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I’m SO EXCITED to be speaking at this fall’s LaunchYourCreativity in Orange, California this weekend about how blogging can grow your business and build your brand. LaunchYourCreativity is the creative brainchild of Sharon Hughes, one of the kindest, most generous women I know. It’s a conference she created to inspire and encourage the hearts of creative women and equip them with the tools to foster growth in their businesses, as well as connect them in community.



I’ll be speaking along with these creative professionals, rockstars and all around amazing women at FLOURISH



Cheryl Turner, owner of Paris in a Cup | Norma Rapko, artist, and creator of the Crystyler | Cynthia Shaffer, artist, published author, acclaimed photographer | Sharon Hughes, encourager, life coach.

This conference is for ALL creative professionals, if you are just beginning your dream business, or are already successful.  It’s for you if you are a woman in business, an aspiring small business owner, a photographer, an Etsy store owner, a blogger, a stylist, an artist, a BIG dreamer, a planner, a service provider and more. Industry leaders at this conference will teach about becoming a better small business owner, how to plan and motivate yourself to launch a business or refresh and rebrand your business, how to blog to grow your business, how to buy for your store or business, how to bring a product to market, how to get published and more.



And then there is the “secret sauce” I can’t quite describe at every LaunchYourCreativity . Something special happens in that room filled with women, {and yes- men!} who all have a HUGE dream, gathering together to bond, share and learn together. It’s nothing short of amazing!



FLOURISH will be held in the gorgeous Paris in a Cup, a stunning Tea Salon in Orange, California.

I will admit, I’m a little nervous/excited at this moment. Please send me good thoughts. I don’t normally speak, and I’m hoping to be able to sound like I actually know things. {Which I know I do, but you know what I mean, public speaking is not really my gift. My gift is all about having a “good eye” and sourcing spectacular antiques – which is not usually a public event with others watching me.}


Missed FLOURISH? Mark your calendar for SPARKLE ~ April 29 – 30. You can add yourself to the email list to get information about SPARKLE or send Sharon an email.

If you have any questions, are excited or interested in coming to SPARKLE, feel free to leave me a comment, too.
  Wish me luck! 

6 thoughts on “Launch Your Creativity”

  1. I know you will be a wonderful speaker just be yourself and speak from your heart..

    Have fun, enjoy the moment!!

    A Thousand Blessings..

    1. Thanks so much Sheila, for your encouragement. It was an amazing event, I was so blessed! {and I think I actually DID make sense}:)

  2. Tammy Rey

    Lidy, I can not wait to see you tonight and tomorrow! This is just what I need.

  3. Thank you Tammy! I think we are all going to be learning, be inspired and be encouraged so MUCH tonight and tomorrow!! Looking forward to seeing you at the LYC.

  4. Lidy,
    You are such a beautiful and creative woman and are always so inspiring.
    Enjoy this gathering of talented individuals!

    1. Thank you Jemma! It truly was amazing to be part of this event, a room filled with women, and a few men, who are creative entrepreneurs, creating community, learning from each other, and having fun! I am so grateful to be a part of it.

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