Shower the People You Love With Love


Why reserve Valentine’s Day just for romance? Valentine’s is such great fun, that you can spread the love around to everyone! It’s so easy to put together a small gathering of friends or family and show them how much you love them. Here is a table setting with a few ideas to inspire you.


1. Don’t be afraid to mix it up! I set this table for an impromptu tea for friends using a mix of antique and vintage red and pink transferware, none of it matches. The tablecloth is a matelasse spread that I no longer use on our guest bed, but is a perfect backdrop for a variety of dishes.


2. Think outside the box. Instead of serving tea in these cups, each is holding a serving of raspberries, to be smothered with whipped cream when guests arrive.

3. Favor each guest. At each place setting, place a beautiful gift {this is, after all, a party!} here, each guest will receive one of our magical Gift Cones, each is hand made and one of a kind. Fill with a note, describing how you value and love that particular guest, and some candies, conversation hearts are perfect.



4. Add a little whimsy. These little antique porcelain cupids are “place cards”, I have only two, but they are adorable with Mon Ami or Mon Amie written on them for this table. I think they add just the right touch of amusement.


5. Serve store brought treats with style. Don’t have time in your day to bake? Don’t worry, just serve store-bought cookies or cakes with style, arrange on a pretty plate, pull out your antique silver servers, and it will be beautiful as well as delicious!  The secret to impromptu entertaining is not to worry too much, there is such a variety of high quality treats you can buy, it doesn’t have to be perfect or actually made by you.


On this particular day I did not have fresh flowers. I usually do, especially when entertaining. But two of my faux red rose arrangements from a few years back fit the bill perfectly. I placed one on the table, it matches the one on my living room mantel where I set up this table for friends. This could be lunch, with a salad, croissants, maybe a little champagne {?} and dessert, or tea, with cakes, fruit and cookies. Whatever you decide on, it is more about gathering your girlfriends, or family, and enjoying a fun, relaxing time together. I hope this inspires you!

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7 thoughts on “Shower the People You Love With Love”

  1. Pauline

    GREAT post! Thank you for this lovely table, it’s given me a ton of ideas. Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

  2. Such a beautiful classic table, I have red transferware, but always thought since none of my plates match, I couldn’t use it to set a table well. My plates are in my French hutch I purchased from you. This is just the inspiration I need to be brave and set a holiday table, thank you. Best, Aaron

  3. Sandra

    I love this. It’s perfect for a gathering of friends, I think I will do this for my Bible Study group, thank you for always being an inspiration to live well and with beauty.

  4. Janey Idell

    Lovely! I have the crystal goblets and plates. I can’t wait to plan my celebration.

  5. Thank you for the visit and your kindest comment, Rue! xo

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