8 Things To Do This Summer: What’s on Your Bucket List?



Every summer I make a list of things I want to do during the carefree summer months. Do you? Most summers, when I’m just starting to be on a roll and enjoying the sun, eating outside in the garden, and sitting on the deck with a glass of iced tea and my current favorite book, summer is over and I have so many more things on my summer bucket list that I did not get to.

I want to hear what’s on your bucket list for summer, so please share yours in the comments below!

Here is my list for Summer 2015-

1. Have more fun with family. It’s getting more and more difficult to find a time when all of us are available. Since my two girls have grown up, they each have their own busy lives. Nothing makes me happier than to spend time together, with all of us. On my last birthday I was ecstatic to have all of them for a weekend away. There is nothing better!


2. Go on a boat tour of Newport Harbour. Shhhh… I actually hired an electric boat for tomorrow to do this for Mr. FGH’s birthday. All the kids and grandkids are coming. We’ll have a picnic lunch on board, and tour the harbor, and grand homes of Newport Beach, California. If I don’t get sea sick {fingers crossed!} I hope to take photos to share. Stay tuned.

3. Blow bubbles like I’m a little girl again, and enjoy the magic. Bubbles are inexpensive, I love to blow bubbles when my grand children are here, they smile, chase the bubbles and try to either pop them, or oh so carefully hold them in their hands. Blowing bubbles is my “code word” for having fun, just doing things for the pure joy of it, and looking at the world like a child.


4. Read! I love to read, and am always reading one book or the other. {sometimes two at once} This summer, I’d like to read at least six books, spending un-interrupted time delving into some favorites. Here are three that aren’t new, but on my list this year that I’m reading first.

  • The Gift of a Year by Mira Kirshenbaum ~ I read this a while back and want to read it cover to cover again ~ this book shows women how to take their dreams off the back burner and make them a vital part of their lives. Who wouldn’t love that?
  • The Sweetness of Forgetting by Kristin Harmel, a beautiful story about a baker in Cape Cod, Massachusetts who travels to Paris to uncover a family secret for her dying grandmother ~ what she learns changes everything.
  • Paris At The End of The World by John Baxter, a story that brings to life one of the most dramatic and fascinating periods in the city’s history, 1914 ~ 1918 WWI. I received this as a gift from a dear friend for my birthday, but have not been able to pry it from Mr. FGH’s hands since. I’m sure he’s almost finished with it. What are you reading right now that you love? Please leave a recommendation in the comments for me so I can add it to my summer reading list.


5. Host at least two parties at home in the garden. Our home isn’t that large, but our garden can seat up to 50 – 60 for dinner. I love to entertain in the summer, it’s more casual, and everyone seems to feel instantly at ease. I try to offer our home for showers, birthday parties and dinners, it’s wonderful to meet new people whom my family or friends love and know. {It’s also my “big secret” to getting Mr. FGH to do all those “chores”!} See one of the many wedding showers we’ve had HERE


6. Consistently make healthier food choices. I am trying to get 100% off the sugar habit. I have a wheat allergy, so that really helps because cookies, cakes and the like are already out for me, and most of the gluten free choices are not that stellar. Choosing fresh fruit and greek yoghurt for desserts is the goal. {when all else fails, I eat sugar free popsicles after dinner}


7. Spending one weekend away at a vineyard. Or a few days. I always love our time spent in Temecula at South Coast Winery. This summer I’d love to visit Napa. Do any of you have a recommendation for a great place to stay there?




8. Go on more bike rides. We have a tandem bike, which doesn’t get used half as much as it should. This summer I plan on taking it for a spin at least once a week. I am not a huge fan of exercise {ugh. the very word makes me secretly shudder} but I do know that I need to move in order to stay healthy. And healthy is where I’m at in this phase of my life. I feel blessed with my health, many of my friends are not so fortunate and have to take medications for various ailments. As much as I’m not a fan of exercise, I’m even less a fan of Doctor’s visits and medication.


That’s my list! What’s on your Summer Bucket List? I’d love for you to share it with me below. Happy Summer Days!

11 thoughts on “8 Things To Do This Summer: What’s on Your Bucket List?”

  1. Dear Lidy it looks like you have an amazing list for the summer. I really haven’t given it a lot of thought for myself. Tending four little grands five days a week keeps me pretty busy. We have started a novel together for children, the Fablehaven series by Brenden Mull, it’s about adventures that 2 children’s grandparents have with them. More exercise is huge on my list, and starting the Whole 30 eating program. Swimming with my grands. My life is pretty mellow. Love your list looks like fun and enjoyable. Have a lovely weekend. Hugs, Jo

    1. Jo, all those sound wonderful! I love, love the idea that you started the Fablehaven series together, I am going to try and find that. Happy weekend, Jo!

  2. Dorrian Saks Greyson

    Love this post about summer bucket list. I never make one, but you have inspired. First thing on it?
    Buy a hammock for summer cottage. Next thing, buy some of the books you recommended. Thanks so much, have a stunning weekend, Lidy.

  3. What a great bucket list, Lidy. One thing on our Summer list is to have our open house (finally). Although our house renovation isn’t complete, we’ll be celebrating our two year home anniversary with plenty of cakes and pastries. I enjoy all of your posts!

  4. I’m with you on all of these. Lidy. More family time. Some garden parties and reading. Yes to all of your ideas. I hope you experience all of them!

    Jane x

  5. Patricia Leonhardt

    I read six books in 10 days! I am currently enjoying the “Isabel Dalhousie” books written by A. McCall Smith. They are enjoyable in the quiet of early evening or after all else have fallen asleep. Of course, Jane Austen’s writings are great as well as the spinoffs. She mentioned a book in some of her stories called Mysteries of Udolpho. I went online, found it and bought it. It is Gothic horror/romance at its best. Also enjoyed are my books about British and French and Italian gardens.

  6. Sandra Jean

    To clean up my office, have a dinner party with the blue and white dishes I ordered from you, and go to the Lake house at least four times this summer. Last year we spent most of our free time in our N.Y. City apartment, but the lake house is my goal, Lidy.

  7. Lidy, Do you live near Newport Beach??? We have a family vacation home on Balboa Island and we will be visiting in a couple of weeks. It would be so much fun to get together for a cup of coffee!

    As far as a bucket list, I want to read a lot (I was an English major – so I am in love with reading). I also want to spend a lot of time with my in-laws (my MIL has cancer and my FIL is very ill). I want to take my 3 teenagers to the beach and pool A LOT! I want to go to the Farmers’ Market every week. Finally, I want to paint each of my kids’ bedrooms, so they begin the next school year with a freshly decorated space.

    Thanks for the great post.
    Michelle from simplysantabarbara.blogspot.com

  8. Lidy, what a great idea to make a summer bucket list! Here on Cape Cod the summer gets way too full and goes way to quickly so I’m going to make my own list! Being healthier is a great way to start. Love the books on your list and think you might like “A Man Called Ove” which I fell in love with and have lent it to all my reading friends. BTW, I have my angel (from FGH) watching over me and, boy, have I needed her this winter! Thanks, Di

    1. Thanks so much for the book recommendation, Diane, I’m always happy for one. I’ll add that one to my list too.

  9. John Paul

    Best list! I have a few things on my summer bucket list too. 1. Spend as much time as possible at the country cottage. 2. Buy a sailboat. 3. Retile the front side porch. 4. Add to my antique silver collection. (Ordered a few pieces from you)

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