Felicitations! Announcing the Winner of our bHome Giveaway

+FrenchCadeauRemember when I mentioned bHome? The amazing way to follow your favorite blogs and magazines on your iPhone, Android phone or iPad? To celebrate that I joined this stellar group of creative, inspiring women, FrenchGardenHouse hosted a giveaway. For a $200.00 gift certificate for people who downloaded the app, and followed me -FrenchGardenHouse- there by clicking the star by the FrenchGardenHouse name. {Get bHome }

So exciting! I’m thrilled to announce the winner: Sandy J  please message me on bHome!



Even though the contest is over, I hope that you will download the app, it’s so easy. And then you can always see what I am up to behind the scenes here, and share my enthusiasm for antiques! The world of antiques is exciting and always full of surprises, each object has a history, and whispers beautiful stories of those who lived before us.


I love having your company, as I unearth treasures, share news about antiques, take you on petit tours of our home, give you gracious entertaining ideas, table setting ideas, and recipes. Mostly, I hope to encourage you to create a stylish, inspired home that nurtures your soul, and envelops your family and friends, and yes, YOU, in beauty.

Secret Project I worked on this month:


{And now I’m already working on a spring time article believe it or not!}

Next time: I’ll share a Fall table setting that is easy to put together with fruit, pumpkins and whatever you have! Please sign up to get my blogposts in your email “IN BOX” so you don’t miss it!

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2 thoughts on “Felicitations! Announcing the Winner of our bHome Giveaway”

  1. Caroline

    Such a lucky winner! I wouldn’t even know what to choose. Beautiful holiday project, is it a magazine feature?

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