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Today, I’m going to let you know about an amazing way to connect to all the blogs & magazines you adore. It’s called bHome, and iPhone | iPad users as well as Android users can download the FREE APP and be a part of our fabulous inspiring Home And Garden Community. You’ll be able to find FrenchGardenHouse and over 40 of your favorite blogs and magazines in one place, ON YOUR PHONE!

If you love Instagram, you’ll love this app. There are big photos of your favorite blogs in the home and garden community, and you will be able to click directly over to their blog, Instagram account, shop and even check out their favorite playlists! How fabulous is that?! It’s the most user friendly, easiest way to be inspired, and to connect!



I am so honored to be included with this group of inspiring bloggers and publications. The best part is that not only will you be able to read the blogposts, see all the creative inspiration, get recipes and more, you will also be able to interact with all the bHome bloggers from your cell phone. iPad users: bHome runs great on your iPad as an iPhone app.


I know we all lead busy lives, so this is just about perfect when you are stuck waiting in line to buy dinner ingredients at the market, or waiting at the car wash, or sitting in your car waiting to pick up children, or any other time when you have nothing to do. {I know, those times are few and far in-between!}

To celebrate, FrenchGardenHouse is having a fabulous GIVEAWAY! One lucky FrenchGardenHouse reader who downloads the bHome app on their smart phone and follows me on bHome will win a $200.00 GIFT CERTIFICATE to FrenchGardenHouse.  Winner will be announced on 10-12-2015. {Autumn is the perfect time to buy something for your home, or treat yourself to one of our gorgeous pieces of jewelry.} The picture below shows just a small amount of the beautiful pieces you can choose from should you win!


Here’s how you can enter the GIVEAWAY and find FGH at bHome.

1. Download the FREE app at the app store on your iPhone or Android. You can also  go to bHome and download and join for FREE.

2. Once you have joined bHome, browse “recents” and FrenchGardenHouse should be on the top.

3.TAP the FrenchGardenHouse star then read my message – TAP the link & you are entered – easy as that, 2 TAPS & you are entered to win! How easy is that?


bHome is the best place on your smart phone. You can visit over 40 great Home and Garden bloggers and magazines, view their Blogs and their Pinterest boards, and pin right from them to your Pinterest boards. You will be able to view all of their Instagram, Facebook, Google + and Twitter accounts and interact with everyone there too. bHome is stunning, with so much gorgeous inspiration! It’s easy, and FREE for you to join. I hope that you will join all of us and be part of our hive.

Please join, and enter to win our $200.00 GIFT CERTIFICATE, I know you will love the community there, and will get so much inspiration. I’m looking forward to seeing you at bHome. Please let others know about bHome, and pin this to your Pinterest board and share on your FaceBook page. Thank you!

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21 thoughts on “bHome|How to Follow your Favorite Bloggers & Magazines| $200.00 GIVEAWAY”

  1. Congratulations Lidy – what a great way to read and enjoy your inspiring and beautiful blog posts while on the run, waiting in line, sitting in the doctor’s office, having a pedicure, etc. Looking forward to down loading the app! Have a wonderful day, Erin

    1. That’s exactly what is so great about the bHome app! You can use it anywhere, it’s so easy, it’s so beautiful and it’s so inspiring, Erin.

  2. Lidy we couldn’t be more thrilled to have you & French Garden House join us on bHome. And what a generous give away! Thank you and welcome to you & your readers.

    1. Thank you Kelly, I am just thrilled too! It’s a beautiful app, and I love being able to access all my favorite inspirational blogs and magazines anywhere and everywhere.

    1. Thank you so much, new friend. Thank you for the warm welcome Shirley!

  3. Hate that you can only enter this contest thru a smart phone. There a still a lot of us that only use the internet to get to your page. 🙁

  4. So happy to have you join us over on bHome! You will love it over there and so will your readers!! Looking forward to getting to know you through your beautiful blog!!

    1. I’m so happy to join all of you on the beautiful bHome too, Cynthia! Thanks for the warm welcome.

  5. i love your French Garden…. this always cheers me up… i am a retired Designer and it makes me think of all the times i had to find objects for a customer. Keep up the good work! Elle

    1. Thank you Elle, you always encourage me! Wishing you a beautiful week. xo Lidy

  6. I, too, am only on internet….maybe next time. Disppointed because I love your website.

    1. Rae, do you have an iPad? You can get the bHome app there too.

  7. Lidy, I have to admit I am a little excited about having a “new” phone to have this wonderful site at my finger tips! I am thrilled for you, too, for being a new member of it!! I can’t wait to discover what it has to offer.

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