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Tara Gasparian designs stunning one of a kind Jewelry, using antique and vintage components.  Inspired by the French Art Nouveau, Victorian, and Georgian era art and design movements, each piece she designs features the imperfect beauty, faded elegance and the time worn patina she admires. One of southern California’s most sought after jewelry designers, her one of a kind pieces are avidly collected by women with their own sense of style, who are leaders in fashion, not followers. Her jewelry is classic, elegant, trendy, without ever becoming passé.


Tara hails from an extensive artistic background, her parents were celebrated artists in Laguna Beach, California, where she grew up. Tara pursued diverse creative passions, she studied hairdressing in London, managed a vintage clothing shop in Manhattan’s trendy East Village, worked in theater, t.v. and film as a dresser/ stylist/ and designer.


Tara’s Jewelry was the very first line designed by an artist that we fell in love with at FrenchGardenHouse.  As soon as I saw Tara’s Jewelry, I knew it was something extraordinary ~  her work is stunning and intricate, her pieces personify the juxtaposition between formal, old-world fine jewelry design and modern jewelry’s casual wearability.  Jewelry that’s not for everyone.  It’s for you, if you know who you are, delight in the unusual, and have a sense of adventure, and an innate sense of elegance.  A woman who cares about self-expression and finding ways to show the world her unique creativity.  I asked Tara about the inspiration for her exquisite and elegant jewelry collection, here’s what she shared with me:


1. Please tell us about yourself.

I grew up in Laguna Beach, California, surrounded by natural beauty, and a unique design aesthetic; both my parents were painters and collectors of European Antiques.  I have always been drawn to things and objects that take me to another time or tells a story from the past.

2. When did you realize you wanted to design jewelry?

My favorite thing to do is search for antique treasures and design beautiful collectible jewelry. Once I figured out a way to take something old and time worn, add a bit of edge and sparkle, and see it come alive on someone, I was hooked.

 3. What other jobs did you have before?

I have had quite a few “careers” before this one. (fingers crossed, it’s my last!)  I was a hairdresser, a costume designer for Television, Film and Theatre, I operated a vintage clothing store and was an Interior Designer.


4. What inspires you?

I am inspired by faraway places, great conversation, laughter, music, art and LOVE.

5. If your jewelry had a message, what would you like it to say?

Live life boldly, lead, don’t follow, and enter every room with a sense of aplomb!


My favorite colors are:

The deepest ruby red and 1940’s Roseville Pottery green.

If I had one wish, I would wish:

That I could continue to travel the world to seek antique pieces for my one of a kind jewelry line, and then design and create.  On larger scale, I wish that everybody could appreciate each others differences as well as their similarities.



My very favorite place is: Always where I am right now. Right now I’m reading: Blood, Bones and Butter by Gabrielle Hamilton. A magnificent memoire by a NYC chef and writer. I can’t live without: The comforts of home, my adorable husband, my furry children, and Bravo TV.


FrenchGardenHouse items I adore: I love the Provence Kitchen. My dream kitchen would be full of FrenchGardenHouse antique linens and silver.   Thanks so much for sharing a peek into your life, Tara.  If you would love to see Tara’s Jewelry currently available at FgH you can find her pieces HERE. TaraGasparianNecklacesFGH

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9 thoughts on “Brilliant friends | Jewelry Designer Tara Gasparian”

    1. Me too, Tammy. Tara always has creative, unusual pieces, I have a difficult time choosing a few out of each collection.

  1. Calista

    Wow! Those are amazing statement pieces. I bought a necklace from you a while ago, a sterling medal, and I wanted to let you know that every single time I wear it, people comment on it, and ask where I bought it. I’m tempted to keep it a secret, but happily tell them I bought it at FrenchGardenHouse. Maybe sending my boyfriend a link to one or two of the latest designs by Tara.

  2. So beautiful, each one is a work of art. Wearing one of these will make any outfit so elegant. I love her work. Thank you for giving us the back story about the designer, that makes it so much more personal to purchase her work. I have loved every designer whose work you have featured, Lidy.

  3. Good morning, Lidy 🙂

    I love these interviews. Each person has such an interesting back story and this one is no different. She’s makes beautiful things and that furry baby of hers is adorable.


    1. Thanks, Rue. I agree, everyone has an interesting back story…I love when designers share theirs with us. Tara is truly gifted, she designs and creates the best pieces. Each one is a statement piece, and perfect to add to any collection of one of a kind, luxurious accessories.

  4. I adore these pieces and can completely envision myself wearing them. I think I may have to show my hubby this post as a hint for Christmas, my Bday, or some other special occasion!
    Michelle from
    P.S. Pop over to my blog to see its new design!!!

  5. Caroline

    I love the interviews too! You not only have such a knack of offering the most amazing jewelry collections, I love that you support the designers.

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