What’s New: French Country: Green with Envy


A French Country home is a mix of family heirlooms, elegant French antiques, and more “country” finds from the countryside of France.


Antique French Utilitarian Glass makes a decorative statement. Beautiful, affordable, and very usable, it is a favorite of FrenchGardenHouse clients. Gathered from the brocante markets {flea markets} of the Provence area, each jar or bottle has its own charm.


Many have original labels, or labels applied by French homeowners and farmers long ago, to suit their needs.



The little French town of L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, a river town known for its antique dealers, is also one of my favorite spots to gather French glassware to bring back to the US to start a new life here in “the colonies.”



These honey jars are an especial favorite of mine right now, I am trying to change over to honey and stop using white sugar. I don’t sweeten many drinks, preferring my tea and coffee “au lait”, but a little spoon of organic honey is a true luxury in my bowl of yoghurt.


These jars are not only handy in the kitchen, you can store pretty much anything in them. Balls of twine, plant markers and seed packets for the garden in your conservatory or potting shed. Pencils, pens, rubber bands, etc. on your desk in the kitchen.


And the jars are a natural as a centerpiece on your table to bring seasonal cheer. I have lined up a collection of these on a long table for an autumn dinner, filled with branches and green leaves from the garden. {no flowers needed! They were so wonderful just filled with greens.}



You can find them HERE. But be warned, they go quickly! If one grabs your heart, don’t hesitate. It will be at least until the beginning of next year before our next shipment arrives of these glass beauties.


What are some of your favorite French Country Antiques that you actually USE?

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2 thoughts on “What’s New: French Country: Green with Envy”

  1. These have such charm and character! The green glass is gorgeous and I like the unique labels. I agree that they would make an exquisite fall centerpiece. I hope you will post your table design using them with the branches and greenery in the future. I am always inspired by your taste and creativity!


  2. Lidy—these are just so pretty and what a nice diversion from the blue. I’m off to your shop. Gorg!

    Jane x

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