French Lessons | 6 Tips for Living Like a French Woman

French Lessons | 6 Tips for Living Like a French Woman


French women seem to have that  je ne sais quoi ~ living chic in an effortless way. They appear self confident, well dressed, and to lead a charmed, elegant life. Here are 6 tips I’ve learned from the French women in my life. They all seem to have a generous dose of amour propre, self-love and self-respect.

French Lessons | 6 Tips for Living Like a French Woman

1. Celebrate YOU.

You were created to be unique, there is only one YOU, it sounds  cliché, but it’s absolutely true. If you love being feminine, and enjoy flirty, girly clothing, it’s what you are meant to be, it’s who you are, so don’t fight it. If you prefer the classics, or menswear, so be it. Figure out what makes you feel beautiful and comfortable. This is the secret French women have, it gives them that “oh, la la!”, they give themselves permission to be themselves. Align your inner self with your outer self. It can take a while to figure out your true beauty, but revel in it, pudgy nose and all. Don’t worry about looking perfect. Feel “bien dans sa peau” {feel good in your own skin}.


2. Take Care of Yourself.

French women don’t go out looking like a mess. They might be in a hurry, but they are dressed and groomed, with a little scarf casually thrown on for good measure, even if they are only going to the supermarket. If you look good, you’ll feel good, it’s a sign of respect for yourself and the world around you! Find what colors look good on you. Dress for yourself, show your personality, express your individuality. Don’t wait until you loose 10 lbs., work with what you have. If you wear a radiant smile, and know you look as good as you can, no one will care nor notice.


3. Create and Honor Everyday Habits.

There is something lovely about a cup of coffee at 11:00 am every morning, tea time precisely at 3:30 every afternoon.  French women {and Europeans in general} have habits that are simple everyday touchstones they rely on during their days. Give yourself little breaks during the day that enable you to refresh and live a more productive life. Revel in luxuries such as a luxurious bubble bath, an afternoon nap when you can on a  weekend, an hour sitting in the autumn sun reading a fantastic novel.



4. Bring Artistry to Everyday Life.

Beauty is all around us. French women {almost} all have a fresh bouquet of flowers in their home, they have an orderly home. I pick up a little bouquet of flowers most weeks, or cut a few roses from the garden. Even a few green branches with leaves, beautifully arranged in a vase can bring joy to your interior.  Ask for lovely soaps for your sink in the kitchen or bathroom as holiday or birthday gifts to enjoy them each time you wash your hands. Anything that you enjoy, simple luxuries, are what make your everyday routines pleasant and a moment you look forward to.



5. Be a Lifelong Learner. Choose to become intellectually wealthy.

It’s what French women have a true knack for, art, fashion, literature and music, they can and do converse intelligently about them. Acquiring new knowledge of the world at large is a great way to expand your horizons, and make you an interesting woman. Visit an exhibit at a museum, attend a play, read a new book everyone is talking about. Anything and everything that you find fascinating adds value to your life, your conversation and your intimate circle.


6. Select Quality over Quantity.

Surround yourself with the best quality you can afford. French women have fewer things than we do. They would rather buy one designer bag, take good care of that, and have it for 5 years than buy 6 lesser quality pieces. Their homes are not cluttered, they do display the best antiques and decorative items they have with great style. They set their tables with their best: silver, porcelain, or country linen and majolica. They use what they have, a chip or a dent here and there is something they cherish.


Every day you have the opportunity to make your day and that of your family as pleasant and as beautiful as you possibly can. You get to decide what you have in your home, what you wear, and how you will shine in your realm.


What tip can you share with us about how you mindfully make your days or yourself beautiful?

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30 thoughts on “French Lessons | 6 Tips for Living Like a French Woman”

  1. Lidy, thank you for sharing this today. So much wisdom in one little post that I had to Pin to my Encouragement board. Intellectual wealth…what a wonderful term! This post needs to be read by many and reread regularly. 😉

    1. Carol, you are so welcome, dear friend. You are beautiful in each and every way!

    1. Tracie and Cate, I agree, we are born to create beauty, peace and calm for ourselves and those around us. xo Lidy

  2. cate tuen

    Lidy, as a Christian woman, this so lines up as truth for me. I am a unique work of art in Christ! As women we were born to create beauty for ourselves and those around us. It is a way of love and thankfulness! And I so love the way French women do it!! Thanks for sharing this encouraging post!! Cate

  3. Lidy,
    I loved this article and all the photos and I must say that is just the way I think everything that was said is just what I do, sometimes the simple things are the best and make you feel so good, thanks for always giving us such enjoyment~Happy Life to you and your family~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  4. Teemie

    Lidy.. Thank you for this reminder. Touched my spirit deeply. Handmade lemon soap in my bath, cup of green tea each noon, and yes a linen napkin in my lunch box. Again thank you dear one…

  5. Patrici O'Brien

    Have always loved everything Parisian and love to fit in the category of loving life and taking care of self, home and friends.

  6. Allison Herron

    Dear Lidy, Yes, those are all lovely thoughts…
    Just want to correct your French: should be ‘Je ne sais quoi’ (with the s on the end of sai)… I love your writing!

