in all sizes silver Festal bells , bells from chandelier and in crystal until champagne is poured and we ring those bells! Merry Christmas with Love from Sweet South Carolina.

  14. Marion

    Lidy, it is totally magical, beyond beautiful!
    xoxoxoxoxo und
    Froehliche Weihanchten!!

  15. Sharon Sheehy

    Your home is everything that I have imagined it to be, and more! It is visually soft and romantic and peace-filled! My favorite is the Christ-Child with the lamb across His shoulders! The reason He came, right? To save the lost sheep, it is priceless, and I love how you describe Him with such love and attention to every detail! If I were actually at your home, my head would be spinning in every direction, not wanting to miss a thing! You definitely have a gift, and I thank you for sharing!
    Merry Christmas with the love of the Christ-Child, from Virginia

  16. Loved each picture. Really puts one in the mood if they are not already in the mood! Merry Christmas Love all your posts.

  17. A most beautiful home decorated for Christmas. Loved every exquisite detail…always enjoy seeing your beautiful collections…and you have embellished them so exquisitely. The front porch just sets the tone as friends and family enter the feeling of magic in your home!

  18. Lidy, your home is so inviting, living with antiques and vintage items (my choice for decor!). The tree is simply gorgeous in shape and decorations. I am trying to draw the line and call it quits, but clearing prior vignettes for much-needed counter space for my Christmas Eve buffet family dinner has prompted me to making new vignettes! I might be still playing with dishes and tablescapes too, I admit. Merry Christmas, and may you have a successful and hopeful New Year.

  19. How I would love to sit and visit with you in your home! It is so beautiful, yet comfortable and welcoming…. Love the pictures! So well done!!! Have a wonderful Christmas!!!

  20. So, so lovely! Your home is so beautifully decorated for the holidays Lidy. Every photo was a treat for the eyes. Your tree is amazing!
    sending hugs…

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