Paris? Or Provence?


Do you love Paris? Or does the Provence make your heart beat faster? 


Do you adore the glamour and elegance of Paris? Paris is always a good idea….I’ve brought the best antique treasures from dealers and antique shops home to you. Shop our latest acquisitions from the city of lights HERE.
Or, are you a French Country fan at heart?  Provence is home to endless lavender fields, some of the best chateaus in France, and my favorite secret antique dealers and shops. I’ve brought home amazing pot de confits, market baskets, majolica asparagus plates, religious souvenirs and glass bottles for you.  Shop our latest acquisitions from the French countryside HERE.


I’ll be honest, I adore both! The refined hand painted porcelains, the gilt ormolu objets ‘d art, the paintings and other finer luxury pieces to bring classic elegance to our home. Then I mix in the country pieces, the urns, confit pots, wicker baskets, religious artifacts and earthy, sculptural antiques. It’s the best of both worlds!  I’m unpacking, photographing and adding to the shop as fast as I can, for your shopping pleasure. Enjoy a steaming bol of cafe au lait, or a glass of sparkling champagne, and shop the treasures I’ve brought home for you to fall in love with. No passport required.
Shop for the best in French Antiques, furniture with the patina of age, vintage accessories to delight you and your family & friends, and French Country utilitarian pieces. Treasures that make your home fresh, beautiful, inspirational and uniquely yours. Visit our shop

6 thoughts on “Paris? Or Provence?”

  1. My mother’s family is from Alsace, so the countryside holds a special place in my heart, but I’ve never been to either place. I love the decor and style of both though 🙂


  2. I love both too, Lidy! The glam and glitz of a city mouse, and the down to earth charm of a country one, both are evident in our two homes, the one here in the states and our petit chateau in France. Thank you for shipping direct to ‘lPetitChateau, btw.

  3. I’m with you—I’d be hard pressed to choose. I’ve never been but I can dream, right?

    Jane x

  4. Oh, I have to say both! My daughter graduates from high school next year and I promised her that she and I would go to Paris. I’ll save Provence for my husband! 🙂 I’ve already decided the first thing I will eat will be a Laduree macaron!

  5. My hubby and I traveled through France – from Normandy, to Paris, and then to Provence. Paris was my favorite time because I loved the museums, concerts, and restaurants. It was amazing. However, in terms of style, Provence was my preference. I loved going to the shops and outdoor markets. I loved buying linens and other items for my home while I was there. My home certainly has a vibe more in line with the style of Provence. I feel fortunate to have been to both Paris & Provence and I absolutely adored ALL of FRANCE!
    Michelle from

  6. Someday I hope to visit both places, but for now I live vicariously through yours and other’s trips and blogposts!
    Thank you for just wonderful photographs and exceptional antiques and collectibles.
    🙂 Barb 🙂

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