  7. Mary Coleman

    Lidy, ooh la la! Thank you for this post. Here are a few things this Southern girl does for beauty in our home…I love for the refrigerator to look beautiful inside. Crystal bowls in fridge with tangerines, apples, blackberries, Celery stalks in crystal vases lots of fresh juices in sparkling glass jars. Fresh herbs. I make big oversized ice cubes and round ones and keep in bags in freezer. Always there are flowers in our home and our big porches are ready for a friend to drop by for a chat and sip. I keep a big tray of note cards, fountain pens and stamps on our big kitchen island to jot quick notes to friends. Amazing the mail one gets in return ! Usually in my laundry room at the desk is a poem I am reading and trying to memorize. It helps that my drapes in there are from Paris!:) These are my pleasures now that the children are gone with families of their own! My beauty tip is this: lipstick and big smile and always if you wonder whether or not to wash your hair Do it! Love, Mary

    1. It figures you would think to make your refrigerator beautiful, Mary! I have tried that in the past, but the rest of my family is not a fan. So putting that off til later. {But loving the idea!} I love the frozen herb cubes, always such to a treat to just reach in and be able to use some for sauces, herb butter. The poem….now THAT I find inspiring. I shall try that, it’s always good to improve one’s mind. Thank you for leaving such a thoughtful comment!

  8. louisa

    I found this article by accident and i am so pleased that i did. Beautifully written and more useful than you know. Thank you x

  9. Shirley

    Thank you for your words that encourage us to be all what God wants in our lives.

  10. I have just discovered your blog through the fall decor link post. Very beautiful blog, so of course I started “walking” around ….being French I am always wary to read how French women are perceived to be living. Of course having being in this country for a while, my attitude has been Americanized…I thought your post about surviving the Holidays like a French woman was totally spot on. It is totally how my mom and sister do it!
    bonne journee

  11. I’m enjoying reading your blog!
    I really liked this one….I needed the encouragement! Thanks!

  12. Regina

    Lidy, I just love this! You are such a sweet, beautiful lady and now I understand why. A tip my mother gave me was to never leave the house without looking my best. My hair was always combed to perfection, always wore makeup, dressed the best that I could, and always wore a smile. My mother always wore fingernail polish, she was a hairdresser and also gave manicures, and her purse and shoes always matched. I am so proud that my mother left me with this legacy. And of course, I passed it on to my daughter so that she could pass it on to hers.

  13. Very timely read for me. “Living chic in an effortless way” appeals to me. In my home as well as my personal style. This is the year to make that happen. Thanks for all the inspiration I’ve gleaned from your blog today. I have to come back and read much, much more. xo

  14. Charlotte

    In reply to your request for your readers to give a
    tip to make my days or myself beautiful, there are two things I do and both involve cleaning/cleansing. In your lovely mantel display, I noted how clean the antique glass is and it reminded me of cleansing myself, body and soul. I take long hot baths to relax and cleanse, then moisturize my skin. For my soul, I do a daily examen of conscience to root out my sins of omission and commission. Both of these actions are necessary to be beautiful inside and out. When one is clean, the Light shines through and through.

  15. Mary Ann


    I am a little late commenting on this post. Just wanted to say thank you for reminding everyone
    how little effort it takes to go out in public and look presentable. I am so discouraged by the
    women I see in airport, supermarkets and malls. I lived in Paris for 5 years and I always admired
    the older women who lived in my building. They would go out for their morning chores always looking
    very presentable. Their clothes were not from the runways of Paris designers, but they were always
    of good quality and design. I also think our behavior is a reflection of the way we present ourselves.
    Thanks for letting me share.

    1. Mary Ann,

      Thank you so much for taking the time to write. This is so much what I was thinking in writing this post.
      It takes so little effort to take good care of yourself. And this is not to “show off” or to impress other people,
      it’s merely a sign of love and respect of yourself. Every one feels better when they look good, everyone.

      I often have people laugh at me when I say I get fully dressed and made up every morning, even if I never
      leave my home office, because they say “why bother?” But for me, the day just isn’t the same if I don’t
      look my best, it makes me feel as best as I can!

  16. Clare Kennedy

    just so lovely thank you for the inspiration!! <3

  17. Carol Ensley

    This was truly a breath of much needed fresh air. A thoroughbred Southerner, I remember the days of beautiful Teas, bridal showers, the “good china” silver and gentility overall. My mother never wore trousers and never left her house without hose, foundation, earrings and a gorgeous scarf of some size. Manners were just expected no question, no excuses…yes ma’am, no sir etc. Today, sadly things have changed a bit and it’s so nice to know there is a place where class is still recognized and practiced.

    1. Carol, I think Southerners still have such great manners! It is truly still so necessary to have good manners, it just makes the world a happier place, doesn’t it?

  18. I am so glad I found this post!! I also see people out shopping, at airports, markets, movies, plays and being Southern born and bred it’s awkward at best to see women with leggings sweats etc running errands. I never went out in a state of undress but had so many say WHY ARE YOU ALL DRESSED UP to go to the grocery? It really stunned me and for a while during lockdown I found I was falling into the same patterns. I was mortified! I’m now back in order and just bought new “lacy” underwear and it makes me happier and feel young again and enjoy being dressed from the inside out!! Keep up the good work ladies, it makes us who we are.

    1. Joyce, thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment. We are kindred spirits, aren’t we? I agree, being well dressed makes you feel confident and happier. xo

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